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Sometimes Little Things are Big

markdownHave you ever heard of Markdown?  No, it has nothing to do with the latest special at Kohls.  It’s a special coding system for typing webpages and documents online

I use it daily, though I never learned all the keystrokes.  Maybe you do too without even knowing you do.  If you’re like me and use 750words.com for your brainstorming sessions or have a WordPress.com blog, you have Markdown either available or build in.

The design counts for a lot of the Word auto-correct options too.  Scrivener calls the pieces it uses as “substitutions”.  It’s why : + – + ) becomes a 🙂

Little things: like *this* is the same as <em>this</em> (which for Blogger people is <i>this</i>) …  and they all equal this.

Most websites allow a certain amount of Markdown or some kind of Markup language to make things easier on their users.

Why would anyone want to do this?  Well, it makes it easy to just…  TYPE.  I  mean, HTML is useful enough, but a lot of the tags (those things between the <> characters) are already being removed from normal use.  Even the ones we use every day in our blog comments…  That <strong> tag to bold your text?  It has been deprecated right along with the simpler <b>.   Granted, basic HTML tags like those are nice because you can just type what you want in web editor and a machine (or person) anywhere around the world can understand the format of your text  (maybe not the words—you are still responsible for those).  That is a handy superpower to have, if you ask me.

Knowing some (even a little) Markdown is the same.  You may not agree, but someday, try doing a webpage on your phone (I have).  Suddenly I can walk again…

If you’d like to learn how WordPress (at least) uses Markdown, here is their quick reference.  A quick Google search will help you elsewhere.

Row80 check-in

Yesterday was the first day of JuNoWriMo, and of course, in all the Kick-off craziness, I ‘chose’ not to post my check-in with my most recent WIPpet as I’d planned on Sunday.  (I say ‘chose’ because I did… at the very last-minute when I looked at the furby pic I’d added to the post and couldn’t bring myself to add in another word.)

ROW80LogocopyThat said…  it was a pretty awesome day.  I closed out my writing with a bit over 3500 words (I posted a smaller tally, but then had inspiration to add just a few more).  I have to update our crew spreadsheet, but how can I complain about that for a day’s progress?  Especially a day that included a trip to DMV*, swimming with the hubby and other happy family time!  I didn’t even stay up super late (I was tired), but I got almost everything done I’d planned for the day.

The almost was this post of course.  It would have been nice to not have this waiting for me this morning.  But…  oh, well.  Not every day turns out perfect.

As for the rest of my goals–they’re moving along (except my imfamous Goal #1).  Yesterday during the trip to DMV, I got some quality reading time in Letters to Alice by Fay Weldon.  It’s a bit of a commentary on creativity and a warning to the aspiring author.  It’s all fun.

It was definitely a nice shift from the madness of Tuesday when I did All The Things JuNoWriMo.  I still have some serious setup to do on the website (*shudders*).  The mainblog page especially, which doesn’t actually show the blog posts, just a blank screen (except for a ticker of recent posts on the side).  Some research will be involved here, since I’ve not dealt with WordPress.org design much.  Nothing I cannot handle, I’m sure—just time I don’t have right now.

And that’s it for me.  Hope you had an awesome couple of days writing.  See you Sunday!

* My father calls them “Damned Motor Vehicles”; I bet a lot of people do.