Daily Archives: July 14, 2016

When the Wrong Words Come

ROW80LogocopyI’m still finding myself unable to get through this ROWnd’s sponsor post.  The words are coming—oh, how freely they flow these days—but they are…  the wrong words.

For example, I’ve had the wonderful experience where even my (normally) most tight-lipped character, Atyr has been beyond loquacious and eloquent to the point of distraction.  As has been Alanii’s father…  a foreboding man to say the very least.  I know more about his view on the history of their wars and why he’s been so restrictive of his son than I ever knew I could be.

I also have more ideas (of course…  those never seem to stop coming) for the causes of specific “because spoilers” things.  And more research (accidental as always…  a single click of a link becomes ten as an idea catches my eye) ensued.

I even managed a whole essay on the topic I’d originally chosen as my sponsor post.  A very personal, gut-wrenching, “this should not be shared with anyone in the world” quite yet post, or at least until everything has calmed…  written at a moment like this:

So…  more the same than different.  Hopefully it won’t become a trend.