The Morning After

Here I am a day late for my ROW80 check-in, and I feel completely unapologetic about it.  The last few days have been, to quote the prolific Chuck Wendig, amazeballs (actually Chuck has a lot of really awesome, though mostly NSFW* terms for writers to… um, ponder).

Anyway, absolutely friggen amazeballs!

Not only have I again caught up with all of my goals, I’ve been exceeding them (well, not totally, I still haven’t started that creative art thingie I was going to do, except a bit of coloring on one of those so-called “adult coloring pages” I printed off a while ago and had lain around.  I’m working on it slowly, bit by bit.

Here is something I drew myself for that very purpose you can download and color yourselves if you’d like.  It’s not Great Art, it’s just a sketch I made once.  If you click on the image before you download, you should get a full page image.

Just an old pump to color

Just an old pump to color

And besides…  I have had too much fun with my wonderful characters to want to do much more than spend my free time with them.   Especially Atyr…  she’s hard to ‘relate’ to, a lot harder than most of the others.  I find myself not connecting to her, a lot.  She’s got religious and political views that are alien to most anything I’ve been raised around.  And while I’ve made some study of martyrs, there is a deep difference between knowing the acts of someone so devoted to a belief and the inner feelings of such a person.

And a long time ago, I realized that for all that she lives through her choices, Atyr is a martyr to her faith.  To her, life is her punishment for not serving in her religious duties better, even despite the fact that those in charge of the temples she had been raised in were not acting in the interest of the people they served or the good of the world at large.

But Atyr believes in ideals, not individuals.  And I’m more the opposite.  I believe in individuals, then groups with more caution.  Ideals…. no so much. It always seems to me that everyone has their own interpretation of an idea—there doesn’t seem to be a universality to many things, and those tend to not involve higher level thought: basic needs, etc.

Yeah…  she’s a zealot.  And I think a lot of my problem with working with her is because people with that dogmatic a personality make me very uneasy even to be around.

But enough of my writing problems (what few there are…  one character out of several, and lots of words to write about all of them)…

Here’s some nori before I start the assessment of my goals.  I think I want to make something like stained glass out of this stuff.  Isn’t it just awesome?nori panes

And now my weekly assessment:

  • Goal: working through three chapters weekly of James Scott Bell’s Plot & Structure (including exercises)
  • Progress: still detoured progress here, though I not done much Syd Field’s Screenplay either; some other library book reading… and an overdue fine to pay tomorrow
  • Goal: catching up in my local critique group (including submitting something this week)
  • Progress: group is on hold for the month of April; however, finished all the critiques I owe; now need to submit something
  • Goal: typing two pages a day of old notebooks in
  • Progress: one page ahead of count
  • Goal: (VIG) Write new words daily! (the Five Sentences thingie)
  • Progress:  getting ALL the words…  am so loving this time with my characters
  • Not a Goal but Progress Anyway: managed to sort out and discover several files for bits of story and notes I’d thought I’d long lost and place them in Scrivener projects with the stories they belonged to *happy dance*

Again, since this post was late, and I was having serious doubts about getting anything done on Wednesday, I’m holding off one more week before I consider adding in extra projects.  We’ll see how things are by mid-week (fair warning my mid-week check-in will be on Thursday because this one is a day late).

Hope you had fun reading and plotting your own creative endeavors.  Before you go, why not visit a few other awesome ROWers here!

  • or most daily life…  you can do serious damage choking on that latte if you read these while drinking

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  1. Hooray for progress! I went home last night and did micro-sprints of various things till nearly 5am. It was, as you say, amazeballs…and Lise is in full-on Kitten Preparation Mode. Not only did she strike floor; she’s blazing trails like mad!

    Today, I’m hoping to get the free hostas Ashley gave me planted on the border of the driveway before the rain comes – and lots written and administered.

    Hooray, too, for nori. Did you know that Hannaford now sells Pocky? Kids were pretty happy about that! =)

    Boldly Going Through the Alphabet!
    Part-Time Minion for Holton’s Heroes
    shanjeniah’s Lovely Chaos


    • I knew Hannaford sold Pocky, though its selection is still pretty limited. A start however… have to start somewhere!

      Ooh, hostas… I should dig and break up some of mine to spread them about. I have a bunch of hosta around, but they are getting starved for space by the red raspberries

      And, yeah… have to call Kenny in a few hours about a kitten. He’ll want an update on our fuzzy peoples here anyway.

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  2. I just happened along here, Eden, because your number ended with a ‘2’, making my visit here part of being a sponsor for ROW80. But what a nice treat you gave me with this insight into understanding character: “deep difference between knowing the acts of someone so devoted to a belief and the inner feelings of such a person.” This reminds me how useful working on character descriptions can be. Usually, I build them as I build the story, but then when I revise, I go back and add the nuances. So thank you for visiting me and for posting, even a day late.


    • Thanks, Beth. I think that a lot with my characters. I especially have noticed that people (especially people on certain spectrum disorders) often don’t act in a way that actually reflect their stated feelings on certain things. I even catch myself doing this sometimes, and it makes for great thoughts on “why”. And any “why” thoughts are great for story writing. I’m glad my challenge has given you some fun fodder for your own stories.

      And yeah… if I couldn’t go back and add details and nuances, I’d be lost.


  3. All the words!!! Congratulations. 🙂

    Nice sketch. 🙂

    I never thought to hold nori up to the light. How pretty! We have some, I think. Maybe I’ll pull out a sheet on a sunny day and hold it up before we turn it into sushi. (Because sushi is what we’ll be using it for. 😉 )

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    • MMmmm sushi! What is your favorite kind? (I’ve been itching to have some tomago, but since I’m the only one who eats the stuff here, it always feels like overindulgence. That and masago… I could [and have] eaten masago straight from the package. Yum!)

      Yep, nori in the light is incredible. Even my husband thinks the idea is good one… though he wants the glass double-paned to keep it from getting weird.


      • You know what, I’m not sure I can identify them by their proper names. I like just about any kind of sushi that doesn’t have mayonnaise in it. Therein lies the rub with store-bought sushi. :-/ Not many don’t have mayonnaise. The ones with avocado and cucumber are invariably my favorite. The kind of fish doesn’t matter much. 😉


        • Sushi with… mayonnaise? *makes facial contortions* *wonders if she should find bucket*

          Hmm, tamago is what is known as “sweet egg”, it’s basically a scrambled egg cooked with sugar, cut up and put in with cucumber and sometimes pickle in rice and nori.

          Masago is smelt roe (it’s often used a decorative coating on the rice… little orange dots? that’s masago)

          No mayonnaise in store-bought sushi where I go. At least in the simpler rolls. The more extravagant stuff, they coat with some weird flavorings these days. But usually you can still find salmon, yellow-tail or tuna plain. Then there are the (what we call) Alaskan Rolls… yes, you may laugh. They are salmon (often smoked, but not always) with cucumber, avocado and cream cheese.

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          • We have the Alaskan rolls here. 🙂 And California rolls. I love those a lot. 🙂

            Oh! I like masago, then, but not tamago. (I don’t get along very well with eggs. I can eat the occasional baked good that includes them, but then I have to go a while before I can handle them again.)

            The mayonnaise usually hides under its separate ingredients (eggs, oil, vinegar), but I’m weirdly sensitive to the taste. I’m glad you don’t have to deal with it, because blech!!!


            • Yeah, California rolls are pretty good too, if on the dull side.

              And mmmm, masago! Tamago is not something to have a lot of anyway. It’s VERY sweet (I swear, it’s more sugar than egg the way some places make it), and you need to have pickled burdock or something to counter the cloying sweetness.

              The only way I can eat mayonnaise is on slices of fresh tomato (and yes, I do mean go out in the garden and pick one that the afternoon sun has been warming to perfection). And I can only do this once in a while. It has to be real mayonnaise (none of that Miracle Whip crud), just a thin slather… and about three slices, no more. I’ve had more mayo go bad in my fridge than anything else.

              I can’t imagine that on sushi, ever. So sorry that’s a trend for you.

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            • Yeah, it’s weird, but even one of the local sushi restaurants put mayonnaise on EVERYTHING. It was so annoying.


            • *shudders* You have my sympathies. If you’re ever out our ways, I’ll try to treat you to some non-adulterated sushi

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  4. Yay for progress! Love that finding old notes bit. I’ve been colouring in the Outlander colouring book 🙂 Other times I print off black and white copies of Pauline Baynes’ illustrations…


    • I never could get into Outlander (it could be because my mother was urging me to read it a very ‘contrary’ time), but I can imagine enjoying a coloring book for almost any series as long as it’s sufficiently detailed. The Pauline Baynes’ illustrations ideas… Ooh! Must trying drawing some of those myself now.

      Thanks for some great inspiration, Deniz. Those are wonderful.


  5. Yay for all the words. It’s wonderful when that happens.

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