There’s Plenty Made

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Simple maths: 8 short paragraphs: (7 + 9) /2 =8 short paragraphs (after tossing away the 1+5=6 from last week’s post)

The governess looked like a giant compared to the rest of the Queen’s staff, but she danced like a little girl as she dodged her youngest charge. Mystii and another girl came up behind her. The kitchen maids set down two huge trays of food in the center of the table

There were stacks of waffles (Jayce could smell the rich malty flour), bowls of whipped fresh cream, berries of several kinds, plates of toast, carafes of milk and juice…. A small pot that smelled of coffee was placed between Tiiran and Keith.

His mother arrived next. Her hair was pulled back in tight braid. The woman’s skin-tight black bodysuit added to the stark effect. She smiled at her family and guests, each in turn, a smile that hinted at her more mild nature but did not allow it free. She sat down. The first one to reach for the food, the queen served herself half a waffle, two full cups of berries, and piled half a serving bowl’s worth of the whipped cream on top of her meal.

“Mom! Leave some for us!” cried Nytramli.

“Quiet, Martyn,” scolded Shenta. She waved behind her to another serving girl who set out two more bowls of cream. “There’s plenty made.”

His step-brother promptly dug in.

Next to him, Tiiran looked at the queen. “Martyn?”

His mother laughed. “Yes. Martyn is Nytram spelled backward. Speaking of Nytram….” She looked over at the boy as he was finally passing the bowl to Andreya. “Martyn, dear, would you take Tiiran down to the weapons room after we eat and help him pick out–?” She turned back at the captain. “What kind of match do you prefer?”

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11 responses to “There’s Plenty Made

  1. I love a scene full of food! I particularly love the waffles with berries, a favorite dish of mine from way back. They work as a meal any time of day, not just breakfast.


    • Don’t they though? A thick smothered waffle full of fruit or compote! YUM!

      (Yes, I am incredibly late replying to this; somehow my blog comments got buried under everything. And new words, new stories, and critiques have been taking priority. It all good though, hopefully)


  2. Yum, I love berries and cream! I also love all the names you came up with.


  3. Glad the name switch got explained as I was a bit stumped as well. 😉 And now I want waffles. And berries. A great little gathering here with lots of little details to feast upon (pun fully intended).


  4. Mmmm. Waffles with berries. 😀 Yummy! This is a nice, homey scene. And, gotta say, I admire a woman who’s not afraid to pile on the whipped cream. 🙂


  5. Okay, that description of the various foods laid out was mouth-watering.


  6. Ha! I love the busyness of this scene. I can just imagine the bustle of serving the meal.


  7. That food sounds delicious and I am now incredibly hungry… I love the relationships between everyone, how wonderfully natural they all sound!


  8. I am curious about this Nytram. Nice snippet!! 🙂