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#WeWriWa: Puddings


It’s a bloghop!

Bonjour et Bienvenue. It’s time for another Weekend Writing Warriors installment. The rules are simple enough:

  • Add your name and genre(s) to the most recent post on the WeWriWa site
  • Post a link to the WeWriWa site on your blog/Sunday post
  • Keep your excerpt 10 sentences or less (8-10, no more!)
  • Visit other WeWriWa authors and experience their work

(Find a complete set on the WeWriWa page as well as links to pages of all the authors involved. Check it out.)

I’m sorry to say instead of the every other week schedule I’d planned for these posts, the holidays got in the way, and I missed posting last week. I suspect I’m not the only one who missed last week, but still…

This post follows right on the heels of my last post “I Didn’t Come To—”  the opening page of Courting the Swan Song, my fantasy romance and the first book of the Swan Song Series of books:

Though Visse knew better than to show the woman how aggravating she found her attitude,it was really too much. Furious she thrust the sausage in her hand down onto the tray with a slap. The ferocity of her action rocked bowl against her tray. Only a panicked grab kept both from capsizing and ruining the week’s grand feast. “Why in—”

Visse held the dishes steady a second, careful to not look up. She had no interest in seeing Kiriina or the perfectly innocent smirk she knew she would see. After a second, she began to reset the puddings so they were spaced neatly on the tray. “You were supposed to be here a demi past helping me. What kept you?”

Thank you for reading; I hope you enjoyed the snippet.  Be sure to check out other Writing Warriors at the link above.  If you liked what you read, be sure to check out other samples from the series in my WIPpet Wednesday posts.