Belief and Thoughtfulness

MjAxNC04ZjBlYTU5ZmNiZjdiZjY4It’s … an odd Wednesday.  I think I’m keeping going mostly by pattern today, more than anything.  A headache (a cluster headache that is trying desperately to be a migraine), some…  “anniversaries” that are best understood by reading my ROW80 sponsor post, and general busy…

Oddly, I’m not sad.  Or stressed.  Or…

I just feel thoughtful.  The busy doesn’t even feel like it’s there (it is, omnipresent as always, but without being as demanding in its presence).   Of course, I am thinking of my two friends that aren’t here today, but there are a lot of good things to think about as I remember them.   Last night while I was writing m 750words and somehow some Elvis songs came through the playlist, I remembered silly, giggly pre-teen days at one friend’s house and the “weird music” our parents liked.  Last week, we went to a classic car show, and  as I thought of how much fun my dad had sharing a love of his with our Boodle,  I was thinking of all the fun discussions of cars and engine specs  I’d had with the friend whose birthday today would have been.

Some of this comes from the reading I’ve done this past week. Though I’m still working on my Steinbeck’s Journal of a Novel, I’m mostly spent this week reading Chasing the Scream by Johann Hari about the “war on drugs”.  One can’t read stories of lives torn to shreds without feeling somewhat blessed by the banal normality of one’s own, of course.  It’s heartbreaking reading, but…  it’s very human.  After finishing The Fall by Camus on Saturday (I have The Plague in my queue next), I wonder if I chose to read these two books one after another by some grand design.

All of which of course has little to do with my post today.  It’s Wednesday, time for a ROW80 check-in and a WIPpet.  Since I started with some of the reading I’ve been doing, let’s move on and finish the check-in first.

ROW80 Check-in

ROW80LogocopyAnother Wednesday mini with good things to report so far…  My Five Sentences are going well.  I’ve had to nudge myself daily to get my typing done, but I’ve done it.  Similarly, I am behind in answering blog comments (I haven’t been inspired to spend a lot of time on social media these last few days), but I have scheduled time tomorrow to do that (and my ROW80 sponsor duties).  My creativity time…  that’s been short.  I have my art supplies with me however, and I have plans.

Now, that that’s settled.  Onto..

the WIPpet

I could easily say I have no “maths” for this week (I do), but given that it’ a long excerpt on top of an already longish post, I probably should offer up all my justification for this.

This is one:


The maths are today’s date (17) minus the month (8) for 9 smallish paragraphs.  And the piece has a theme too, related to the RWA Kiss of Death #1LineWed weekly Twitter tag…  doubly so, since the Kéline mentioned here could best be described as the lovechild of Kali and Pluto; Eris is her fairy godmother.

The WIP in question is Courting the Swan Song (my attention is here doing edits for the impending future).  We’re about 1/2 through the first chapter here.

“My lord Andarniis, you honor our humble sanctuary with your presence, but—I fear we have no votary dedicated to Isana here.” The man blushed slightly. “She does not recognize the faiths of those who come here.”

Alanii nodded calmly. “My escort has just informed me of the Lady Myékis and the devotions they offer her. We’re here so they might be able to make their observances for the Nooning.”

The man winced. “That is—quite considerate of you, my lord. But we have no place where you can wait while—”

“I intend to make my observances with them. While Myékis is not the Lady of my House or family, she clearly has played a powerful role in the protection of our people and ourselves. It is only just and right that I offer her my respects and honors.”

The docent blinked. Behind him, he could hear the silence that had overtaken his escort in the thunderous increase of the other sounds in the temple. Alanii tried to not look as if he was bothered or even aware of the disturbance he had caused.

At last the docent sighed, bowing low yet again. “Yes, of course. We do have a room to the rear of the dining hall where devotees of the Shieldmaiden may work.” He motioned for them to move toward the left-hand room, keeping his body solidly in the way of them seeing or moving past the curtained archway.

As they began to head on their way, from behind the thick cloth, Alanii heard a clank of iron and a quick cry of distress from a male voice. He turned back to the docent. The man’s expression remained serene. “All is well, sire. Please proceed through the meal hall. I think, if you may, find a few of the men there who might wish to join your men in their devotions.”

Alanii was about to ask what the man meant when Val tugged him by his shirtsleeve through the arch toward the seated diners. “Hsh, Alan. Don’t want to bother no man making his respects to Kéline, now do you?” the man hissed.

Alanii swallowed, glancing back at the curtain in horror.

If you like what you’ve read here, head over to A Round of Words in 80 Days and the WIPpet linky and visit the awesome people who make up these online communities. Many thanks and much love to Kait Nolan and Emily Witt for being our gracious hostesses.. 😀

And…  because they make me smile, and they’re almost faded now…  some tiger lilies that volunteered themselves in our yard.


19 responses to “Belief and Thoughtfulness

  1. I miss having Lillies. (It’s my maiden name.) I miss having a yard!


    • The parent of this lily came from my mother’s rock garden. She was trying to give me a small climbing rose that I’d loved so much as child, but it never took here.

      Just the lily did. I’m not complaining. Though I would have loved the rose too.

      I hear you on the someday. Do you have a patio or a deck that you could have a container garden in?

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      • I have a few potted plants on the back porch, and morning glories climbing the privacy wall. But it’s mid August and they haven’t bloomed yet!


        • My morning glories didn’t bloom this year either. I wonder if it was just a bad year for them. 😦

          Nasturtiums will climb if given a chance (and are tasty and fast growing too), so maybe that could work instead? And… you can bring them inside to overwinter and they’ll train on a bamboo arch. I hear you about having just a few potted plants. They just aren’t the same.


  2. I love the mystery in the snippet. Exactly what was going on behind that curtain? Sadly, I haven’t read enough of these excerpts to know the storyline, but what was here, intrigued me. I hope your headache has eased and that those memories heal.


    • This snippet is a bit of a stand alone piece though some of the story it highlights gives flavor to the rest of the story. Glad you liked it.


  3. My morning glories are slow. Maybe they’ll bloom, maybe not. I like their leaves either way.

    I recognize the WIPpet. And I grieve with you – thoughtfully. On to a cheerier thought – a sibling of mine, known to you, has a birthday today.

    Cycle of life…

    And hooray for the progress! =D


  4. Something is going on behind that curtain and Alanii feels it. The creepy feeling that someone is being tortured. I too wonder what the man meant.
    I enjoyed this long snippet. It helped me to enter into what was taking place. Your dialogue is Spot On. Absolutely genial.
    Shalom aleichem,


  5. Gorgeous lily! And also a wonderful WIPpet. That curtain… I’m with Alanii on the horror. Somehow a curtain is scarier than a door.


  6. Missing someone who isn’t there is painful sometimes. I’m glad you have so many wonderful memories to dwell on.

    Good to see you’re making progress and keeping up with some goals even if you have to nudge yourself to get it done. I’m doing the same with laundry and dishes just now. >.> Bummer on short creativity time, but having your supplies ready and ideas brewing is next best. 🙂

    Dare I ask why the devotee cried out? My imagination is not being kind to me in this instance and Alanii’s reaction isn’t helping.

    Gasp! I don’t think I’ve ever seen tiger lilies before. How lovely!


    • I love tiger lilies, and these have a bit of family memories built into them too, making them even more happy.

      You aren’t supposed to feel comfortable by what the penitent is calling out. And Alanii certainly isn’t…

      It has been a bit of a challenge this year… getting into a new life without these people in my life and yet being so much more present in some ways

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  7. Goodness! I wonder what kind of “respects” they’re required to pay.

    I did click over to read your other post, and I can relate to that feeling of “what am I doing wrong.” It does seem like it’s affecting everyone I know lately. Some of my favorite writers are going through feeling anxious about their work and how much content they’re creating/selling. I mostly tend to compare myself to others and wish I could make myself fit some mold because it’s obviously what readers want. Only I never was any good at conformity.

    Wishing you well amid all these multiple things thrown at you.


    • Conformity, I think, is a trap. Yes, it helps with numbers during a trend, but when the trends change or the fads shift, those stories that stood out for being unique still have a chance, while only the diehard fans of the fads will be interested in the “just like the rest” stuff. That doesn’t stop the doubts, but… it is worth considering.

      As for what respects the devotees of Keline are required to make…. She is the goddess of death and suffering.


  8. The lily is beautiful. And I enjoyed your WIPpet. It sounds like you’ve created a really fascinating world and I’d love to read more of your story. Happy writing!