What to Post Wednesday

wippetwednesday_zps53e803c0Given these past two weeks, I have to confess, I don’t know what to say for this WIPpet Wednesday/ROW80 check-in post.  I mean, I guess I have something to post since I did “some” writing this week (and being the 1st, I don’t need to post much), but it’s been a very distracting week.

I even missed my Sunday check-in at The Garden of Delights.  I was out a computer due to a stress-induced click when lag and bother (and being overtired) got to me and I welcomed in some nasty ransomware.  Though it did mess up my old computer some, I was lucky that most of my personal files (I did lose one picture) were not corrupted.

So…  I have a new (old) computer now.  Actually, I’ve had it since August but had been too busy to clear off the desk and set it up.  Nothing like being inspired…  😦

ROW80LogocopySo that, plus the huge distraction of plotting travel routes and hotels for the upcoming trip to England… not to mention all the wild crazies in the world of politics and some Boodle-things with his school, meant I got very little done on my ROW80 goals.  I don’t even need to use the checklist.  We can leave it as…  Try Again Next Week.

And for the WIPpet…  an easy one, after all.  When I am distracted, I write in my Unnamed Story and just blather into the page.  Here’s one paragraph, with minor edits for readability from that WIP.  It follows just a few paragraphs down from last week’s entry.

Alanii gave the man a cocked brow. “It will hardly damage her reputation among us. We know why she made the offer. It will help her status among the other Houses, since she’ll finally be acting both as a dutiful wife and in a manner that they see befitting a priestess—.”

Just a short one today. If you’re interested in participating in either the ROW80 or the WIPpet, head over to our linkies and join in:  the ROW80 and  the WIPpet.   And thank you all for continuing to make these challenges fun.

10 responses to “What to Post Wednesday

  1. Ah, the things people do for status, respect, and perhaps protection. Though it sounds like no one is really convinced it’s a good idea.

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    • Well, actually she isn’t doing it for status… it’s just that what she feels she needs to do to protect those she loves might give her increased respect and status with Alanii’s people.

      Though… I think Alanii’s seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses. :-/

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  2. Oh no! What a nightmare. Thank goodness for not losing too much, and for the Unnamed Story, which is intriguing, for sure. Dutiful wife and priestess…that surprised me (taken in context of the previous WIPpet). I hope you ‘blather’ some more on this next week. 🙂


    • It was/is… a nightmare. Got another “surprise” this evening. Forgot that the biggest fun of getting a virus is all the infections that try to coming scrambling into the gaping wound afterward. :-/

      I will try to blather, but the truth is, I really want to get some writing done on my main WIP too. 😀


  3. Bummer about the computer, but happy about having a new one ready to go. Hoping the planning nets a joyful trip, and that the Boodle-things were good ones.

    There’s lots of good crazies in the world, too. It helps me to remember that, at times like this.

    I want more of this snippet…. what’s she offering? Will it be accepted?


    • There ARE a lot of good crazies too. Definitely worth remembering that. The trip to England is one of those in its own way. That said, I could wish for a few less cray-cray crazies these days.

      Huh! That definitely says something. Maybe I’ll have to post the next paragraph or two of this piece after all next week. 😀

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  4. Oh! I love the idea of that Unnamed Story and just blathering into the page. What a great way to write and explore!