Did it, Dr. No

Love the classic look

So, I finally cleared a thing off my (unofficial) To Do List.  A while back I made a deal with fellow ROWer Caren Rich that if I would watch some James Bond movies she would watch some Doctor Who.  Two big “names” in the entertainment industry with very different crowds….

It's all about the PPK

It’s all about the PPK


We had reasonably good time each with the first showings.  I asked Caren to watch the 10th Doctor episode Blink; she had me watch the Pierce Brosnan “Bond finale” Die Another Day.  With both of us having fun with this “new to us” experience we were both up to try another round.

I chose Dr. No, the very first in the Bond dynasty, as my next ‘to see” and suggested a two-for of two of the more popular episodes from the 9th Doctor’s tenure (since Christopher Eccleston basically helped reboot the series with shows like these): The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances.

Mea Culpa!  I had no idea that Caren didn’t like gas masks, and they are EVERYWHERE in this World War II era two-parter.  She hated it, vigorously.

Me?  I just watched Dr. No today as my part in this little trade.  Can’t say I hated it.  Can’t say I loved it.  It was better than I expected (considering how dated the effects are), and now I can see why so many women went gaga over Sean Connery back then (though..  no, sorry).  A good basic action flick…  nothing special in any way and so very, very “white-washed”, imho. I could watch another 007 and probably enjoy myself, but I feel no need to see out any of them given how many other wonderful shows are out there.

Though, I would LOVE to have Dr. No’s underground hide-a-way.

I wish it was a shot of the whole place, not just the dinner table

Row80 Check-in & Assessment

(This space intentionally left blank 😉 )

    • Goal: spend ~three hours a week delving into writing craft related learning
    • Progress:  oddly, I spent a lot of time on articles relate to writing this week, as well as a fair amount of audio-book time listening to authors describing their processes
    • Goal: Hand-write new words daily! (the Five Sentences thingie)
    • Progress: *hangs head*, missed two days though for the noble reason of family time (granted the family time mostly involved doing Pokémon Go outings with Boodle; we did a lot of walking and talking together)
    • Goal: typing two pages a day of old notebooks into the computer
    • Progress: missed the last two days, but had been averaging 3 pages a day before that
    • Goal: maintain local critique group submission of excerpts and critiques during non-NaNoWriMo months
    • Progress: July…  CampNaNo, so nothing going
    • Goal: return to regular posting in the WIPpet and WeWriWa blog hops
    • Progress: steady progress and no progress, respectively
    • Goal: sponsor duties for the ROW80 twice a week
    • Progress: on track, though need to post this before I will go visit anyone else
    • Goal: Explore my creative side daily
    • Progress: I actually took out my purse notebook and sketched a face (I couldn’t login to Pokémon Go and made use of the time—it worked)
    • Goal: Daily languages (except Sundays)
    • Progress: daily, yes: all of them, no (Latin and German have been more of an every other day thing)
    • Goal: daily exercise amounting to a minimum of 30 minutes a day
    • Progress: either Pokémon Go or swimming pretty much every day, so aceing this
  • Temporary! Goal: write and submit my sponsor post
  • Progress: Ugh…  so very ugh.  I am fighting myself so much here.  I am learning a lot about what I should not write (for all those wonderful muses out there who were saying that maybe sharing my struggles and “wrong words” might be exactly what the post needs, I apologize…  but disagree, since I’m sure pages of mourning family, pets and friends will help no one save myself; that said, I’ve been able, through this process, to rediscover and relive and remember all the richer)

That’s all.  That’s plenty.  And…  because this is a lovely photo of my favorite breed of dog, here: Enjoy!

 photo SiberianHuskies_zps226c9380.jpg

Our Nina had been a copper–miss her still (photo cred: Tapscott94)

20 responses to “Did it, Dr. No

  1. Watch Goldfinger or Diamonds are Forever––more fun. Also, see if Caren likes the Shakespeare or Van Gogh Doctor Who episodes, or the one with Madame d’Pompedor. Can’t spell with a migraine. good luck on goals.Susan Franzblau


    • The Madame d’Pompadore Doctor Who episode freaked me out a LOT more than Blink did. I should have suggested some of the wonderful black & white original episodes that still exist since I was going to the roots of the Bond franchise. Thing is, there wa a reason each series took off, and asking someone to base their impressions on something halfway through, despite our personal preferences is kind of unfair.

      Ugh, migraines… many hugs


  2. Family time is a good reason to miss a goal by a couple days. 🙂 I’m glad you and Boodle are enjoying the time together!

    I hope the sponsor post comes together for you. I must confess, I don’t really read them. >.> Partially because I spent a lot of time learning about goals and reaching them, etc. and there came a point when all the information I was getting was the same as what I’d gotten before. (Like, literally very little or no variance. I have found maybe four exceptions in the last decade, and even then, the bulk of what they offered was rehash.) What do you usually like to put in your posts? I’m like you in that I prefer not to include the things I’m struggling with, except perhaps as a cursory mention.


    • Boodle-time happens whenever we can lately. Hopefully we can keep it coming as he continues to seek more school-like experiences.

      I understand. I confess… it takes a lot for me to read and reply to sponsor posts lately. It’s just too much. And yet, some are incredible. I try to emulate those when I can. Myself? I try to explore more peripheral to the writing life, and bits about how I make thing work (when I manage it), becau sometimes what seems ‘obvious’ to me is anything but to the rest of the world.

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  3. I love that the two of you made this entertainment “exchange”. Always good to expand horizons. Have a good week!


    • Widening my horizons almost always makes me me feel better in the long run. I’d like to feel like it wasn’t just sitting in front of the tube, but… there are some cool things on the tube too.

      Thanks! Hope you do too!


  4. I haven’t seen any of the older James Bond films, though I’ve seen at least one of the newer ones. I have to admit that they don’t really appeal that much to me. Not that they’re bad movies. Not at all. Just not really my thing. I do love Doctor Who, though, although it’s no longer on Netflix so I haven’t watched it in ages.

    I struggled with my sponsor post for this round. I kept trying to think about what would help people the most, and what I could say that I haven’t said before, and I started a few times and then said, “No, that’s not right” before settling on an idea. So I can relate to your struggle there. Good luck!


    • The struggle for something “new” is the biggest killer for me. As some people have told me (and I know I’m guilty of myself when life gets too crazy), a lot of ROWers don’t read the posts–or when they try, they find them just rehashing the “same old, same old”. It feels so defeatist… but sometimes, I wonder why I bother.

      Thing is… I like reading an inspiring sponsor post. I want to write that kind post too. So…

      Hmm, your comment about Doctor Who versus James Bond (or any other similar series) makes me wonder if it’s more of a “focus”. We’re just the type of audience that the writers of Doctor Who focus on. Others vary…

      Thanks, Denise.

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  5. *sniff* I still miss Nina, too…I can still see her beautiful eyes, and hear her howl.

    Did you notice I posted a picture of Bunko owning the Oregon coast on my last update?

    I think you misunderstood me when I mentioned the “wrong words” approach. I didn’t intend you to use those pages; there might be stuff to mine in there, but I imagine it’s mostly for you. What I did mean was that maybe writing about what happens when you plan to write one thing but something else entirely keeps coming out of your fingers and your brain….what do you do then? Keep going? Force yourself to the original plan? Both may have merit, and there are other options. That might make an excellent sponsor post!

    I do not get the Sean Connery thing…but you know that I absolutely get the Pierce Brosnan thing! ;D And I may still be a little scarred from my first viewing of “Blink,” even though my boy who was six back then is now taller than me!

    It’s a good kind of scarred though. I can take it.

    On the subject of lost kitties….

    Mr. Kitty may be gone, but his only known surviving daughter is right now curled up between Jim and I, purring softly. I thank Squeak’s daddy for giving me my panther-girl. ❤


    • Nina was a special dog, and I have plenty of fond memories of roadtrips with Bunko to enjoy too. Little else shows how animals are everyday people in their own right as when we consider our memories of them and all the human people we meet too.

      *nods* I did actually get some of that from your comment “wrong words”, but… at least right now, that idea just doesn’t call to me. No biggie… sometimes the Muse has other ideas. Mine wants to go to the playground. Something about swings and teeter-totters.

      I “get” the Sean Connery thing only because I get what he brought to the character. He isn’t/wasn’t my idea of handsome, but he had a glance of mischief to him, not quite “bad boy”, but “Hey, I’m off to go do something ridiculously stupid that might get me killed and… want to come along?” look to him. Especially when he smiled. When he didn’t… he just looked like he was pouting. Very off-putting, imho.


  6. With James Bond, try reading the books. You get a whole different picture of Bond when you do.


    • LOL, Good point, John.

      I didn’t even know there was a written series until Sunday when I started researching the different guns Bond used in Dr. No. I’ll have to see if I can find the novels now. I tend to like novels better anyway


      • Penguin reprinted all of them a few years ago, at least the Ian Fleming ones (the ones that are worth reading, anyway). I found a lot of the originals (printed to 1960’s standards, e.g. 8-point type and no blank space) at a used bookstore a while back, if that’s your thing.


        • I’m not against old books (my parents raised me on 1960s science fiction and westerns (yeah, ALL the cheese!)). I may look for a novel or two. At the very least, it could be a chance to relax and let go of the real world for a moment. Thanks for the suggestion, John


          • I actually like the vintage paperbacks with the small type, narrow margins, and no breaks between chapters. It’s like escaping into a whole different era.


            • I can get into that… I have a similar feeling when I go to the National Archives website and look at their old books and videos.


  7. It was worth a shot. My kids love Dr. Who and a few times a week I am forced to watch it. Usually I find a nice book to read! Sean Connery was a looker.


    • Well, I guess fair is fair… my son is now a fan of James Bond. Good thing there are lots of good books out there. 😀 Though, I suspect both franchises have plenty more to offer us both hiding in the outskirts. Your kids may LOVE the Sarah Jane Adventures (based off a companion from the 3rd & 4th Doctors’ tenures). The main characters are tween-teenagers, and Sarah Jane is the eccentric lady across the street who lives in the strange house.

      Know of any kids’ Bond-ware out there?