By Her Majesty’s Decree


The Queen and the Sheriff of Nottingham (sort of)

Busy day for us here at Chez Mabee, at least for me.  Somehow I got posted to the JuNoWriMo hosting schedule for sprints twice on Sundays (feel free to jump on Twitter and join me if you need some writing boosts–you don’t have to be a June WriMo member to participate), two four hour shifts: from 6-10am and 7-11pm.  We also went to the New York Capital District Renaissance Festival today, which (for anyone who has attended such things) took a lot longer than we expected it would.

This awesome soldier (Trojan--he'll be sure to tell you) was a highlight of the faire) helping the Boodle to shoot

This awesome soldier (Trojan–he’ll be sure to tell you) was a highlight of the faire) helping the Boodle to shoot

It was the Boodle’s first “real” renfaire (there is a little one that occurs every other year at a church in the center of Albany*, but that doesn’t have the space for many of the activities that make up such an event).  For a while we weren’t sure if it wouldn’t be his last.

We shouldn’t have worried.  There was a Shakespeare-inspired skit going on at the Vixens En Garde stage.  After that…  we had no fear of leaving early.  In fact, we stayed well past the ending bell for the Queen’s Blessing and dismissal.  And during the parting wishes, the Boodle was calling out “Huzzah” right along with the crowd.  He wants to go again next year and has asked if we can look into going to one of the other big faires in NYS (Sterling or Sterling Forest) before summer is over.

The Boodle wasn't quite as keen on trying to fire the ballista

The Boodle wasn’t quite as keen on firing the ballista

A big change from the kid who didn’t know if he was even interested.

He has even expressed something of an interest (though I’m unsure how strong it is) in planning a costume for next year).  If he does, cool.  If not, equally cool.  There is plenty of time to get involved more fully such activities.

And with his love of the Bard, who knows…  maybe someday he will be one of those on the stage someday!

In all, it’s been a good day.  A tiring one…  but worth it.  Even if it did make me dream of England again…

Now, ’tis time for my weekly assessment and…

ROW80 Check-in

ROW80LogocopyWriMos are tricky things.  They tend to consume more energy than they feel like they should.

I mean, really, if I normally hit between 750-1000 words a day, and somehow manage to goof off a bunch, then it stands to reason that a bit more than doubling that shouldn’t really be an issue.  On an average day, I can usually pull out 750 words in a half-hour.

I’ve been lucky to achieve 400 +/- these last few days in the same amount of time.  And when I’m hosting sprints, my actual wordcount drops even further.  I am a host after all, and as a host, it is my responsibility to mingle and interact, answer questions, provide  support.  It’s fun, but it’s very disruptive to the muse at times.

How does this work with my goals?

  • Goal (#1): working through three chapters weekly of James Scott Bell’s Plot & Structure (including exercises)
  • Progress: nothing—shifting, broadening focus from now on
  • Not-progress, but… this was the week of reading twice daily a writing blog article for more craft ideas
  • Goal: catching up in my local critique group (including submitting something this week)
  • Progress:  I submitted a piece the other day
  • Goal: typing two pages a day of old notebooks in
  • Progress: typing away madly
  • Goal: (VIG) Write new words daily! (the Five Sentences thingie)
  • Progress:  I’ve been fighting myself for this handwritten work these last few days–some stuff going on at the house that just has our heads a bit filled (my hubby’s more than mine, but he needs his partner around when Life is giving him this kind of stress, so it’s a mutual thing)
  • Not a Goal but Progress Anyway: continued progress  my languages (except Spanish and Russian… dropped the ball on these again)
Of course they had Daleks in Medieval times! They followed the Doctor, and he's been everywhere!

Of course they had Daleks in Medieval times! They followed the Doctor, and he’s been everywhere.

And that’s pretty much it.  I’m overtired; have dealt with two migraines and a slew of sinus headaches this week, two power outages (which almost ruined out file server because it tried to do updates between outages!), “Stuff”, my SiL’s father died suddenly…

I keep saying I’ll add to these goals, but Life doesn’t seem to want to work that way lately.  Maybe it’s just as well that the ROWnd is almost over.   I will be ending things on a “I DID it” note instead of scrambling to reach ever newer and brighter stars.

There is something kind of cool about that too..

Thanks for stopping over!  If you’d like to visit other ROWers and cheer them on, follow this linky here.

* this isn’t the main site, but there is a funny story in this piece, since the cathedral was never completed and a stop-gap roof was installed so the building would be usable

12 responses to “By Her Majesty’s Decree

  1. You were blessed with a perfect sky for those images, and cool,too.

    I’m glad we didn’t go. The kids went for a walk down to the cemetery by the Yellow Meeting House, which has a few stones from the 1700s, and quite a few from the 1800s. There’s a Jeremiah there.

    After, they sat out front, chatting, for a long time. I wanted to take their picture from behind in that sibling connecting time, but it felt like it might be intrusive, so I watched the Tonys instead, which I’ve never done before. I’m glad I did.

    And I got some writing in, as well as doing a good chunk of my remaining character work for The Far Shore, which puts me closer to the plotting and drafting stages.

    Hope the migraines, power outages, and spousal stressors ease before you read this! =D


    • Sounds like an interesting day for you in its own. Whenever you experience something new that brings you joy, it’s a good thing.

      Thanks about those pictures. Just used the old iPhone (so no adjustments really… I can’t update most of the software on that one anymore, so photo apps don’t work quite right one it). When I got home and looked at what I had, I wished I’d brought the Canon. Those distance shots, like the ballista one, would have come out a lot better. That said, I got some great videos of the Dalek (it was fully animatronic) and the Vixens En Garde, that I wouldn’t have with the camera itself.

      There are other renfaires and other years. Sounds like your day was full of joy too. And yes, I understand about the picture of your kids. The Boodle was fine with me posting a picture of him from the back–not-so-much from the front.

      I remember watching the Tonys with my grandmother a long time ago. It feels like an age ago now. I wonder if I’d see them differently.


  2. The Faire looks like great fun. I’ve never been to a real one. I did “create” a small one when I taught history a million years ago. I would have to have a costume though. A fancy one:0. I love to play dress up. I can see how being a host would take up writing time. But I can also see it as a vital part of reaching out. I try never to be in charge of anything. I break out into a cold sweat every time nominations are taken at the local writers group. Keep up the hard work we are coming in to the end of this round.
    Oh bye the way- “Are you my mummy?”


    • Having a costume seems to be the Boodle’s next plan. I long thought I wanted to dress up for a faire (could actually… I have a long raw silk skirt and bustier, but I need to make a decent chemise). These days, I don’t even like getting dressed up for Halloween. Who knows… maybe if I get back into going to cons and such again. It’s a lot easier to enjoy an activity around a community activity.

      That said, my son has expressed an interest in the SCA now.

      And… I’m so sorry. If I had ANY idea you disliked gas masks, I would have never suggested that pair of episodes. I liked them in part because they were creepy, but also way people were portrayed. And in part because it reminded me a lot of Bedknobs & Broomsticks, one of my favorite movies from childhood


  3. That Fair sounds like a little boys dream… I’m happy to see that despite all that pain (sending deep commiserations) you’ve done really well. Keep going Eden. It’s lovely to be able to catch up with you again.

    HUGE hugs!


    • Thanks Cate. It was quite the event (last night the Boodle took out his fencing gear to practice again on his own after over a year away… it definitely made a connection).

      It is nice to hear from you. Are you doing any writing challenges this summer or laying low for a bit to enjoy your days in some calm?


  4. I love Renaissance Faires. We don’t have any nearby, but last year I went to my cousin’s wedding in PA and the next day we went to the PA Ren Faire. I talked some of the family into going and we had a blast. So much fun! And Daleks, too? 🙂

    Sorry to hear about the migraines. As a fellow migraine sufferer, I can relate. They’re, well, awful. Here’s hoping you get a break from the migraine yuckiness soon.


    • There was a bit of “time travelley-goodness” at this faire, which was perfect for our son, the way he absolutely LOVES Dr. Who. As soon as he gathered the sense that the renfaire was for imagining “going back in time” it all made sense for him–it was the way it ‘should’ be. And having the Dalek there helped that.

      So glad you were able to find a close enough one to enjoy the experience with family. This faire is actually a small one compared to the other two I listed, but until we knew if the Boodle would enjoy it, it seemed a good starting spot. But to do one the day after a wedding? Wow! That must have taken a lot of energy. But a great way to add to the festivities.

      They are gone now. I think I may have some peace for the next month. 😦

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