Home (Yet) Again

Failure shouldn't be an option

It is a timing thing though

So, here I am…  I thought I might be able to head over to my other blog and get my world transferred there by simply writing my first ROW80 post of this Round on my “name blog” The Garden of Delights, just like snapping my fingers with more words.

Sadly nothing works that way, and I don’t have the time or focus to deal with adjusting settings that work (most of the time) for what might be a fling of sorts.  I love this blog, and I never wanted to ditch it, just shift its focus some.*

For now, it’s time for a ROW80 check-in (first one of the ROWnd):

Later on in, I’ll probably condense things into a list format, but it’s early.  We just started and there is only just so much I can report.  I certainly can’t do my weekly goal of Assess progress weekly and add more projects as needed now.  We just started on Monday.

That said, I did realize I had forgotten to include one VIG (Very Important Goal) in my initial post (here):

Write new words daily!

This is especially important right now, since I have a typing goal in my list.  It’s all too easy to let myself slide by just getting all those old words into a digital format and edited.  What an accomplishment!  After all, some of those notebooks have lain about the house for decades.  It’s a twofer!  House cleaning and re-discovery…

Nope.  Gotta write some new… stuff (polite alternative for the actual term I ROW80Logocopystarted writing).  My characters, if no one else, insist on it.

So…  back to my five sentences.  I will write a minimum of five new sentences of story daily on top of the typing (which has gone frightfully well the last two days–12 pages!) and edits I natural make when typing in pages.

I haven’t touched my structure book, though I did get a bit further into Sisters In Law.  (Sometimes I wonder why I want to write fiction…**  all I seem to ever read these days is non-fiction and biography.  People fascinate me.)

Anyway, a good couple of days in my opinion.  How about all of you?  How are you ROWing along?  Here’s the linky for you to let us all know.

*We can discuss why I prefer to not use my name some other time.

**Sometimes I wonder… then these wonderful people in my head remind me

10 responses to “Home (Yet) Again

  1. You’ll get there. Or, someplace even more interesting. =)

    And I so GET IT about the name. Until and unless it’s not OK, I’ll just call you Sys, Sys.

    MWAH! ❤

    (That's cause, even when I see you in person regularly, it's still nice to peek into your brain – "Brain and brain! What is brain?")


    My brain is being particularly silly today….


    • Silly is good. Sometime silly is the only medicine we have for the inanity of the world.

      Sys works, at least from you. Don’t think I’d like it so much from Dan… or your sister even. 😉 That said, I really don’t know what I would call myself if I could choose something. Kymele isn’t it. And Mouse… well, I like it, but I don’t. Guess this more of the process….

      Have a great silly week.

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  2. early days in the round still 🙂 I missed the end of the last round and the kick off of this round:( must do better – keep smiling:)


    • No, no… not good to beat yourself up, Alberta. Forgive, fix and move on. The real point is to not stop. Take time off… sure; sometimes it needs to happen (I’m still</strong recovering from this fall and winter!). Just accept that setbacks and momentary disruptions happen… and get writing again. Much love to you!


  3. Kat Morrisey

    You’ve got some great goals set out. I love Plot and Structure by Bell. The exercises in that book and in his conflict and suspense book helped me really tighten up my latest book.
    I hope you have a great rest of the week and that WordPress doesn’t give you too much trouble. Happy writing!


    • Thanks, Kat. WordPress hasn’t been evil; it’s just I know my luck/skill/what-have-you with adjusting settings that work 99% of the time when I want to experiment with things.

      I’m liking Bell’s book a lot. It’s just my reading list has been huge lately (at the local library I’ve gone from “who are you” to on a first name basis in less than a few weeks… mostly because I use intra-library loan so much).

      Happy writing to you too! Keep the words flowing!


  4. I think a goal of five sentences of story a day is great. Sometimes we think we have to do a LOT, so if we can’t, we tend to do nothing. And a little is better than nothing, right? 🙂


    • Exactly.

      My five (well, seven) sentences last night turned into 275 words.. so the equivalent of a handwritten page. Yeah, it’s rough rambly stuff that needs and edit–eventually, but it’s written. The words aren’t in my head, they’re on the page–and I can edit a written page someday. Can’t do that with a blank page.

      That I discovered another layer of sibling rivalry between two of my main characters just makes it even better. 😀

      Thanks for visiting, Lauralynn