Don’t Drink It All


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Continuing on in Courting the Swan’s Song, I’ve moved up several chapters in the book for today’s post. Not that many pages in the text… I’m trying to make the transitions between these scenes smoother, but at the moment, my Scrivener file moves from one cataclysmic event to another.

This is something of a transition scene itself, and it’s probably wordier than it should be.  A completely NaNoWriMo rough excerpt….  I’m sorry.  My head just hasn’t been in the best place this week for posting.

But he wasn’t ready to let down Vissellii or Val even more.

On the other side of the door, he saw Val ease back, opening the door just enough for the man to slip in a small flask. “Here, don’t drink it all.”

Casting a quick glance back toward the bed and the woman on it, Alanii took the warm metal in hand just before the Hastor pushed the door shut again. The whore smiled at him, nodding as if to say “go ahead and drink yourself calm”.

At least he didn’t have that problem to deal with. Lan had been careful to inform the Matron of the brothel of his need for someone who had dealt with mages and knew how to shield off her mind from him. He had no fear of the woman adding to his unease by stray thoughts.

Thank you for reading; I hope you enjoyed the snippet. Coming up for WIPpet Wednesday, please enjoy another sample from the Was Long Variation. For the next two months I will be sharing random snippets there as I pursue those nagging transition scenes in Courting The Swan’s Song.

16 responses to “Don’t Drink It All

  1. Cool. I can imagine several directions this might go, but I have no clue which one of my imaginings (if any) is right.


  2. Interesting details, Eden. And the scene comes alive with your descriptive writing.

    I’m curious about Scrivener. Does it give you trouble?

    I hope your head gets into a better place, soon, Eden. 🙂


    • Thanks, Teresa. (Sorry this is so incredibly late). Glad you enjoyed the writing. As for Scrivener… I love the program. My biggest issue has nothing to do with the program, just my clumsy fingers always tapping that big “mouse/pad thingie” on my laptop as I write. And the worst thing is that instead of making those mouse things smaller, they’re starting to take up most of the keyboard panel on new machines….


  3. Verrry interesting- to be able to make THAT kind of request at a brothel! I feel you on the transition scenes. When I’m rough drafting, I just hop from one crisis to the next, and have to figure out a way to fit them all together later.


    • (A year late, but had to reply… Sorry, Christina, for being so slow.)

      It’s an awesome brothel. I really should write the story of some of these women. (Okay, so I’ am still looking for ways to avoid my transition scenes.) 😀

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  4. I love nanowrimo. this year will mark my 3rd time participating. enjoyed your snippet


  5. Yes, it’s best to be prepared in all brothel situations! A sense an interesting scene coming, with this foreplay as any indication. 🙂


  6. Great snippet! Spooky great, with the mind issues!


  7. Interesting scene, a lot going on for just a few sentences!


  8. Pulled me right in,full of questions I want to have answered. Intriguing.


  9. Intriguing 🙂