What Do You Use?

I like fonts.  I even started designing my own font back in the 90s when it involved a lot more paper, rulers, and scaling of measurements.

If your favorite isn’t on the list, add it to the comments

So, of course, I just had to repost this when I saw it (thanks to Dom Carter at Creative Bloq for his post: What Your Font Choice Says About You).

Maybe it makes me look like a fuddy-duddy,but I use Garamond Antiqua for anything and everything I print up and make notes on at home.  It’s a mono-spaced font much like Courier, but with a more pleasant feel of real “book” text.  The Garamond you normally see in Word and other wordprocessing programs is not mono-spaced, but unless I plan on doing a lot of printing, I usually don’t install Antiqua these days (the font license was for a particular machine and I don’t have it anymore) For most on screen work, the basic Windows installed Garamond works “okay” enough, but I wouldn’t want to try publishing anything with it.

That’s my “work font”.  I also have my play font, which wasn’t on this list.  The closest to my 750words font (Sharktooth) they have here is a cross between Bradley Hand ITC and Rage Italic.  And it weighs more heavily toward the Bradley Hand…  Yeah.  I could definitely wish for more font choices there for my brainstorming sessions.

Maybe that’s why I still spend so much time with pen and paper despite thirty plus years of geeking on a keyboard.

And you…  What are your fonts of choice?  Do you have a specific style for specific types of work that helps you get things done?  Let me know in the comments.

Now it’s time to move on to my….

Row80 Check-in & Weekly Assessment

First a smallish apology to anyone who might have expected a video of my son’s Monday recital.  It’s been an odd couple of days, and I forgot to load the video up to Youtube.  Next week..  since I will likely be doing my WIPpet with my check-in this coming Wednesday.

That, btw, counts as the first bit of happy news for this week’s goal assessment.  I participated in the WIPpet bloghop this week (WIPpet stands for WIP, or Work in Progress, snippet, and involves a group of creative writers sharing pieces of a story they are working on for the sheer fun of it).  If you’d like to be involved too, check out some of our posts at our linky and jump in this Wednesday.

ROW80LogocopyWhen I count that little bonus plus a creative bursts of Wednesday and Thursday (artwork and a post about birds), this week has gone above and beyond my expectations.  I have made great strides in prep for JuNoWriMo, getting most of the Featured Author posts uploaded and edited.  The Pep Talk post isn’t finished yet, but I have most of my first draft done.

The Boodle and I even found time for a grand adventure with a few of the Burton Bunch, swimming and dinner out, on Friday.

So, despite the continued failure to reach Goal #1, I call this week the best of the ROWnd yet.  May the progress continue!

As for the specifics.

  • Goal (#1): working through three chapters weekly of James Scott Bell’s Plot & Structure (including exercises)
  • Progress: nothing, nada, lots of other reading, but nothing on my craft books.
  • Not-progress, but… I did find and spend a lot of writing craft time at Mythcreants
  • Goal: catching up in my local critique group (including submitting something this week)
  • Progress: Nothing new to submit, but I’m just a quick skim over the crits I did before being caught up
  • Goal: typing two pages a day of old notebooks in
  • Progress: on track
  • Goal: (VIG) Write new words daily! (the Five Sentences thingie)
  • Progress:  on track, well, except for Thursday…  that was an odd day of daydreamy character time and very little handwritten work (though I did write a lot on Thursday too, just not by hand)
  • Not a Goal but Progress Anyway: continued progress  my languages (except Spanish), and of course, all that JuNoWrMo progress.

Tomorrow will be setting up prompts for my JuNoWriMo sprints so I can be ready for the Wednesday Kick-off and writing the kick-off post (just a short one).  And of course, Memorial Day Parades…  it’s supposed to be rainy, but then Nature has always had a complex relationship with soldiers and remembrance celebrations for them.

Faded Glory

25 responses to “What Do You Use?

  1. Good for you!!!


  2. Me? I’m Liberation Serif….no surprise I don’t fit into one of those boxes! =D

    I know it has weirdnesses, but then, so do I.

    I seem to remember spending HOURS downloading fonts onto one of my early machines, at your old apartment…we sent my Accomplice of to the Asian market to play, and also talked about the premise that finally became “Monday Morning Coffee”.

    Loved swimming with you guys. Lise is all for making the swim a bi-weeklyish thing, although dinner might not always be on the agenda, due to budgetary awareness….

    You’ve had a good week, writing-wise. =)


    • All fonts have weirdness. Even Garamond… if anything, some of the older styles like Garamond have more weirdnesses in them, just hiding because they were designed for hand-carved printing blocks and several versions existed when they were digitized, many of which didn’t actually merge with each other, but where chosen for per-letter appeal (I don’t remember all the specifics, but I see on example daily in Scrivener with Garamond where the f and i don’t connect correctly and the dot sometimes gets dropped from the i). And True Garamond Antiqua doesn’t actually have an italic set to it; it uses Times New Roman’s italic…

      Weirdness all around. 😀 And I doubt you or I would have it any other way.

      As for swimming and dinner… Nope, can do both all the time, but we could still have a fun outing. Maybe bring snacks and make use of the picnic tables or something too…

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      • Lise is fond of the vending machines, and there’s lots of pretty places to sit. Could even hit Hannaford, sometimes.

        And maybe you and I could sneak away when finances allow, and go to Mr. Fuji!


        • Oddly enough, unless you want Hibachi (which isn’t cheap) Mr. Fuji can be very affordable. It’s a matter of careful planning though. I’d be happy enough to just sit and chat over tea (if we go early enough in the day with our own mugs at the Y, we can enjoy the coffee service or hot water), and yeah, Hannaford works for some days. Or even just a walk and chat near the ponds… I keep wanting to walk along the pond there.

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          • I’ve been wanting to do that to. And I haven’t ever had the hibachi at Mr. Fuji, and I love hibachi. So it would be hard to pass that up. =) But maybe I could ask Jim for that as a birthday treat….or break into my little cash stash.

            Lots of options, with kids or otherwise. =)


            • I think a birthday treat for you all sounds divine (I’m planning on asking Dan for that for my birthday too–and yes, you are most definitely invited, though I know you may wish to bow out given the date, but… well, I’ve never actually shared my birthday with you, so it would be kind of cool).

              Options are good.

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            • We shared part of the one before Marcus was born, when you got the laptop. You served us wassail, and it was so foggy in the mountains, we got lost with the two wee kids in the back.

              We don’t make a fuss over Christmas, here. No one wants that, so we don’t.

              Looks like Jim and I will make a just-us dare for my birthday. Fitting – one of our very first dates was to a hibachi place in Flagstaff.


            • Ooh, a first-again date! Sounds perfect.

              You’re right… I think. Did you actually come down on Christmas day? Wow, I was out of it then (I was majorly preggers then, but I fear the out of it has more to do with now than then :-/ )

              The Boodle likes his Christmas celebrations. We put up the old tree as much for the Boodle as childhood memories for me. The cats knock it down nightly. I tend to want to relax on them, no visits, no special to-dos. But since you all don’t insist on a special affair, you’re welcome anytime. My parents? It’s got to be this huge “event” with scolding about who is going to take pictures, a ‘project’ (usually cookie baking), hors d’oeuvres, canned discussions… If my birthday were ANY other day, they’d have forgotten it by now. According Eric, he’s surprised if he gets a phone call.

              But, you are welcome, if you wish. Just don’t ask me to cook. 😉

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            • We’ve been so happy since we stopped spending holidays with my parents. And, yes, it was indeed Christmas Day when we came down. You were just getting to know your laptop, and, yes, majorly preggers indeed.

              If I or we came on Christmas, it would be for your birthday, not a holiday. No reason for you to make a fuss – it’s your day! =)


            • Wow… seems like a lifetime ago. Glad you have the memory for that (I clearly don’t).

              I know. That’s why you’re welcome if you wished.


  3. On Word, I alternate between Bookman and Garamond, unless I’m writing something that had to go on the website. Then I use Helvetica. I’m a font geek, and loved finding ways to print thorns and other medieval letters (with little success).

    I’m still thinking about doing an unofficial JuNo WriMo … . At the least, I’ll be cheering from the sidelines.


    • I think you can (and should) still sign up. That will help you get some cheering and encouragement too.

      I can’t do Word’s Bookman. It’s too light for my eyes after a certain amount of reading. I’ve done some work with font creators, and know there are specialized fonts out there for medieval text too. We should do some brainstorming on this next time we’re having at writing date

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  4. I’m not quite as adventurous as you are font-wise. I tend to use system fonts because most of what I write is plain text. Mary’s partial to American Typewriter lately.


    • Even most “plain text” editors have defaults you can change (if you want). But for me, it’s not an adventurous thing so much as a pre-electronic publication habit and the result of many long discussions with my boss at the time who was seriously into desktop publishing, book-binding and antiquarian books. Unlike Courier, Garamond was a font I could read easily and was still mono-spaced so it fit in the guidelines for most publishing houses (a few demanded Courier, but most said a “mono-spaced font like Courier” was acceptable) so I sort of latched onto it.

      American Typewriter sounds like it would work too, but then again… I never used a very good font for my daisy wheel machine either.


  5. Blessed Memorial Day!

    Yay, WIPpet! I am pretty sure I’ll be around again this week. 🙂 I like that you were able to see how even though you hadn’t made progress on a specific goal, you did make progress in the area. That’s an important skill, I think, and one I’m still learning the knock down drag out way. And daydreaming is very important as a writer, I truly believe. Your mind needs that time to meander and explore without your hands or eyes getting in the way.

    I like Comic Sans. 😛 It most closely resembles the printing I teach my children and it has a nice clear, uncluttered look. I use it as my default when I’m working. I read once, though, that most minds are conditioned to prefer not-sans (I’ve forgotten the proper term) fonts, so whenever I go to publish a paperback, I’ll be looking for something different.


    • I still struggle with finding the silver lining. It’s an every-day battle, but we do what we can when we can and keep moving on.

      And daydreaming… I agree. It’s vital. I miss time on the farm, especially during harvest season for that reason. It’s pleasant to pick things like beans and tomatoes etc, and be just relaxing into a discussion with a favored character. Gardening though, I haven’t found the same pleasure in… I don’t like gardening, but I like to help out with a harvest.

      Comic Sans gets a bad rap from a lot of people, but I think it’s perfect for the things it’s designed for. And the sans comes from sans-serif, so a font like Garamond or Times New Roman is a serif font, while Comic Sans or Helvetica are sans-serif fonts.

      Serifs are great for paper reading. They are harder to manage/visualize on a screen

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      • Serif! That’s the word. Yeah. Thank you. 🙂

        For some of us, I think, finding the silver-lining in our own accomplishments and lack thereof will always be difficult. :-/ It’s easy enough to find them for someone else, but for ourselves… Sadly not.

        Bummer about gardening. I’m not very fond of it myself. I was spoiled in California, though. If you put it in the ground, it grows. Ta da! Here… Here you have to use tricks, and that takes patience I don’t choose to spend on plants. 😉 Artist loves to garden, though, so we usually have something, and I bought flowers to put in our railing planter for our porch. Beloved bought me oodles of forget-me-nots today and I have some alyssum seeds. Now THOSE I might learn patience for. I love the delicate beauty of forget-me-nots and, while I’ve never found them aesthetically pleasing, I really love the way alyssums smell.


        • No problem.

          And don’t worry… that’s why we ROW80, so we can see each others’ silver-linings.

          Your California experience sounds a bit like my own childhood experience. I used to spend the summers on the family farm in Syracuse and rarely did any of the early planting and prep. I grew expecting to harvest, to sell and prepare/process the produce. Still a messy process, but not the same. I do not like the touch of dirt. I won’t say I’m fastidious (I’m not!), but I really don’t like getting my hands in dirt

          For me, it’s the June-only purple irises. They smell so divine. The newer fancier color just don’t have that perfume to them (usually they smell like almost nothing to me).

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          • Yeah, unfortunately, a lot of cultivation for one trait takes away other pleasant traits. Color takes away smell or vice versa. It’s similar with strawberries. I forget the kind, but there’s a smallish one that’s much sweeter than any of the biggish ones you find in most stores. It doesn’t travel well, though. I may try to find out what it is again and plant some here. Berries are one of the few things you can put in the ground up here and expect to have fruit every year.

            I’m not a huge fan of dirt. My family teases me because when we go camping, I bring along a 1o gallon plastic keg-like thingy, a bucket, soap, toilet wipes, baby wipes, adn hand sanitizer. We take the wipes and sanitizer to the bathrooms with us (if you’re ever camping in Alaska, look foir the bathroom I’m using; It will be the cleanest) and then set up the keg thingy and bucket with soap and a towel for a proper washing station, which I do make everyone use, hand sanitizer or not. But I learned there’s a bacteria in dirt that improves mood. Supposedly dramatically, if given enough exposure. I still don’t like getting dirt on my hands, but I’ve never minded going barefoot, so I make a point of walking in dirt in the summer.


            • I think there’s dirt and there’s dirt. I like some dirt better than others. Barefoot is awesome… or it was, until I stepped on a rusty nail (that was fun–not!). I tend to live in those clunky Dr. Scholl’s sandals these days.

              Wild mini-strawberries! Thanks for the reminder that it’s almost time for them here. They may be 1/2 an inch long, but they have all the flavor of the bigger store-bought ones. I’d love to get some started in our yard, but my husband would mow them down in a minute. 😦

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  6. I love fonts too! I went through a Comic Sans MS and a Trebuchet phase when younger… Nowadays I enjoy Bradley Hand and Garamond as well, for working with. Arial for printing others’ MSs. I used Monotype Corsiva on our wedding invitations… And I also have downloaded Tolkien fonts on my laptop 🙂


    • LOL! Why does it not surprise me that you have Tolkien fonts on your machine? (An nice Quenya wouldn’t hurt to add to my collection…. hm). Corsiva is a nice basic… and I can totally see the convenience of a monotype version of that. I forget what we used, but at the time, we left that up to the printers. It worked and that’s all that matters. (Weddings can be crazy enough… and we had our share of doozies.)

      Comic Sans gets a really bad rap, but it’s useful. Not my choice, but useful. I kind of hate Arial, but I like it too… I’m sure you know what I mean.