Mission Accomplished

I have delivered the kitten!

JuJuBee Mabee, the new kitten's aunt

JuJuBee Mabee, the new kitten’s aunt

Oh, you didn’t know I was supposed to be delivering a kitten?  Oh!  Well, if you’ve ever told a twelve year-old girl that you know where there are new kittens for free….  you’d be obliged to get said kitten.  And since I was playing middle-man between the elderly cat-man (this man is in his mid-70s and love, love, loves his kitties) whose barn the kittens lived in and the twelve year-old girl…  oh, and both this girl and this man live over an hour away (yeah, long story and long drive).

Mission accomplished as of 2pm.

And of course, I didn’t take a picture of said kitten, but I’m sure in a week or two there will be an update on Shan Jeniah’s Lovely Chaos about the arrival and adjustment process.

Though… I can say that this kitten is very much like the Boodle’s beloved JuJuBee.  Of course, this new little girl is definitely JuJuBee’s niece, so that makes sense.

Now I suppose I should get to the real point of this post…

My ROW80Check-in & Assessment

And now my weekly assessment:

  • ROW80LogocopyGoal: working through three chapters weekly of James Scott Bell’s Plot & Structure (including exercises)
  • Progress: still detoured progress here, though I not done much Syd Field’s Screenplay either (had to renew this)
  • Goal: catching up in my local critique group (including submitting something this week)
  • Progress: group is back working on projects, now moved to our shiny new Facebook group
  • Goal: typing two pages a day of old notebooks in
  • Progress: one page behind on count, but that’s not bad since I had nothing typed at all Wednesday
  • Goal: (VIG) Write new words daily! (the Five Sentences thingie)
  • Progress:  not so good, but I knew I’d have no progress until Wednesday (I wasn’t counting on a sick day Thursday though); I managed four of the seven days and well over five sentences each day
  • Not a Goal but Progress Anyway: maintained my progress in French and German for a twenty-day streak, have added a bit more social time with friends and family, have not added much exercise 😦 ,  and I’ve caught up my some of library backlog.

So…  another week where I’ve fought to get my goals done, had some failures…  I guess I was spot on when I picked out these goals in April.  Looks another week of maintaining status quo, and that’s OK.  I am glad that I made the progress I did given this was such a chaos week.  And we’ll see what happens next week.

And that’s it.  Why not visit a few other ROWers?

5 responses to “Mission Accomplished

  1. So glad you were able to save a kitten and save a young girl’s dreams. Job well done!


    • Thanks, Chris. Though I can honestly say, know the man who has these kitties, he would have loved them to pieces too. But it sounds like we have VERY happy kitty news from a 12 year-old girl…


  2. Chaos happens. Those relationship things you made progress on are, in my opinion, more important than just about anything else, anyway. Sick days happen, too. Hope you are feeling much better now!


    • I am, thank you! And yeah, I know chaos happens (this was even something of planned chaos, so in some ways I should/could have planned better).

      The family time, the friend time were definitely better trades. 😀

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