Checking In

It’s another Wednesday.  It’s time for another ROW80 check-in (below for those who are in a hurry)

Wednesdays always seem to be the hardest days of the week for me.  I know people who love them and look forward to them with eagerness reserved for chocolate and steamy sex-scenes.

Maybe it’s because I don’t work the stereotypical 9-5 workday, but from my forays into that world, I don’t remember looking forward to weekends with any undue zeal then.  When I did, it was more because my then-boyfriend and I finally had time together.  When we started sharing an apartment, even that fascination shifted.

There were, of course, the uniquely weekend related activities such as hikes and festivals, and I do still look forward to those when we partake.  Lately, life has been unkind to our family free-time.  It seems like the only time life seems to make sense, the only time when I feel productive and able to think, these days is during the “business week”.

Awkward transitions

Awkward transitions

Weekends are full of changes, full of unpredictability.  I crave the pattern of weekdays…  even when I dread it and dream of something more exciting.

I love adventure.  I really do.  But it’s the shift in focus that trips me up.  Give me weeks without structure and I will find balance between productivity and fun.  Likewise, confine me in a rigid format of expectations, I will do the same.

Two days off just doesn’t work for me.

And…  neither, it seems, does it work for my son.  Which is why this Wednesday is extra hard.  We’re having a lot of school issues these days.  He wants to be in school, craves the contact with other kids…  but he’s not able to function in their limits.  And with him no longer with us daily as he was when I was homeschooling him or when I was teaching or volunteering at his school, time together on weekends takes on that precious “can’t wait for it to arrive” flavor…

Even though none of us here seem to handle the shift well.

And in the tradition of a crappy transition…  here is my:

ROW80LogocopyROW80 Check-in

Since Sunday, things have stayed pretty much the same. Probably don’t need to reiterate my goals in every post. Here’s a breakdown:

  • I found time the last two days to do some work on story structure (though not from Bell’s book).
  • No submissions or critique done yet; penciled in for tomorrow
  • I’m a half-page short of my 2 page goal a day goal
  • But so, so many new words… Those 5 sentences a day have totaled another 5K since Sunday just in story (and mini-scenes)
  • I also finished my sponsor post and sent it out this morning.

I can’t complain (who’d believe me if I did?  This is great progress!)

I’ve also finished another book in my book pile, now replaced by The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi and Screenplay by Syd Field.  And still plugging away at my Duolingo.  Stubbornness if nothing else keeps me doing that.  Still it’s something.

So…  that’s pretty much it for me.  If you want to checkout other ROWers, you can find them here.

13 responses to “Checking In

  1. Hugs for the two of you who accept mine. Love for all of you. And a hope that a better, more workable and mutually beneficial solution is in the offing. And please tell that wonderful boy that there is nothing wrong with him. NOTHING.

    Aunt Shan says so. And means it. ❤


    • I’ll show him this post. He’s still having issues, but… at least family is family. And, as far as teachers go, he has a nice set of them. One of his teachers used to teach 9th grade English and loves to share Shakespeare with him. When she can, she indulges his passions. But there isn’t a ton of flexibility in the school curriculum.

      Thank you for the hug. So very needed.

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  2. I like Wednesdays (outside of writing related event reasons) because that means Thursday is next and Friday just around the corner. Since my dayjob schedule is 4 9-hour days and only 4 hours on Friday, that is cause for celebration. When my hubby’s schedule changed, however, it completely unbalanced me for a while. I’m still trying to sort it out.


    • I think it’s harder to have a family member’s schedule change than even our own, sometimes. My sympathies… But, I don’t have the Wednesday/Humpday giddies… or at least not normally. We do miss the Boodle now that he’s in school.

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  3. I look forward to Wednesdays, mostly because of WiPPet Wednesday. I’m weird, though, in the fact that I don’t loathe Mondays like most people. For me, it means a quiet house for a few hours and getting back to my routine.

    Sounds like you’re making some good progress for the week.


    • Mondays don’t bother me. Sometimes… but then annoying events can happen at any day of the week. And the time to get some writing work done, is definitely a plus!



  4. I don’t do well with Wednesday’s either. It still isn’t close enough to the weekend for me – and I have Friday’s off from the day job! When Wednesday rolls around, instead of saying hey, we are half-way to the weekend, I think, the week’s half over and I have nothing to show for it.
    I guess we are all in the same boat. No matter what day of the week it is, we just can’t get everything done.
    Here’s hoping for productive days, whatever the day of the week it might be.

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  5. I know what you mean!!!!! Weekends are like wild cards and they can be so disruptive. For us, therapy keeps us on our toes. There’s no set daily routine. I do my best to compensate, but it can be challenging.

    5000 words and one goal down!!! How exciting! And it looks like your other goals are well on their way to being achieved.


    • Having therapy for the Boodle in the home would be so daunting for me–especially since I know my husband would give any therapist conniptions (he’s a wonderful guy who has a way of expressing his feelings and observations in the harshest way possible at times… and he’s not very patient with the need to adjust himself to the world). It’s be like “You know Mr. ____ your son would have far fewer problems if you weren’t sitting there and making snarky comments or directly subverting the lessons he needs to practice….” Yes, I married Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory… 😉

      I’m having a blast with this goals and success thing though… Thanks for the encouragement

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  6. Good luck in making that transition a bit less awkward! Adapting to changes is tough.

    Nonetheless, you seem to be making great progress, so congrats on that! 5K is great. 🙂


    • Thanks, Ruth. It’s something I’ll probably always have to battle myself over. But progress is progress. I just have to keep pace, even if I don’t always pull ahead.