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Don’t Drink It All


It’s a bloghop!

Good morning, and welcome to my _______ Weekend Writing Warriors installment. The rules are simple enough:

  • Add your name and genre(s) to the most recent post on the WeWriWa site
  • Post a link to the WeWriWa site on your blog/Sunday post
  • Keep your excerpt 10 sentences or less (8-10, no more!)
  • Visit other WeWriWa authors and experience their work

(Find a complete set on the WeWriWa page as well as links to pages of all the authors involved. Check it out.)

Continuing on in Courting the Swan’s Song, I’ve moved up several chapters in the book for today’s post. Not that many pages in the text… I’m trying to make the transitions between these scenes smoother, but at the moment, my Scrivener file moves from one cataclysmic event to another.

This is something of a transition scene itself, and it’s probably wordier than it should be.  A completely NaNoWriMo rough excerpt….  I’m sorry.  My head just hasn’t been in the best place this week for posting.

But he wasn’t ready to let down Vissellii or Val even more.

On the other side of the door, he saw Val ease back, opening the door just enough for the man to slip in a small flask. “Here, don’t drink it all.”

Casting a quick glance back toward the bed and the woman on it, Alanii took the warm metal in hand just before the Hastor pushed the door shut again. The whore smiled at him, nodding as if to say “go ahead and drink yourself calm”.

At least he didn’t have that problem to deal with. Lan had been careful to inform the Matron of the brothel of his need for someone who had dealt with mages and knew how to shield off her mind from him. He had no fear of the woman adding to his unease by stray thoughts.

Thank you for reading; I hope you enjoyed the snippet. Coming up for WIPpet Wednesday, please enjoy another sample from the Was Long Variation. For the next two months I will be sharing random snippets there as I pursue those nagging transition scenes in Courting The Swan’s Song.

A Fighter Knows

MjAxNC04ZjBlYTU5ZmNiZjdiZjY4Oh, here we are, yet again, a WIPPet Wednesday…  wow!  How did that sneak up on me so fast?

I was planning originally to return to Courting the Swan’s Song for these posts, but well… after fighting with several transition scenes in CTSS that I had set a goal to finish by August (not gonna happen, nope, no way), I just want to spend sometime doing something fun. And playing in the sandbox is pretty darned fun, IM(not-so)HO. So here is yet another piece from my Was Long Variation fanfiction.

For the maths, I have 7 for the month of July; I’m subtracting the 2 twos from the day. Then I am multiplying the remainder by 2 and then 0, getting an answer of zero. And then I figured since a zero word entry would make crappy reading, that I should use the 1 and 5 of 15 to make six.

Six small paragraphs from the Was Long Variation:

She nodded. Her reserve grew as she took his hand in hers. She ran a fingertip over one of his healed wounds. A sting of fresh injury lashed through him where she touched. “A fighter knows another fighter. Even Silav, with his trainer’s grace and pampered beds of silk and feather, had spent years dancing with knives.”

She removed her hand, but a fire coursed through him until the line where her fingertips had touched felt etched in his very bones. “Silav?” he asked, needing to redirect his attention from her touch.

She opened her mouth then stopped herself. A tear formed at the edge of one eye. “Nothing. He doesn’t matter now.”

Someone she loved? She clearly remembered this Silav with more than simple fondness. He wondered if it was a reflection of her shadow-self, but there was no darkness in her gaze. “If you need to talk…”

“No.” She straightened and eased back. “I would just like it if you would spar with me. I haven’t had a real opponent in a long time, not since Alanii Vestimiir and I last crossed blades. He beat me actually–the only person I can remember doing so—though maybe your kinship to him will give you an edge.”

For some reason he knew he couldn’t explain, his grandfather’s name struck him akin to salt ground in the fiery wounds he’d just imagined. The pain, while insubstantial, was indistinguishable from reality. “If I beat you, it has nothing to do with that man.” He echoed her withdrawal and shrugged. “I’m up for your challenge. When?”

For those who are curious, this scene comes just a few short paragraphs after a scene called The Arc of His Own I posted for the Weekend Writing Warriors bloghop in June. It’s a short piece (for the WeWriWa, snippets can’t be any longer than 10 sentences, preferably closer to eight), but a lot of people seemed to enjoy it.

And if you like this sort of thing, why don’t you head over to the WIPpet linky and visit some our other awesome members. You can join us while we shower KLSchwengel with praise and chocolate for hosting this bloghop and putting up with all our silliness. 😀

Hop, Hop, Hop…

Rabbit show Jumper champion

I’ve felt like this a lot lately

Running late seems to be just the way I roll…. or hop, or…  whatever.  Either way, I HAVE made it.  I am here with the next installment of….

My ROW80 and RSWrite Check-in

Hip, hip…..  *crickets*

Oh, well.  I didn’t do so hot last week anyway.  No cheering needed.

●How I did on last week’s goal(s)

  • bring a notebook  — 3 of 7 here; because of my sponsor post for the ROW80, I took a few days off of pen and paper.  And pulled my shoulder carrying my laptop bag around…  oy vey!
  • allow myself a space to just relax and look around and observe — Nope…  didn’t slow down much all week until Saturday, and then it was only to go flump and “Ahhhhhh”
  • write observations down — Ah…  no.  Only did this once
  • a minimum of fifteen minutes of physical exercise daily Check!!!  I’m actually doing physical therapy for my shoulders and knee, so…  I’m doing a lot of exercise lately
  • make a space to write with pen and paper at home again — I’ve claimed one of the chairs and end tables in the livingroom with my ‘stuff’, but it doesn’t feel like much of a writer’s retreat
  • ROW80 sponsor post — Check!  Had it in by Wednesday.  I can’t say I’m happy with it now, but then nothing says I can’t write another one…
  • type in 5 of my handwritten pages —  3 of 5 done; will try for the full five this coming week
  • create a new main page for my ‘name’ blog — super-fail here…  I have no idea of what I want to even do with my other blog

RSW4●My goal(s) for this week:

Yep…  the same.  I intend to keep the sponsor post goal, so I can write a new rough draft on my alternate topic (the one I’d liked a lot better but gave up on when, every time I sat down to write, the ideas all just scampered into hiding).

I am dropping the create a new main page goal in favor of brainstorming ideas for how I want to incorporate this blog and the Garden of Delights

●A favorite line from my story OR a word or phrase that sums up what I wrote/revised:

Challenging…  Every word has been a challenge this past week—although not always (or even often) in a bad way.  A lot of the challenges have come from my characters themselves as they become more and more ‘themselves’ and less like the initial sketches I drew up.  I’m really discovering this with my (so-called) minor characters.  Every one of them has taken a moment to shine this week.

●The biggest challenge I faced this week (ie finding time to write, getting sick, having writer’s block, etc):

Playing catch up for the online work I had set aside to catch up with my in-person life responsibilities….

●Something I love about my WIP:

Being challenged…  I love it when characters become real.

ROW80LogocopyThat’s my update. How has everyone else been doing with their goals? Not a member of either the ROW80 or RSWrite? You can join in at anytime. Jump on it and get involved with two wonderfully supportive online communities for writers.

Ready. Set. WRITE! is a summer writing intensive that encourages goal-setting and accountability, and provides an opportunity for us to cheer each other on wherever we’re at with our writing projects—planning, drafting, revising, or polishing.  This year, your RSW hosts are Alison MillerJaime MorrowErin FunkElodie Nowodazkij, and Katie Upperman.

The ROW80 (A Round of Words in 80 Days) is hosted and run by the always awesome Kait Nolan and her hoard of minions (of which I am one).