Dance Hall Days

Not that anyone wants to actually see me dancing, but I do love doing it.  And oddly…  I find I get an insane amount of writing done on the computer when I listen to disco and club music (Youtube playlists are my friends these days).

Though, there are those moments in my office and the kitchen when I’m letting a plot point simmer in my head that I act out a line dance* from Soul Train.  My characters think I’m quite crazy.  My husband is equally bemused.


Fortunately when the Boodle is home from school, he still joins in most of the time.  He’s not quite at the “Mom, don’t embarrass me” point yet.

The point of mentioning this is…  the last few days I suddenly haven’t felt up to dancing.  I’ve also noticed a decrease in my word count or at least my enthusiasm to achieve any real word count.

Is it because April CampNaNoWriMo is over and I don’t have a ‘push’?  Is it adjustment to the Boodle heading back to school again (it’s not necessary to dance with a partner, but it can be a lot of fun)…

I don’t know.

Or maybe it’s a beginning of the week slump.  I have noticed that these Wednesday posts tend to be less optimistic than my Sunday posts.  I’m still figuring it out, but if you’ve got thoughts or personal experiences of a similar type, please share.  I’d like to know what’s going on in this crazy head of mine.

(And in other people’s heads too…  )

ROW80LogocopyBut you all didn’t come here for that, did you?  You (hopefully) came to hear about my awesome… well, not so awesome, progress since Sunday.

I’m… mostly on track.  Still no progress on that creative arts, goal.  No reading in my writing craft books, but then my library list is demanding my focus on two other books now.  And I haven’t submitted anything to our local critique group.  Then again, no one else in the group has yet either.  I suppose the first step is to make sure we’re “On” again.

For today, I’m detouring my regular plans and goals to set a day or two for rearranging my Swan Song Series Scrivener files into a main Story World Bible and separate projects for each book.  I realized I needed to do that when I discovered how hard it was getting to keep track of the March/Promenade section of the series.

And…  I’m at serious cross-purposes there too.  This third book is getting insanely large.  Six POV characters!  Ack…  and they all need to collide in one place at about the same time.   Granted, three of these characters are major secondary voices, so I might be able to shift my focus from them some here and there, but…


So how are you all doing with your creative endeavors?  Interested in joining a bunch of really supportive people who share the same passion?  Find other ROWers here and jump right on in.

I like that video best because of the twin sisters at the end…  I have a thing for twins.  Just ask my characters.

*It was one of the highlights of my teaching at the Bethlehem Children’s School when I got the whole school (from the director down to the youngest Pre-K student) funking out to the O’Jay’s ‘I Love Music’.  It’s amazing what one can do with laughter and a few basic karate moves…

13 responses to “Dance Hall Days

  1. I love to dance and I am terrible at it. My daughter tells me it’s illegal for parents to dance within five feet of a child. I plan on chaperoning her prom when she’s older 🙂 Mid-week can be a challenge. Just keep at it.


    • LOL! I remember my father telling me the same thing (actually he used to tell me he was going to volunteer to sing at school functions… and then he’d stand in the livingroom doing his Tiny Tim imitation sans ukulele. Enjoy your dancing, Caren! There is nothing more awesome than the energy of dancing as the ideas start flowing

      Thanks for the smile. Have a great week.


  2. I haven’t noticed a pattern of less optimistic posts, but this week, for sure, I was in that slump with you.

    Hazarding an unprofessional guess: Maybe Wed is less optimistic because weekends require you to use more of your coping skills because of the lack of routine. And then those first few days back to work are usually filled with more of the must-do’s. So, it can be stressful.


    • Ugh, shared slumps! Need to get out of that little feedback loop there… Let’s sprint and burn some word energy. 🙂

      (I think you’ve probably hit the nail on the head with the Wednesday thing. It’s also a bit of a when the Boodle’s outside classes for things like piano are scheduled. I know he needs his lessons and such, but I always dread bringing him. I have to talk to other parents and “do Adult”…. I don’t adult or small-talk well.)

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  3. I like to listen to music when I’m writing, but I don’t do a lot of dancing. My writing slump tends to come during the second half of the week, though. Hopefully it picks up for you.


    • I think ReGi hit it when she mentioned that weekends can really mess up the rhythm of the house, especially now that the Boodle has started school and isn’t homeschooling (oddly, my husband’s work schedule, since he works from home doesn’t mess us up much, but I can imagine it affects a lot of other families).

      So… here’s hoping my slump doesn’t pass on to you, that it just fades away and we both are super happy productive for the rest of the week, Fallon.


  4. This week, it might be the weather. Lise and I were out a lot of yesterday getting ready for kitten, but today she, Miah, and I were all tired. I had to drag myself up to do any hometending and my meditation walk.

    What finally perked me up was a silly string battle in the front yard with Lise, then a decorated short walk. A few minutes of silly, in whatever form, can do wonders for the soul and the creativity.

    Wednesdays are a bit harder for me, because it’s Jim’s Monday. I also think the moon’s phase makes a huge difference in my energy level and creativity.

    BTW, I loved reminiscing with those Soul Train clips….and thanks for putting your dad’s Tiny TIm into my head!

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    • Silly string! I keep meaning to get some of that. We tend to be more glow sticks and confetti peeps at this house, but silly string keeps getting mentioned, just not bought.

      And oh, yes… moon cycles are definite moodshifters. Good point!

      Glad I could make you smile with some “mood music” 😀

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