A Spark of Activity

Starting a new ROWnd always feels a bit… odd for me. Creating ‘rules of engagement’, even with Life itself, doesn’t mesh with the image I have of myself (flawed as it might be).

Good thing there is flexibility built in the ROW80 from beginning to end. I’m going to be changing things all over the map this month. I just feel it. My head is churning with ideas and possibilities all half-formed. I want to jot a few more ideas down and discover where they lead soon. Somewhere not so safe, I suspect, but definitely someplace that will allow me a chance for growth and discovery.

let’s do this:

ROW80LogocopyA Round of Words in 80 Days, as the ROW80 is formally called, usually starts on a Monday with a post about one’s goals for the round and follows on Wednesday with a check-in. This post is both. It’s a bad habit I fell into early on in my ROW80 career. I don’t see myself breaking it anytime soon.

    • Goal: spend ~three hours a week delving into writing craft related learning
    • Progress: three posts equaling about an hour of time down: one by Jami Gold, a second very apropos one right now from Writers in the Storm and a third courtesy of fellow ROWer Mike Young from the MIT Technology Review
    • Goal: Hand-write new words daily! (the Five Sentences thingie)
    • Progresss: have written half a page for the past two days in two stories
    • Goal: typing two pages a day of old notebooks into the computer
    • Progress: inconsistent since ROWnd 2; but I’m getting back on track–I really like what this goal has done for my creativity
    • Goal: maintain connection with local critique group and submit excerpts and critiques during NON-NaNoWriMo months
    • Progress: The ROWnd just started, but we’ve been in CampNaNo since Friday; no submissions, but I will keep working on the two crits I have in my queue to return
    • Goal: return to regular posting in the WIPpet and WeWriWa blog hops
    • Progress: I fully intend to start small here; I’m on track for the WIPpet this week: Sunday, I will start by visiting some blogs in the WeWriWa hop, but not posting an excerpt yet. I feel better about giving attention before demanding some for my work
    • Goal: sponsor duties for the ROW80 twice a week
    • Progress: first check-in was yesterday, and I’m just posting my own goals and check-in… so, not too good so far
    • Goal: Explore my creative side daily
    • Progress: still fighting the emotional drain of the last month, but slowly ramping up; a lot of photography recently
    • Goal: Daily languages (except Sundays)
    • Progress: French, German on track, missed a day of Latin
    • Goal: daily exercise amounting to a minimum of 30 minutes a day
    • Progress: on track, save for Tuesday, where I squeaked out some movement while re-reading some old stories
  • Temporary! Goal: write and submit my sponsor post
  • Progress: have two (very) rough drafts that I want to explore further (the WitS post above I mentioned in my craft links defines my issue here all too well)

Lastly, because this round officially started on the 4th of July, which is our Independence Day in the US, I thought it only fair to share some fireworks with you all. These were actually taken on Saturday in the town of Waterford after their Steamboat Festival. We didn’t do our usual annual Windham Mountain excursion this year. A good thing too, as someone knocked down a telephone pole and we were still home and able to protect our computers by shutting them down properly (UPSs are wonderful things!). Then, we enjoyed a nighttime dip in the pool while the sky lit with fireworks from a few towns away.

Fireworks over the Erie Canal in Waterford, NY: letting my old camera do things on its own in auto mode

Fireworks over the Erie Canal in Waterford, NY: letting my old camera do things on its own in auto mode

What happened when I took control of the camera (also taken in Waterford)

What happened when I took control of the camera (also taken in Waterford)

Another "controlled" shot

Another “controlled” shot


10 responses to “A Spark of Activity

  1. Nice. We stayed in. Both kids fell asleep early, having been nmiddling-nocturnal, so Accomplice and I made our own fireworks.

    No pictures, I promise! But then, yours are lovely enough for both of us.

    I feel flexibility and room for both progress and growth in these goals. ❤

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    • We went to see the fireworks with the Bostonites because they were in town visiting for the 4th. It seemed like a nice family thing to do… and in general it was, though poor Gary got sick. 😦

      Enjoy the links. I really liked the one Mike posted. A lot to think about in it, and a Kurt Vonnegut link as bonus.

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      • Oh! I love me some Vonnegut! And I feel bad for Gary. Getting sick while traveling is no fun!

        Fireworks over the canal do sound like fun, but the kids haven’t been so interested in outings with crowds, of late.

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        • We managed a pretty nice spot away from most of the crowds (that’s why there are so many trees in the pictures), but since we had three kids being zooey and the four of us, it still felt “busy” at times.

          No, getting sick is NOT fun when traveling. Remember that time you were at the NEUC and had that happen? Or was it Rock the Campground… I think it was RtC actually, because you told me about it afterward and all I could do was wish I could hug you.

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          • It was neither one. It was a dance party gathering at the Malhowalds’. We all took a lovely hike through a corn field and out to a beautiful lake, and I felt the migraine coming on. But there is an armory museum in the area that’s suppsosed to be amazing, and the kids and I wanted to go check it out.

            Being me, I got lost, and the headache was so fierce, I stopped at a CVS for 45 minutes of misery.

            We eventually found our way back – no museum that day – and Tanya did a reiki session on my head which worked wonders!

            I wouldn’t have wanted a hug then, but I certainly appreciate the sentiment, now.

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  2. Oh, and I’m coming back for these links. =)


  3. I used to do ROW80 but stopped when my posting schedule became so erratic it wasn’t a schedule at all. Your post has inspired me–maybe I should jump back in. It was always fun.

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    • You definitely should jump back in. Maybe commit to only one check-in a week, or something like that. There are a few ROWers who do that instead of the twice weekly schedule.


  4. Beautiful fireworks!

    How awesome that the notebook transferring has helped your creativity! What about it is having that effect, do you think? Is looking at older work generating new ideas or is it something about the process itself?

    Also, you made it to my blog, so I think you did okay with sponsoring. 🙂


    • Thank you!

      I think the old notebooks give me a chance to consider changes. I also doodled a lot more then, and it’s nice to see those playful marks and wonder where my mind might have been wandering at the time. I tended to be a lot more “must do this this way and no other” back then. So it’s part process, part rediscovery, part “mindless drudgery” even…

      I love coming to your blog… and you keep landing on my magic sponsor number these days. 🙂

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