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Another Wednesday… well, Thursday, but you know what I mean, hopefully.   I did plan out this post Tuesday, and if I’d been on the ball a bit more, it would have gone out yesterday the way I’d intended.

Oh, well…  at least it’s being posted now.  Still in time to get in a ROW80 check-in and post this to the WIPpet linky….

It’s also the last day of November, which means the last day of NaNoWriMo 2017.  I didn’t win, and that’s OK.  I didn’t go into this year’s challenge with a goal of 50K words for a new story.  My goal at the moment is to finish a 20K proposal for the Golden Heart Awards by Dec 9th.  I’m not really on track for that either, though… and I’m not as okay with that.

Fortunately, I can submit a rough draft into the contest, because a lot can happen in a month, and I’m not that far behind with that goal.  I’m not even that far behind in most of my goals. The ROW80 website probably could use a bit more love than I’ve bee giving it, but… except for a sponsor-post image courtesy of Shan Jeniah, and some more help with sponsor visits (Thanks, Beth, Kim, Alberta, Mike… and everyone), I’ve not had the backup with keeping things growing the way I’d hoped. We’re a great group, but…  well, I knew things would be rocky this Round, and guess what?  They were.

This isn’t to say I’m upset.  Things were rocky, but not insurmountable.  The unsteady progress of this Round of Words highlighted  one of the great things about our group.  Life happens, and we all know it and deal as best we can.   We don’t point fingers, we just move forward.  Because things may not have moved forward the way I’d hoped, but they did move forward.

So, for this upcoming week, my goal is my RWA entry and the maintenance on the ROW80 blog but little else.  I can do that.  🙂

And now…

Today’s WIPpet maths are on the weird side, mostly because I really wanted an excuse to post these six small paragraphs. 😉  So here we go…  This post was planned and  set up on the 28th, was supposed to be posted on the 29th, was tweaked and posted on the 30th: three days with two involving actual work…  2 x 3 =6

This excerpt comes out of my fanfiction, the Odds.  (Yep, I really rock these filenames, don’t I?)  In trying to capture some of Alanii and Atyr’s less romantic playful sides, I’ve put them together after a long estrangement into a sandbox with a “BBB” (Big Bad Boss) and another BBB (Big Bad Bureaucracy).  Somehow romance still seems to follow them though….  jut not in this snippet.

More sterile surroundings. Alanii considered the office, his brow rising uncomfortably. The room was teeming, and not all of the wilderness was paperwork.

He nearly sat on a small, brown house mouse that was munching away at the cushion of the chair Atyriia had directed him toward, a solid straw pad once in a long distant past.

“I see you don’t get much work done here, my lady.”

She was nonplussed by his dry tone. “Most of this concerns matters I’ve already dealt with. These are simply records. Paperwork and filing.”

“Ah.” He scanned the room again. “You need a computer in here then.” At her cocked brow, he hastened to explain. “To store these on.”

“So it will be neat and more organized?” She smiled. “Why would I ever want to do that?”

Enjoyed that?  Then why not head over to the WIPpet linky and visit some our other awesome members. A huge thank you to Emily, our gracious host. 😀

11 responses to “Why Would I Want…

  1. Ah, I’ve missed your snippets.

    I love this. My daughter would probably agree about not wanting to “properly” file the mess. This sounds exactly like her art desk. I’ve tried to give her more/better storage options, and she just looks at me like, “What would I do with that?” Um…perhaps keep it out of everyone else’s way? LOL.


    • Thank you… *blushes a bit* I missed the WIPpeteers, all of you.

      I can’t speak for your daughter, but when I am in this state, sometimes relearning how to process information is so daunting that the idea of a new storage/filing system is terrifying. I’m one of those people who can look at my own mess and pretty much put my hand on whatever anyone asks of me… as long as no one else tries to help me look. It kind of scares my husband when he is looking for something for hours and I just hand it too him. 😀


  2. Last line made me laugh. Of course, I figure one can *always* use more organization. 😉


  3. Good luck on the Golden Heart! I wish I could contribute more to ROW80, but I don’t seem to have time for anything extra at all now that I’m back at school!


    • School has a habit of doing that. If you’re just being a great ROW80 community member, visiting when you can, offering a cheerful word if needed (or a nudge), you’re doing the best you can. Like I said, life happens.


  4. What a great image you’ve painted here (the literal, and the literary, actually). I did feel the characters mostly faded into the background, until that last sentence from Atyriia, where she shone through.

    Sending you lots of focus and energy for completing your proposal. And I’ll do what I’m able to help you with the blog….


    • Hmm… I guess I can see that. I was trying to show Alanii attempting his most detached survey of the room. Maybe it was too detached…

      The proposal is… staggering. I still want to finish it, as I intend to send it out for my “Proof of Intent” piece to the RWA to change my membership from Associate level (what I’d applied as when I first thought I wasn’t going to ever write romance as a genre) to a full General membership. It’d be nice to finish for this year’s Golden Heart, but the goal is to get something that works as a romance and as the fantasy story it started as. As for helping… I know. And whatever it is, is enough. Pretty much the same for everyone. Things do keep moving forward, step by step.

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      • Since you have a higher goal, it’s even better that you’re working your way through the staggeringness (and I totally get you – the amount of info and paperwork I’m wading through is the same.

        As for Alanii, it did seem rather too detached. It might be better if everything in it either spoke to his idea of her – or showed him that he doesn’t know her as well as he thought he did…

        Step by step. In all sorts of ways.

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  5. Oooh! Snow! I like it. 🙂 I like the snippet too – glad he didn’t sit on the mouse, though. I’m much like Atyr – comfortable with my own ‘organised chaos’.


    • The snow is a WordPress thing… they do it ever year. Some bloggers shut off the seasonal effects, but I just never bothered. Glad you like it.

      Alanii’s pretty glad for that too. He is so very NOT an organized chaos kind of guy. 😀