Possible Futures

It seems like ages since I dusted off this blog and posted. Not sure why…  as far as a blogging world goes, this place has always been pretty close to ideal.  Still, I haven’t been here.  Mostly I thought I should use my name blog instead of this nice (somewhat anonymous) internet hideaway.

I don’t anymore.  I know more of what I want in my writing and online lives, and here, where it all started, is where I want to build the next step from.  I’ll be honest, I don’t have everything planned out.  I know more, but each bit comes to me the way a winding country road reveals itself.  I turn a corner and the terrain can change so suddenly.

But my “car” is the ROW80, and my local RWA chapter (and fellow ROWers) are awesome co-pilots, so I don’t doubt I’ll get there.  I’ve been writing, typing, organizing…  Life hasn’t been particularly bad of late, for me personally.

The Eye of the Storm…

My new “add-on” goal for this Round of Words is to be an island of calm those friends and family…  members of my online and offline communities as well.  This may be the hardest goal I’ve ever attempted.  Anyone who knows me can probably vouch for my tendency to “react” as opposed to act  But, hey…  what is life with out a challenge?  Or a challenge that knows you have a life without making it a real challenge?


Yeah…  I’m also jumping right in with a WIPpet.  I really miss the WIPpeteers (though given the huge stack of books I have to finish, I confess, I’m a bit uncertain whether I should look too close at Emily Susan’s blog…  she always posts so many great reads to pursue).  If you’re interested in joining this neat little blog hop, check out the info below.

As part of my present RWA and ROW80 goal for this period, I’m reworking the opening of Courting the Swan Song to show more of the romance element that I’d thought came through in the last version. I mean, Alanii’s actions and feelings toward Visselii pretty much drive the story from start to finish. I know this. However, it was clear I wasn’t showing this.

So here are three paragraphs (November=11, 16… take the 1s, add them then subtract from 6 for 3), where we get to spend some time with Visse and her least favorite person…

“I was just thinking about the prospective husband my father introduced me o this past holiday. I mean, I know he’s not the only man my parents are considering or that they’re even ready to offer a contract yet—Mother says she wants me to finish a second season of fostering at the very least before they accept any offers for my hand—but…” She looked up at the deep wooden beams above them and sighed. “I didn’t like him at all.”

“Didn’t like him? Kiriina laughed, a sound closer to a mule’s bray. “At least you can call him a man. The last potential husband Father considered for me was still in his swaddling clothes. Brat soiled himself when his mother was to set him in my arms!” If Visse had thought stuffing offal and grain meal into swine entrails had disgusted her companion, Kirina’s increased distaste made it all too apparent how that had offended her.

“So young?” Visse decided it was wiser to not remind the girl that babies did such things, and as a mother, she would be expected to deal with them on occasion—no matter how many housestaff Kiriina’s future husband might keep available for her.

Enjoyed that?  Cool, then head on over to the WIPpet linky and visit some our other awesome members. A pile of giftcards for books and lattes to Emily for being our gracious host. 😀

4 responses to “Possible Futures

  1. This is an interesting step into a new world. Visse, I think I might well like, but I’m certainly with her on Kiriina. And mule’s bray… that’s such a vivid description I can almost hear it.


    • Thanks! I’m glad you think you might like Visse (always good when the heroine is likeable). As for Kiriina… well, there’s not much about her that’s easy to forget.


  2. I don’t have a WIPpet for last week.

    I enjoyed yours, even though I felt….disconnected…?… from it. Might easily be the lack of context for the scene, or that I never got the romance vibe from what I’ve read of this so far.

    Looking forward to getting to know these characters in a new way.

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    • Well, there shouldn’t be a romance vibe in this particular part… these two women are rivals in most ways, not just over men. Actually, they don’t even know they have a rivalry over men yet… but Kiriina is antagonistic on principle.

      As for last week…. I totally understand.