StADaSept: #1

Because I needed more insanity in my life

Because I need more insanity…

This might seem like the last thing I should be jumping into at this point, but…  my long-time syster, Shan Jeniah, has been talking about the joys of her Story A Day experiences for years, and while I have resisted the urge to participate in May since my first attempt (years ago), I did want to join again…  someday.

Someday is here.

So here it is, rough and unready…  my first entry for Story A Day September following the original time limit prompt for today:

“This was not what I asked you to do!”

He looked at his wife, his anger not wholly abated by the fact he knew he was the one that was really in the wrong here. It wasn’t her fault that he’d chosen to name her. As his lover none of this would have happened.

And the woman that now awaited him in his bed would have been in it for the past twenty years….

“You need to know this, my lord.” Ali brushed away a stray lock of hair that escaped her coif, so frantic she’d been in her run from the solarium.

Another thing to dread… the way the rumors would fly once this was over, both of her womanly failings and her unladylike handling of her shame. Running about the house like a child half the age his firstborn should be by now!

“I already know what I need to know about the Lady Audie. My father’s heart was broken by her shame—”

“And yours is not by the shame I now face that you must take her as your own?” Her jaw trembled the slightest touch. Her voice had faded from defiant to a bare whisper. Her shoulders curled in as she clutched herself in an embrace.

“I have no wish to see you shamed, lovely one, but you cannot have a child. Your physicians have sworn it to be the death of you if you get pregnant again.” He walked over to offer her his arms in place of her own. “Please don’t make this harder than it has to be. I only need an heir of her. Of you, I need your smile and love all my life.”

“Your House? Your heir…” She shook her head, her body becoming stiff and unyielding as he tried to gather her in his arms. “I cannot allow you to destroy their future in taking someone like her. The priests…. she’s a hunted creature, one of THEM!”

The shudder that overtook her seemed to flow through them both as he considered her words. He did know what Audie was. The old blood that flowed through her veins was likely to contaminate his family name for eons, but his father had loved the woman once. Did he not owe the man’s legacy some honor for the woman he’d sworn himself to?

“The priests accepted her as my father’s wife. She cannot be as damned as you think, little one,”

Ali raised her eyes, jutting her chin out just enough to not remind him of her more playful expressions. “You see what you want, Goain. That woman is going to break you. If your House survives beyond that, I would be surprised.”

She slipped from his arms and stalked back down the hall she’d run through so breathlessly and childlike only moments before.

That’s it.  The characters are based off the ones and a scene I have been imagining for my Swan Song Series stories.  I hope you like it.

4 responses to “StADaSept: #1

  1. Dang! These people and their obsession with heirs at any cost…that’s one thing. But how a wife is supposed to – what? Just accept it? Pretend it’s not happening while she knows it is? Pretend the resultant child, if there is one, is hers? Or will it be blatantly obvious that it’s not? And, is there a sex that’s preferred for heirs? What if they get the “wrong” one? Does he go back and mate with his father’s wife again?

    So many questions, so many emotions, so much stone-headedness….

    Glad you gave this a try. Even if you don’t stay the month, this one – you can DO things with this one, Sys (even if ‘Listii’s not in it.)


    • Well, they wouldn’t be the first people (or society) to have this sort of attitude. But He’s worried about more than just the fact his wife is upset now… he know something isn’t “right” about his step-mother. And now he know his wife does too…

      What will she do with this knowledge… that’s what he is worried about.

      As for doing good things with this one… The phone twisted the character names around some for me (and I liked what it came up with), but… I write about this child a lot already. And I think in general, I do very good things with these characters.

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  2. I love this idea!… maybe I can do it in October…


    • I believe October’s theme is a Poem A Day as opposed to stories. But… nothing says you cant jump in now for this. Every bit you do is a step forward, even if you only participate in half the challenge days.

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