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Rally the Troops

Though it is a day late, here I come,armed with my Powerful Platoons of Pidgeies, my Wary Weedle Warriors, and my Raging Ranks of Rattatas to… present you with another WIPpet and ROW80 check-in. It’s Wednes–Thursday after all.

First off, the WIPpet

Breaking from the tradition of recent posts, I’m taking something from my Swan Song Series today as opposed to the Unnamed Story.   Alanii has his very first command as a member of the Royal Guard, intended as a bit of a cake run to get him used to things…

We have thirteen sentences here today, close to NaNoWriMo raw (I corrected any obvious spelling errors, but not much else..  sorry).

Alanii shook his head. “I’m fine, Maurush. Simply thinking about what we’ll find when…” He stopped speaking when all around him the men flinched. At first he could think of nothing to say in place of his grim thoughts, then he sighed. “We’ll find what we find, I guess. W will greet them with appreciation and honor… and carry them home as best we can. And for those who cannot return, we will sing their names to the night skies until the stars ring with their praises.”

Those who marched around him seemed to brace themselves, standing a little taller in their saddles. Heads that had begun to hang low only moments ago were now erect and eager. Though Alanii had not realized or known what he’d done, he was glad he’d done it.

Next to him, Jkesri nodded, adding in an en soto voice, “Well done, sir. Thank you.”

Now with EXTRA sugar

Now with EXTRA sugar

If you enjoyed that, why not head  head over to the WIPpet linky and visit some our other awesome members for variety and fun.  An extra helping of sugar-coated Sugar Puffs (now with extra sugar) to Emily Witt for her willingness to keep this bloghop going week after week.

Next, we have a…

ROW80 Quickie

Except for sleep (and that sponsor post), I’m on track.  I even took the chance to indulge myself last night by getting to bed before midnight.  Of course, it was one of those hot sticky nights that made the sheets feel like I should wring them out before sleeping, so…  I might have been better off staying up and writing.  I might not have…

Slowly I am finding my way through all the chaos of my commitments.   Over-scheduling is…  I need to work on the fine art of knowing my limits.  I still don’t have a good eye for that yet.  I am working on it.