Of Course

Welcome again to another (late) Wednesday Check-in and excerpt of a Work In Progress.  Since I missed my fun today on Twitter with the #1lineWed hashtag crew (there are some great pieces there), this will have to do.  Hope you enjoy.

First: the WIPpet

Once again I direct you to the “Unnamed Story”. In last week’s episode, I mentioned that Atyr had gone off with her son Vant for a visit. Now we get to see where…

(note: Milsha is the term for mother here.)

No fancy maths today; it’s late, I’m exhausted, and I have another super-busy day tomorrow waiting for me. You get seven small paragraphs for the seventh month.

“Do you want any padding, Milsha?”

She looked from her son to his class, then over toward Vant’s own instructor, Lan Kailiis. She motioned the Dean of Students over before answering.

The burly red-haired man strode over with his usual silent grace. Unnerving, since next to her and Van, Lan Kailiis was a giant. Next to most people even.

Lan Kailiis was the closest thing she’d seen to the mythical mountainous ancestral fathers of the Antianii people, and if the tales were true this man that was half-again her height was but a poor shadow of their memory.

“Is he allowed to do this?” she asked, pointedly taking the chance to speak before her son did again.

Lan laughed. “Of course, Atyr. A Guard utilizes the tools at hand. Just because I didn’t anticipate you being one of those does nothing to invalidate his choices. Of course, if I had known….”

Vant flashed a seditious smile at his teacher. “Now you can wonder how long I’ve known, Lan. And while you’re at it, advise her to wear a jerkin. These lads are awful clumsy with those sticks they wave around.”

If this is your cup of tea, head over to the WIPpet linky and visit some our other awesome members for more excerpts.  And while you’re there, stop in and thank our host, Emily Witt for enabling our silliness. 😀

Second: a ROW80 Check-In

Status quo…

If only I could say that and mean it.  This has been an interesting couple of days.  I’m behind on a few goals (new fiction and reading up on craft related things, specifically).  And my 750words?  I’ve missed several days this month, and tonight is going to be another.  As soon as I post this?  Bed.

ROW80LogocopyWhy am I so tired?  I don’t even know.  At least I’ve managed to get some physical activity in these past few days so that I’m not twired, where all I want to do is flop, but I can’t because my brain is too drained…

Every been in that state?  How are you affected by news and events?  Do they bring on this state faster or do you slowly slide into it from constantly trying to do more and more?


24 responses to “Of Course

  1. I really, really appreciate you taking time out to offer so much assistance with Lise’s report. Because you interact with her regularly, you were an awesome choice. I just wish it wasn’t One More Thing when you already had more than you wanted.

    I hope you’re already asleep by the time I post this. And that you’re more able to tend to your own things….your camping trip is coming up, too, isn’t it?

    Hope to see you Tuesday, at Java’s. If you do the Shakespeare Open Mic, I hope it’s as awesome as it sounds.

    Last thing, and I’m putting it here. I want to actually go see Star Trek: Beyond on my birthday, which, if you don’t want to look it up, is next Friday. I’d love to have you along – seems fitting. =) So let me know what time works for you, because I’ll be wide open. Maybe I could even treat you to some time at the Y, if you’d like to be my guest.

    Again, thanks for the help, and may you be rested and raring to go soon!


    • I can look back at it actually with some pleasure now. I DID it and I did it in a short time. Do you know how awesome that feels when the fight with things like the sponsor post seem to drag on forever? You gave me a chance to empower myself (kind of like your eight hours to get that quarterly done), and I am grateful.

      I won’t be doing the Shakespeare Open Mic (except maybe to watch, since I like to scout out such things first before I do them–of course, I don’t remember the times today… and it is today, and I am desperate for a home day after spending 9 hours at the garage and the McDonald’s down the road from the garage yesterday getting car repairs done with a very bored Boodle because Dan has to be in the office all week these next few weeks). So… no Open Mic for me, I think. :-/

      Speaking of Dan having to be in the office: Star Trek… I have to either ask the outlaws to watch The Boodle for the day or bring him with us (he’s good in movies, but you may want your birthday to be less about kid stuff… then again, he’d be delighted to give you lots of birthday hugs because he’s like that). The Y sounds delightful though, but only if you want to, since as the B-day girl, you get to choose.


  2. Forgot to say in all that…liked the snippet even if it was somewhat confusing out of context.

    I kind of feel for Atyr, but I’ve got an idea that she knows how to handle herself. =)


    • Of course she knows how to handle herself… at least in this situation. If anything, this situation is going to be the most relaxation she’s had in weeks. Nothing like the “no strings” physical release of sparring.


  3. News and events don’t affect me as badly as personal stuff. I get derailed too easily. That’s a struggle for me, and some might call it a flaw, but for me it is something I know happens and I have to figure out for myself how to deal with it.

    Let’s hope we can both make whatever changes or find whatever help we need to make those goals we set.


    • I tend to get more derailed, as you say, by personal stuff. But the news and events… they take me down emotionally a lot more. There’s an element of “the world is going to hell and I can’t do a damned thing about it” that personal stuff doesn’t have. Personal stuff… I’ve always been one to get up and “deal with it” because the animals still need their food, the dishes and laundry still need to be washed, the food cooked, etc.

      I actually got a cat once to get me out of depressive slump. I wonder if that actually is the cause of a lot of people with “crazy cat-lady” syndrome… much like if one pill makes you feel good, shouldn’t two work even better?

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      • Cat number three… Loki… who passed away about a year ago was that for me!


        • Hard to “Like” that… I just lost a kitty last month, and we had a LOT of history…


          • I’m so sorry for your loss. We had five cats at one point… too many! But I loved my little herd. We only have one cat and one dog now, which is good because that’s all that’s allowed in our apartment.


            • I’ve lived with “too many” cats all my life. At one point, my husband and I were sharing a (small!) studio apartment in Albany with seven cats. I think since then he has lived in terror of me becoming a crazy cat lady. Especially since, I grew up with a grandmother who had 29 of them (bar cats) at one time.

              But… no matter the numbers, I love them all. They all have such distinct personalities.


  4. Oh, ho! Something tells me Atyr is about to kick some petukis! Woohoo! Go, Mama!

    I used to know a giant. He was a tiny bit shorter than me on his knees, which is the posture he took when speaking to most people.

    Lots of hugs. I have absolutely been there. I was talking to a friend today about it, because her husband and I have a health issue that causes such things in common. We were contrasting her husband’s use of caffeine with mine. He avoids it, while I guzzle it. I hope you can find a coping method that works. It’s okay to let some goals slide while you deal with the emotional backlash of current (horrific) events.


    • Oh, she’ll be gentle to the students. She’s been a teacher enough times herself. 😀

      Caffeine… the bane of my existence these days. It’s hard enough to get a good night’s sleep these days. But lately, it’s the only thing keeping me functioning. :-/

      I never knew anyone with giantism personally. Though I did make a passing acquaintance with a woman one day while having lunch with Mom at Pizzeria Uno’s who was approaching 7ft. She was incredible, and so very nice.

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  5. Is she going to kick his ass?


  6. Hm, I wonder what they’re about to do. The dynamics between them here are interesting. Who is really “in charge” of the situation?


    • Well… in charge, I guess that would be Lan, since he’s grading Vant on Vant’s teaching techniques. Atyr though… since she’s technically married to Lan’s boss (sort of kind of), I guess there could be some conflict there. But she’s not the kind to play games of power like that.

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  7. The few times I’ve been that exhausted it’s been my iron levels, but I’m also notorious for not watching my iron intake and have always been anemic. I’m also behind on my ROW80 goals. =(

    I’m going to be honest; I have no clue what’s going on in this scene. I do really like the way you describe Lan.


    • It’s okay… I know you’ve been out of the WIPpet for a while. Most of it involves just Atyr escaping from family issues by helping her son as he teaches a class on martial arts (and he’s being graded on his teaching techniques by his superior).

      I’d have thought it was an iron situation if I hadn’t had a burger (for the first time in a few weeks) and I had actually gotten some sleep these past few nights…. I never sleep well on nights with a full moon. Oh, and the week before…you know.

      But.. the ROW80 is the challenge that knows we have a life. Life just IS right now. And it’ll be better soon enough I suspect…


  8. I have some chronic health issues (migraines not the least of them) that frequently derail me. I’ve given up on writing on “migraine days.” All I do is increase the amount of time it takes me to recover. With other things, I try to push through, but my word counts tend to be a lot lower. I’m still learning to accept that sometimes events in our lives will slow us down or derail us. That’s just life. As long as we’re still moving forward, even if it feels like a snail’s pace at times, that’s all that matters. Take care, Eden!


    • I totally get you on those “migraine days”. Some of them I can puddle through a bit if I’m by myself and the house is quiet. And by puddle around, I mean, I can catch up on some slow reading or standing at the kitchen sink with some warm soapy water over my hands as I pretend to wash the dishes.

      What bothers me the most is that I am also “useless” the day after the migraine too. Scattered… and tired. It’s as if being sick just wipes out any energy I have. Does this happen to you too, Denise?


  9. Hi,
    I love your third and fourth paragraphs. They are an excellent description of Lan Kailiis. I could picture him in my mind.
    Shalom aleichem,


    • Thank you. Lan is… pretty memorable in his own right. And he’s not even one of my main characters, just a super-strong supporting character.