Oh, The Things I Could Do!

I missed last Wednesday because…  reasons.  One of those reasons was that I felt I had nothing word saying about my progress.  I keep finding cool distractions and things to explore though, and so, I’m going to add a few today…

This cat is stunned to know he is NOT the center of the internet

This cat is stunned to know he is NOT the center of the internet

As we all know, the internet is not just made up of cats, it’s got a lot of words too.

Like online Magnetic Poetry….  where one can play with a few of their sets free

Classes…  I have three classes going on with FutureLearn at the moment.  No, they aren’t official “classes” where I’ve expended a large amount of money for a potential degree, but they do demand time and brainpower.

Well, I guess, three classes just isn’t enough.  Though, given the present political climate in the US, this seems more like a necessity than any other .  So…  now another class:  Calling Bullshit

Oh, and I have finally been writing again, both in my Unnamed Story and my dedicated WIPs.  I even managed to get some of work out to my critique group this past Wednesday, so I’m finally feeling on track–behind, true, but back on track for my goals of this ROWnd.  And my research level for all of this is incredibly high…  Always doing something it seems, these days.

As much as I can’t wait for this month’s local RWA meeting (The Art And Science Of Writing Deep POV), I’m kind of glad I’m not going this weekend.   I want to work a bit more on CTSS so I’ll be ready, emotionally, if not otherwise, for the workshop.

Which brings me to work and Works In Progress in particular…  leading up to the fact that it is WIPpet Wednesday.  I have something!  (Actually, I have plenty of somethings, but one will do, since today is the 1st of March and we always try to make WIPpets suit the day, but I’m giving y’all three paragraphs for the month. :-D)

This WIPpet is from Courting in the Swan Song Series.  The “he” is Alanii.  And this would actually be about page six in the most recent revision of the book, if it were a paperback on a shelf.

At a loss for a better idea, he pasted on a hopeful smile. “You could always, um, take me on… as a recruit.”

Lanilis Kailiis blinked. “I—could—take you on?” The man shook his head as if trying to clear it. “When your escort is brought in, I’ll be sure to have them bring you direct to your bed, my lord. You must have gathered a chill from waiting in the rain.”

“I—” Alanii forced his gaping jaw closed. He pursed his lips, then, gave in to the urge to kick the small lump of earth under his foot. At last he gave half-shrug. “I’m fine. We had far more rain on the trip from (name of town) to Darshalia.”

That’s all I have for today (at least all I feel like writing about. I have this big mental stew about the whole thing with Berkeley and Milo and the Media, and who said what and did what and thought what… and it just doesn’t need to be here.  Or anywhere, really.  Giving these issues as much air-time as we do seems to make them proliferate like roaches.*

Much love to both my fellow ROWers (at the ROW80 blog) and fellow WIPpeteers (whom Emily Witt helps corral at our linky). Join us…

Oh, and would you please add your bit to my AnswerGarden?

*for the record, I find Milo self-important, self-glorifying and oh-so-very annoying. He is as much a troll as anything that ever lived under a bridge. But he deserves the same rights we demand for ourselves. That also includes the right to be ignored, to be told “you are an idgit”, what-have-you. It doesn’t mean people can or should hurt others in an attempt to stop him from letting his ignorance/arrogance shine for all the world to see

18 responses to “Oh, The Things I Could Do!

  1. Your WIP sounds intriguing. Even in that short snippet, I found myself interested in the characters and their wants and motivations, and I’m eager to read more. Nice!

    Good luck with the classes you’re taking. I’m thinking about taking a couple workshops this year just to hone my skills–maybe one on craft and another on platform building, which I need to work on. Most of all, have fun!


    • Glad to hear you enjoyed the snippet, Denise.

      Those sound like excellent workshops to take. The way things change in the world of writing, honing one’s skills is the only way to stay afloat. May we both have fun. 😀


  2. So will he be taken on as a recruit? I sense that could get…interesting.

    Sometimes I’m feeling feisty enough to take on the political climate, but a lot of the time these days I just want to write words and do happier things. I don’t know if that’s wrong of me or not.


    • If he does get taken on, it’ll definitely get interesting.

      The political climate these days just exhausts me. I know that part of what makes a democracy work is public involvement, but… I’m with you. I just want to write words and do happier things. If that makes me wrong, I guess I don’t want to be right…

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  3. Your line about the roachy proliferation….spot-on. That’s why I’ve been very careful about what I share. I think glorifying in attacking the “other side” – whichever or whomever the “other side” may be – doesn’t help. All ridicule or lashing out does is to set people’s minds more firmly where they are.

    The best approach I know is to be rational, and to verify sources. To share only what doesn’t attack, throw scorn, or otherwise. To discuss in a civilized manner, and to point out, courteously, when others do not. To be an example of discourse where people communicate, not to beat the drums of their own opinions, but to seek understanding and the points of commonality that bind us.

    Since those who committed the violent acts in Berkeley were hiding their faces, I’ve wondered about who they were. We do have an administration that has a flair for showmanship, and has employed cheering sections. It’s not completely out of the realm of possibility, particularly with some of the bills being presented to hamper the right to protest, that these people may have been hired to disrupt. According to the police logs, these agitators were not part of the peaceful protests.

    As for Alanii,…nice try, buddy. You’ll get there eventually, but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be right now.

    Lise and I loved seeing that picture of Fluffle while his little sister sat between us, washing her nearly identical face. =)

    Heading over to see your Answer Garden next, because, well, I’m intrigued.


    • The roachy proliferation is getting scarier and scarier in some way. I’m seeing more and more sites popping up lately with “articles” that cite no sources, list no credits of any kind in their About Me/Us pages and make insane claims about health, medicine, politics, etc.. There is no contact info, no way to reference this information… And yet people are passing this information around daily as if it were news. Some TV reporting I can almost excuse, because there is limited air-time to list sources. That is why having a webpage with sources listed is important. And then, do the references listed just echo the same information, was it phrased differently, are there primary sources? *shakes head*

      When did we forget the primary rule of the early internet… Don’t Feed The Trolls? :-/ (Let alone how all through history groups trying to achieve peaceful change have been actively sabotaged best by people who pretending to work with them.)

      Well, you know Alanii… he will get these “someday”.

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      • Not to harp on the subject, but I really think that the school mentality can get in the way here. We were taught, after all, to think critically only when and as far as the teacher wanted us to, and to stay within the scope of what the class covered. Questioning the knowledge or authority of the teacher can land a kid in a lot of hot water, even when the teacher is wrong.

        Some of us don’t learn that lesson so well *grin!* but many do, and I think this is an extension of the stating of truisms as fact, such as my personal favorite, “All teens rebel.”

        There’s no proof to back up this claim, but a great many people believe it, and tend to ridicule those of us who haven’t shared that experience, apparently without considering that their might be reasons for it in our children, our approach, or in their children and approach…

        Maybe there are a good many people out there, who, like my kids, don’t remember the Early Internet?

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        • A lot don’t remember the “Early Internet”, but most of those that don’t actually grew up in the world of those aphorisms. Thing is… The Internet Troll seems to have taken on the facade of the mystical dragon in “ye olden days”; instead of avoiding it to keep from being burned, everyone is grabbing up their weapons and chasing the windmills….

          (How’s that for mixed metaphors!)


  4. Heh. That’s one way of saying ‘no, thanks. I don’t want you as a recruit.’

    I’ve successfully avoided all news relating to him, so I’m grateful for your succinct summing up. 🙂


    • It certainly is… and it isn’t. I think not only will Alanii have his way eventually, but the commander will be actively looking forward to having him as a recruit.

      I confess, when it comes to “him”, I probably asked for exposure to the crap. Thing is, I like to hear all sides, even if I don’t agree with them. At the very least I figure it’s good for character creation. And I like knowing what the world thinks…


  5. I thought I was going to lose time to on-line magnetic poetry, but then you lay Calling Bullshit on me! 😉 Re: Antiquities Trafficking and Art Crime – I wish it would have gone into depth a little more on pretty much everything, but it seemed to be a good survey into some of the general issues especially concerning antiquities.


    • Hmm, that doesn’t sound like the classes I’ve taken… well, there are layers to the classes. There is the main classwork, then the teachers’ (or class) blogs, then the supplementary material and then the stuff fellow students share. I’m usually inundated with info and resources to explore in those classes. Now I’m actually curious about whether the class is just run differently or something else. 🙂

      And doesn’t Calling Bullshit just sound ideal for these days?

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  6. Oh man. Now I’m having flashbacks to when I was at uni and had magnetic poetry on my fridge. I wrote some good poetry then, ha!

    It certainly seems like this conversation hasn’t gone quite the way Alanii was hoping. It feels quite awkward in fact!


    • We have so much magnetic poetry around our house: English, French, Spanish, Chinese… *shudders* I love and hate the stuff.

      Yeaaah, I wouldn’t say it quite went the way he hoped.


  7. Oh, wow. Now I want to take ALL the courses on that link for the free courses. I LOVE to learn. If I could be a student forever, I would. 🙂 Also, I definitely want to check out Calling Bullshit. I definitely need to become a better bullshit detector in the times were living in!


    • Well, if you DO sign up for a class at Futurelearn these days, be forewarned, that you have a limited time to access the class materials after March 6th (basically you have the class allotment time plus two weeks to download and review anything) unless you pay for the course. Some classes really areworth that investment: the Shakespeare & His World course is amazing, as is Professor Bates’ other project Literature and Mental Health (it was the S&hW class that finally inspired me to give Shakespeare a real chance); also, the Hadrian’s Wall course was astounding, and has inspired a lot of our recent plans for our trip to England.

      I so want to do the Calling Bullshit class. Time… oh, how I wish there were 48 hours in a day (though, I think I already have enough extra stuff planned that I’d still be swamped 😉 )


  8. Thanks for stopping by my site. Thank goodness my magnetic poetry sets are packed up from my MI-to-NJ move. Of course, there’s the app “Fridge Poems” ….

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