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Check-In #…2 & 5


I am finally back on track this week for my summer writing challenges. Welcome to the second week of A Round of Words in 80 Days and the Sixth Week of the Ready. Set. Write! (fifth for me as I missed one week and updated late—Wednesday—last week).

Here’s how everything is going:
How I did on last week’s goal(s)

  • bring a notebook CHECK!
  • allow myself a space to just relax and look around and observe CHECK
  • write observations down 1/2 Check (mostly my observations tended to become discussion fodder between the Spice in my Life  and I, not story fodder
  • a minimum of fifteen minutes of physical exercise daily (on days I exercise I get much more, but then I flump on other days… consistency is key) CHECK (even when I really, really didn’t feel like it, I made some time for exercise)
  • make a space to write with pen and paper at home again not so ‘Check’, since I mostly wrote wherever I could pull out my notebook, but I would still like a bit of ‘me space’
  • write my ROW80 sponsor post 1/2 Check  wrote First Draft

●My goal(s) for this week

I pretty much have the same goals this week as last week. Took the sponsor post off the list because the first draft is done, and the final draft is being readied to submit this afternoon.

RSW8So I am adding theses as my extra RSWrite (weekly) goals:

  • type in some handwritten work (at least five pages)
  • prepare things for my pending change of blog (create a main page).

●A favorite line from my story OR a word or phrase that sums up what I wrote/revised

Taunting… I have a character (actually several) who enjoy baiting my MC, some more fondly than others. I just finished one of those dreaded transition scenes I’d been working on last night at our local NaNo groups where my MC finally gets the best out of one of these encounters.

●The biggest challenge I faced this week (ie finding time to write, getting sick, having writer’s block, etc)
Ow…. Last week was the week of hurt. Between two migraines, a super-sensitive chipped tooth, and a pulled ligament in my leg, I wanted nothing to do with anything most of the week. I still found time to write though. I don’t know my total word-count, but between the three notebooks I used (three different stories), I pulled out sixteen handwritten pages. I’m happy with that.

Alanii (sort of)

Alanii (sort of)

●Something I love about my WIP

I got to see a new side to my MC this week. He’s a real smart-Alec when he thinks he can get away with it. And… he’s such an idealistic dreamer. The world is not going to be very kind to him (nor will I).

(The picture is a sketch I drew of my MC a few years back…  not perfect by any means, including the eye color, but I think it captures the teen-age aspect of him somewhat.)

That’s my update. How has everyone else been doing with their goals? Not a member of either the ROW80 or RSWrite? You can join in at anytime. Jump on it and get involved with two wonderfully supportive online communities for writers.

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