Time Travel of Sorts

Finally! A combined WIPpet and ROW80 post… Only took a few weeks!

I seem to be traveling backwards for these WIPpet posts. It sort of makes sense… I don’t usually write in a linear fashion. But to post out-of-order two weeks in a row feels odd. Still, here we are…  I’m taking y’all back even further in the Unnamed Story.

No fancy maths today.  It’s JuNoWrimo, and my head is toast.  Eight little paragraphs for the 8th of June.  Hope you enjoy…

Vant didn’t bother inputting his passcode in the keypad when he reached the basement.  Like as not he’d be leaving with ‘Listii Mirniia in a few minutes.  No sense in resetting the locks for that.

Opening the door, he reassessed that decision and quietly backed away to key-in his id number.

Mother, what did you do to him?

Grimly, he reentered the room to gaze over the scene, broken only by the fact that his presence had been noticed by the pair on the floor.

‘Listii Mirniia eased from the woman’s arms to grab up the towel on the floor next to him.

The woman in question moved slightly to a defensive pose that shielded the man next to her.  “Vant?”  Even her questioning tone held a hint of caution as if to warn him away.

Vant held back his smile.  Oh, Mother, how so-very Wanderer of you….

Behind her, his uncle placed a gentle hand on her shoulder.  “It’s alright, Atyr.  He’s involved too.”

Caught in the act…  but of what?  I’ll wager it’s not what you think.

If you enjoyed that, you may want to head over to the WIPpet linky and visit some our other creative members. Yummy Biscoff cookies and a spicy Vanilla Chai to the multi-talented Emily Witt for hosting the WIPpet Wednesday bloghop these days.

ROW80LogocopyNow, I’ve got a mini check-in for all of you keeping tabs or following the Round of Words in 80 Days writing challenge.  If you aren’t and you’d like to know more, would like increased accountability, or would just like some companionship during your writing journey, click to see if The Writing Challenge That Knows You Have a Life might work for you.

As for me…  Life is firing on all cylinders except that dear *cough cough* Goal #1 (to read/study a craft book).  Does the time I spent reading up on how to create the perfect villain (via Jim Butcher’s old Livejournal) and Marcy Kennedy’s ever-so-helpful lists from her Busy Writers Series of craft books count?

Just Write

If so, then I’m (still!) rocking this week.  I’ve managed over 18K for my JuNoWriMo project since last Wednesday; I’ve drafts of both the JuNo Pep Talk I was asked to write and my next ROW80 sponsor post done; and I’m still finding a small amount of “me time” reading. Tuesday, I thought I’d lose momentum (serious head hurt), but I pulled most of the day through with a mid-day nap. Sometimes I see the great word counts of others in the JuNo and feel a bit down (people who are writing those 5K days regularly impress the heck out of me), but it’s what it is.

This weekend is the New York Capital District Renaissance Festival.  We’re thinking of going here at Chez Mabee (the Boodle really wants to go).  It’s also the Self-Publishing workshop by Audra North at our local RWA chapter meeting.

Decisions, decisions…

15 responses to “Time Travel of Sorts

  1. I’m pretty sure when you say “it’s not what you’re thinking”, that is exactly the thing I was thinking, so now I’m intrigued as to what the situation actually is!


    • Exactly! I wonder… how many people are going to think “she said it wasn’t what I was thinking, but I was thinking that she would never post that, so is it THAT? No… couldn’t be!”

      It isn’t, but then… is it? 😉


  2. I enjoyed reading your snippet. Got right into the scene without any problems and naturally I wondered what they were doing on the floor. 🙂

    Also, I like your idea about responding twice weekly to your blogs. That makes sense because it gives you time to write and I will adopt it immediately. I’m going to do Mondays and Fridays because that’s better for me. Just wanted you to share how you inspired me today. Thanks.



    • Glad the scene flowed well for you. And kind of glad you were left wondering….

      HaHa! I wish I could say I actually followed my schedule as well as I intended. It IS a great idea, and I try, but sometimes, I just can’t help myself. I either forget them or chase them. Neither extreme is useful. But you’re welcome. I hope it helps you.


  3. Oh, what ARE those two up to…? Maybe I’ll find out…eventually.

    I’d say that maybe that pesky Goal #1 is too rigid and wants changing. I mean, learning about craft is equally valid, whether it comes from a book, a blog, a list, a mistake, a conversation –

    Anyway, great week! I kind of wanted to go to the festival, but couldn’t muster up offspring interest, so I’ll skip it. If you go, may it exceed expectations and delight!


    • Oh… you know how those two are. Always into somekind of trouble. 😀

      I think you’re right. I really do want to get through the book someday, but I think it’s going to require some non-NaNo-style time to do it.

      Sorry to hear it. We’re probably going on Sunday, if they change their minds at all. It’ll be the Boodle’s first real Ren-faire. We did the little one they put on at the Cathedral of All Saints in Albany (the Episcopal cathedral that they never finished building…) a few years back and he loved it, but because of it’s location, there weren’t the level of events a faire with fields can offer.

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      • Lise says maybe, but that Renn faires aren’t really her thing. Miah only wants the Crow’s Nest from Sterling, and the honeyed nuts. So we’ll probably take the weekend off, since next may involve more intense pursuits, with Miah heading to New Jersey solo, and Lise maybe going to Gab’s. Might be a perfect weekend for hanging at home. =)

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  4. You have me wondering just what is going on.

    And I’d definitely say those count as studying craft. Great job on all the words so far this month. I’ve got just over 20k myself.


    • Well, that was the plan.

      Woot! Just hit 21K last night, and just squeaked there. It was a hard day.

      I’m counting them as craft. Marcy Kennedy’s posts are amazing. Did you see her “reading as a writer” set of posts? I will be working with those soon.


  5. Very intriguing WIPpet. Do we get some answers next week? 🙂

    Awesome progress on your goals. Congrats!


    • Thanks. Not quite sure… I keep tossing the idea of sending the story out to Wattpad or something for publication of sorts. As a piece of “not-canon” writing.

      Thanks. I’m trying


  6. Sigh…it’s been ages since I did even so much as ROW80. I wonder if I’m letting myself use Life as an excuse not to even try.

    Nice snippet, and I definitely do wonder what they’ve been caught in the act of doing!


    • Well, you know how the ROW80 is… you can jump in anytime. We’re always welcoming, and it works as well as you allow it, as you know. At least you are writing, right?

      Thanks! I “may” tell you next week. Still tossing on that…

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  7. As soon as you said ‘not what you’re thinking’ my mind immediately jumped to that very thing!

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