Got Time For a Quickie?

ROW80LogocopyShort one today, all y’all.  The hubby and I have a lunch date with friends, insurance paperwork…yadda yadda. There’s all the time in the world it seems…

just after everything else is done first.

So here’s it all in a nutshell.

This has been an incredibly crazy, yet oddly productive week.  I’m on track with everything except my new “creativity goal”, but since the Boodle is home from school this week and there’s been a shift of focus there, I’m not too bothered.

IMG_4137_1What is bothering me is that nagging surety I’ve lost a friend.  Mr. Kitty, the last of our feral cats turned to cuddle-bum and window serenader,  hasn’t come home since Sunday.  Worse yet, since I’d been desperate to sleep in on Sunday for some huggy-dozing time with the Leader of the Opposition Party, it was the Boodle that fed Mr. Kitty, not me—I’m actually not sure he was here on Sunday at all.

All I can do is hope that if he was caught by someone (some group has taken up catching ferals nearby because we had had the male version of the feared cat lady down the road for years, and he finally lost his home and the cats have run rampant).  I really hope Mr. Kitty was trapped by such a group and not taken by coyotes (so far the nearby roads shows no sign of a kitty-corpse).  He’s lovable, affectionate, wants to have a forever home (which is something I could have never given him because of… things).

But this, and so much of this past year when I wasn’t blogging because life was cray-cray, is why I picked the title I did today.  Maybe it wouldn’t have helped if I had gotten up on Sunday—maybe he was gone already—but I wouldn’t have this regret that I ‘wasn’t there’ when I could have been.

IMG_3179It was the same when my grandfather died in December…  we hadn’t gone to see him because we’d been fighting cold and sickness after cold and sickness, and he had a very compromised immune system.

One of my best friends died in December…  we’d set plans for a lunch date in January ‘after the holiday crazy was done’.  It was a freak thing, but…  now I eat sushi and cry a little (kind of happy tears, because they are great memories, but still).

And my grandmother died a few weeks later.  I got to spend some time around Christmas with her, but then Rod’s death and disasters at the Boodle’s school…

It seemed like so much to take a day trip to Syracuse just for an hour or two of visiting.  Maybe next weekend I’d have ‘more time’…

No.  There was no more time.  There is no more time.

So, yesterday…  when I invited Elizabeth Anne Mitchell to sprint with me and she couldn’t because she had a meeting in ten minutes at work, I decided I was making a change for myself at the very least.  I texted her back “Quick, write two sentences!”

I mean, there’s always time for a Quickie….

10 responses to “Got Time For a Quickie?

  1. And those two sentences helped immensely, Eden–both the accomplishment of getting them on paper, and enjoying that accomplishment before a meeting that promised to do nothing but waste my time (and delivered).

    {Hugs} for all your losses, and the sense of missed opportunities. As you know, I have that sense as well. That said, there is much to be said for the quickie. It should be considered at every opportunity, for words, for a quick lunch or visit, for celebrating life.


    • Thanks, Elizabeth. I’m glad the sentences helped, and I’m sorry about the meeting–I can’t stop those, try as I might!

      And I appreciate the hugs, though I don’t need them for the losses. Sometimes I feel more in a funk than others, obviously, but I know that all things have their times too. The missed opportunities? We’re always missing opportunities when we have to make choices. We do the best we can and keep plugging along. I’m glad I had the chance to know three so very independent people. I could have missed out on that too, but I didn’t. It’s not fair to demand more time than I am due.

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  2. Oh, Eden. 😦 That’s a lot of regret to carry around. Lots of hugs!

    I’m glad your week went well goal-wise and you got to spend extra time with Boodle. 🙂


    • Thank you, ReGi. I … well, I do and I don’t regret things. I know in many ways, I couldn’t have done things much differently than I did. But there’s this little bit of perfectionist and even more that overachiever in me that says “come on now… You could have found SOME way to juggle things differently.” That voice usually is wrong though. I’ve just become self-aware enough to recognize the fact.

      Boodle time makes all weeks better. 😀


  3. Funny that I should read your post this morning. Earlier this week someone I graduated from high school with (36 years ago!) passed away. I haven’t talked to him in probably 32 years. Yet all these signs are telling me that I should go to the funeral today. I really do not want to, because it always feels hypocritical going to a funeral of someone you haven’t been close to, but I knew his sister really well in high school, haven’t seen her since graduation, but we connected on Facebook a few years ago, and yea, well, now maybe I should go see her, right?


    • If you feel awkward going to the funeral (I know, this is a bit late to actually help in this case), you can always send a note, or at least go to the wake/viewing hours and offer to be an ear. And the offer doesn’t need to be made right away. A lot of people/families get an influx of support and sympathy early on… but they need it for a while after too, and most of the world tries to move on past the grief. So, your offer of a visit and friendship might mean so much more in a few days or weeks.

      So… when you can, make time for a Quickie, Chris.


  4. ❤ ❤ ❤ All the love. And that picture of Nanny and the Boodle….awwww ! So happy Mr. Kitty is back. ❤ ❤ ❤


    • Thanks, Shan. I didn’t mean for this post to be so ‘down’… I mean, I am/was when I wrote it… just that sense of still not doing enough for those that matter and focusing too much on ‘me’ and my characters (or as Mom likes to call it, my escapism). But the truth is things do come and go, people too. I wasn’t going to hold onto my grandparents forever–it would have been cruel to them as their lives were fading and time was passing. And Rod’s death, while a shock, was a lot like him, and somewhere a few people are alive because of him that might not be. THAT is awesome, and he would have loved it.

      And… Mr. Kitty is… well, Mr. Kitty. And Annalise is definitely getting a kitten.

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