This is a Test

Even this photo is a test... Inserting a photo via the phone is very different from doing so on my desktop

Even this photo is a test… Inserting a photo via the phone is very different from doing so on my desktop

I am writing this post via my new (to me) phone… More of an experiment than I’d hoped for to be honest. Never thought the very setup of the browser and editor would be so different.

One could also call this an experiemt in sanity… I had been promising the Boodle a trip to Dave & Buster’s for a while now (mostly delaying out of a desire to hear), but… I figured I had procrastinated long enough. We’re here, and he’s off galavanting among the blips, bleeps, whistles, bells, squeals and other assundry cacophony that makes up this place.

To add to the “test” quality of this post… It is all being written with my S-pen (the handwriting recognition app and pen that the Galaxy Notes are known for…) Very different from what I expected because of the way the way it interacts with the browser. Also very cool. I just wrote that last sentence with the S-pen and my left hand. The S-pen recognizes my messy off-hand writing nearly better than my normal neat regular writing.

The discoveries that come from Buffalo wing sauce…

Normally since this is Wednesday, I would be posting my ROW80 check-in and my WIPpet post. And… so I will be (if I can figure out how to copy and paste AND perform all my usual color and text tricks here in this browser). Another test! Can I peek at my Dropbox files via the installed version of Word on this phone and decipher what ones of the Scrivener sub-files relates to what section of a particular story (and make it relate to the date).

So here it is…

my Wippet

I spent most of my writing (and thinking) time this past week on Swan Song: Marche/Promenade so this snippet comes from there. We have eight sentences from the 31st sub-file in that Scrivener project.

After breakfast, grain meal of some sort… Visse wasn’t sure what her brother had added beyond a few sweet grains he called ‘ground nuts’ to their own supplies, but it wasn’t like the stuff she had made before, being both sweeter and blander than she had expected.

She imagined he’d probably used some of those twigs—sweetroots he called them, motioning to the edge of their campsite where the ground had been disturbed. A small clutch of plants with with fading yellow-white flowers stood there. By the torn ground lay the trimmed top of a plant or two, clearly the remnants from what her brother had harvested.

A common roadside weed… Her brother was a madman. How did he know his random gleanings wouldn’t get them killed?

If you enjoyed that, perhaps you might wish to head over to the WIPpet linky and visit some our other awesome members. Hopefully if you go there you’ll find many more tales to delight you.

Thank you, Emily Witt, for being our gracious hostess this year!

ROW80 check-in

ROW80LogocopyAnother mini… I am still in post-camping recovery. Whatever made me think that I would get ANY writing done while we camped? Though being completely off the Grid for a time did have its niceties, it was hard to get into any of my Works In Progress. When I needed to check something in a previously written file, I couldn’t. And… so instead, I spent the whole of last week daydreaming, note-jotting, picture-taking, and reading (when not doing Family stuff). Well, not totally… I wrote new story on Wednesday. About a page…

It was decompression time more than anything else.

I took some wonderful photos though! When I’m home and using a better internet connection (and can edit the photos to a smaller size), I will post some.

And there it is… I think the test was a success in general.

18 responses to “This is a Test

  1. I think it’s pretty amazing! Great test, great time off, feeling of great things coming. And having gotten to see some of the pictures from your time away, I’m sure you’re poised for some major creativity.

    We haven’t been to Dave and Buster’s, but maybe we will someday!


  2. That bit about the grain meal being sweeter and blander…that is how I feel about most oatmeal/cream of wheat/etc. type foods. It’s also why I dislike 100% of them, LOL. I’m not sure how trusting I would be of eating those gleanings either, but I suppose I’d eat it if the alternative was starvation.


    • I actually like many grain meals (I make an awesome banana crème brulee oatmeal in the winter). This time the “grains” are something else–nutsedge (it’s actually a Native American food and rather tasty too). But there is no fear of her starving with ‘Listii as her brother


  3. Congrats on posting such a thoughtful entry from that new phone! My iPhone is just 3 weeks old, and I still balk at writing with the silly thing (though the GPS is no longer a mystery). I believe all that decompression and dreaming time will feed your writing. And hopefully, those plant gleanings are not hazardous!


    • Thank you, Beth. It was… an interesting experiment. I’m glad I did it…. I’m also equally glad I don’t have to most of the time.

      And… actually I understand your feelings about a new phone. There is almost a required “break-in” time for any new device, in my experience.


  4. Your test was clearly a success, I’d say. Decompression and daydreaming are necessary pieces of the process for me, helping to fill the well, and keeping me sane.


  5. Test received and it looks good. I’m barely literate in technology. Have fun with the new phone.

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  6. I remember reading a book or an article somewhere as kid about how you could make a salad out of weeds. Im sure if a person were starving, they wouldn’t care, but stil. I don’t blame Visse for being concerned.


    • Some “weeds” are incredibly delicious (and some that I was told to pull regularly from the farm as a kid are now being sold as a delicacy in NYC restaurants). Thing is, Visse isn’t starving, so she’s inclined to be a bit fussier.


  7. In the spring in my backyard there are dandelions, Brenessel and other weed that make excellent salads or tee. Brenessel, for example is a great tea and also good for infections.
    I see you have adjusted to using your smartphone to write out blog posts. I have to learn how to do that one on mind also.
    Your snippet brought back my own experiments with weeds in the kitchen.
    Shalom aleichem,


    • We make use of a lot of our “wild” greens when we can here. Even the common lawn clover is delightful in salads… and nasturtiums! Delicious!

      I wouldn’t say I’ve adjusted. I was able to do it, and know now I can in a pinch, but it isn’t the way I would choose unless I had to. Still, it’s nice to know I can if I have to.

      I hope they were fond memories, Pat.


  8. I forgot to mention it in my previous comment…I think I maybe saw this before, but it’s a good bit. I’m pretty sure her brother’s not going to get her killed.

    Pretty sure….