Check-In #…2 & 5


I am finally back on track this week for my summer writing challenges. Welcome to the second week of A Round of Words in 80 Days and the Sixth Week of the Ready. Set. Write! (fifth for me as I missed one week and updated late—Wednesday—last week).

Here’s how everything is going:
How I did on last week’s goal(s)

  • bring a notebook CHECK!
  • allow myself a space to just relax and look around and observe CHECK
  • write observations down 1/2 Check (mostly my observations tended to become discussion fodder between the Spice in my Life  and I, not story fodder
  • a minimum of fifteen minutes of physical exercise daily (on days I exercise I get much more, but then I flump on other days… consistency is key) CHECK (even when I really, really didn’t feel like it, I made some time for exercise)
  • make a space to write with pen and paper at home again not so ‘Check’, since I mostly wrote wherever I could pull out my notebook, but I would still like a bit of ‘me space’
  • write my ROW80 sponsor post 1/2 Check  wrote First Draft

●My goal(s) for this week

I pretty much have the same goals this week as last week. Took the sponsor post off the list because the first draft is done, and the final draft is being readied to submit this afternoon.

RSW8So I am adding theses as my extra RSWrite (weekly) goals:

  • type in some handwritten work (at least five pages)
  • prepare things for my pending change of blog (create a main page).

●A favorite line from my story OR a word or phrase that sums up what I wrote/revised

Taunting… I have a character (actually several) who enjoy baiting my MC, some more fondly than others. I just finished one of those dreaded transition scenes I’d been working on last night at our local NaNo groups where my MC finally gets the best out of one of these encounters.

●The biggest challenge I faced this week (ie finding time to write, getting sick, having writer’s block, etc)
Ow…. Last week was the week of hurt. Between two migraines, a super-sensitive chipped tooth, and a pulled ligament in my leg, I wanted nothing to do with anything most of the week. I still found time to write though. I don’t know my total word-count, but between the three notebooks I used (three different stories), I pulled out sixteen handwritten pages. I’m happy with that.

Alanii (sort of)

Alanii (sort of)

●Something I love about my WIP

I got to see a new side to my MC this week. He’s a real smart-Alec when he thinks he can get away with it. And… he’s such an idealistic dreamer. The world is not going to be very kind to him (nor will I).

(The picture is a sketch I drew of my MC a few years back…  not perfect by any means, including the eye color, but I think it captures the teen-age aspect of him somewhat.)

That’s my update. How has everyone else been doing with their goals? Not a member of either the ROW80 or RSWrite? You can join in at anytime. Jump on it and get involved with two wonderfully supportive online communities for writers.

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21 responses to “Check-In #…2 & 5

  1. I’m sorry to hear that it was a painful week for you. I’ve been getting tension headaches lately, and that’s brutal enough to deal with, so I can imagine how hard it would be to get anything at all done when you have a migraine. Yuck. Hope you’re feeling much better this week and that it’ll be smooth sailing on your goals!


    • Ack… I’ll take migraines over tension headaches almost any day (okay, so maybe not really… but tension headaches do seem to hit me all over the body in a way migraines don’t… though those knock me out eyes, ears, and tummy).

      Keep enjoying company and writing in your great new study, Erin. Hopefully you’ll find yourself relaxing easier and with fewer headaches.


  2. Oww, last week sounds like it was painful, but sixteen handwritten pages is nothing to be sneezed at! Good luck with the typing up aspect this week and I hope you’re feeling better soon. 🙂

    Alanii is a very cute l’il guy. 🙂


    • Thanks, Pax.

      I had to laugh at the ‘l’il guy’ comment… he’s a 6-ft tall 21 year-old in the story and a similarly tall 16 year-old in the picture, just starting to get a hint of 5 o’clock shadow. 😀


  3. I’m so impressed by the sketch of your MC, Eden, and I love how you described him as an idealistic dreamer. Totally sounds like a guy I’d love to read about. Best of luck with your goals this week!


    • Thanks, Katy. He’s a a fun MC to work with. idealistic, but just that bit stubborn that we… compromise on how he gets portrayed at times. May you have had a wonderful week as well . 😀


  4. This weekend was about fun and enjoyment, and less about writing. But seeing as I went to a Con where there were writer and panels about writing, amidst the fandoms. So worth it! Jumping back, feet first into the water.

    Good to here about your productivity!

    I am really thinking of jumping into RSW. I want to try something new. Get me feet wet into something different. Does that make sense?


    • It’s easy to come back from a convention feeling energized like that, Cindy. Glad you got the rush. Just remember, it fades. The next new thing isn’t always the best thing. Not to say you shouldn’t go for it… Just be careful as you step down that rabbit hole. They’re deeper than they look.


  5. That’s so cool that you drew a sketch of your MC. I could never do that. I’ve gone crazy searching for the right actor/actress in the past to help me with descriptions though. 😉
    Have a great week!


    • I do that crazy picture search thing too. I’m not the artist I used to be… or maybe I’m just too fussy now. It’s a fun distraction. Isn’t it?


  6. Whoohoo looks like lots of checks. Keep up the great work this week. You can do it!


  7. Sixteen pages is awesome! Congrats! I hope you feel better this week and that the world isn’t toooo unkind to Alanii 🙂 Have a wonderful week.


    • Oh, but if the world isn’t too unkind too him, he might be willing to settle and never get a chance to be with his true love… I mean, something has to push him to not follow his father’s orders and defy the betrothal that’s been arranged for him. 😀

      Thanks, Carrie, Hope you had a great week so far too.


  8. Sorry for your poor beleaguered teeth and head….if I had me a magic wand….

    I have to say that I love seeing you with your little notebooks and your pen, just like the olden days…=D

    Love this picture of Alanii, too, and the getting back into things. I’ve fallen a bit behind, but we’ve entered Elijah’s Days, and it’s my Jim’s weekend, and we took the kids to the Malta Drive-In for a double feature, and bled brake lines, and I got to the credit union five minutes late, but had fun singing in the car all the way to and from Cohoes, so there was lots of life lived, and I can get caught up during a slower, freer rest of the week…

    May this week be less painful, and filled with more yummy wordiness! See you at Java’s tomorrow night?


    • I’m just getting to this now, but it was a wonderful week of less painful and catching upon just feeling better about things. So much nicer than it had been.

      Hope your week was wonderfully fulfilling as well. Missed you at the write-in last night, but well, power outages and chaos….

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      • The whole weekend was chaotic, for me. I will be checking the group page before heading out from now on- this week, I was distracted by Castle (not so much a bad thing, really!).

        Anyway, happy things are brighter in your little corner of the universe. Today is ‘try to get things back into a flow that doesn’t make me antsy” day, for me! =D


        • Hopefully things are brighter all corners of the universe (except those where too much brightness is more harmful than not… we need the creatures that live in those dark places as much as we need the ones that live in the sun… perhaps even more).

          Being distracted by Castle is much easier than I’d like to admit a times. Though my obsession with Nathan Fillion isn’t quite as strong as some people’s, he is a cool guy. And it was interesting watching him and David Boreanz (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel and Bones, though I never saw that series) as they grew in their shows. I like studying how people change over time….

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          • Nathan would look awesome with a beard. Still, he’s a cutie, and Castle is lots of fun, and good story fodder, so #itswritingresearch!

            I’ve seen parts of episodes of Bones. Lise watched it for a while.

            Things are brighter, and clearer, with more contrast….it’s been…ummm….a bit more interesting of a Real Life week than we needed, but we’re adapting.

            I definitely like to watch characters, actors, and regular people evolving. Sometimes. when I get to the end of a series (especially a long one like Friends), I’ll go back to the beginning to see the changes. =)


  9. Handwriting a book or story is highly underrated. I’ve been writing my magnum opus by hand for coming up on 22 years now, with only a few computer-generated sections. I love seeing all the notebooks I’ve filled over the years, with all the different pens I used, and knowing exactly what’s in which notebook, and when I wrote it. It’s going to be so different when I finally go to transcribe it, along with all the necessary revisions, edits, and restructurings of the oldest material.

    Hope you feel better soon. It’s no fun having so many different types of pain at once, as I well remember from the first few months after my car accident.


    • I cannot even imagine the discomfort involved in multiple injuries from a car accident, Carrie-Anne. I’m only dealing with some strained muscles and… well, a bad tooth is a bad tooth, but… a whole body ache is… a lot. I’m sorry you had to go through it.

      I know what you mean about those old notebooks. I haven’t been as good at keeping all the old handwriten copies of my stories as I probably should have been, but I have so many copies of old printed drafts… and between Shan and I, we have some material we wrote in high school that led to the stories were writing now.