#WIPpet Thursday?!

MjAxNC04ZjBlYTU5ZmNiZjdiZjY4 It’s Thursday, so definitely more than time for me to get this post made. It’s all last-minute writing and planning, as you may be able to guess, given what I had to say for my ROW80 check-in on my other blog.

Actually, I wasn’t so much procrastinating.  Otherwise I wouldn’t have anything to post today at all.  I haven’t been writing nearly as much as I should be.

What little writing I’ve done has been on Courting the Swan Song (again!). I was seriously hoping to get something ready for the Golden Heart Awards this year, but my head just staggered during the holidays and all the emotional baggage that comes with this time of the year. I will be using a different tactic next year.

Here are twelve (pretty much twelve… I fudged a bit on the one-word thingies) sentences for today’s month and day.  This comes from the second chapter of the new rewrite, where we finally meet Alanii. (The new opening has been the thread of my WeWriWa posts: I Didn’t Come To and Puddings; where I introduce Visse and her situation.)

“Hey! Alan! Wakey wakey.”

Alanii blinked into the surrounding blackness in an attempt to force off the sleep that had finally deigned to honor him with its presence. To think he’d asked Val to set up at the foot of his bed for fear he’d oversleep… The way that man had rattled his bed, tossing all night—that he’d gotten any rest was a miracle!

The Fates had a perverse sense of humor. After all, it wasn’t as if he didn’t need to be alert and at his best for the rest of the morning

Reaching under the folded blanket that had served as his pillow and drew out the clothes he’d stashed there, pulling them on quickly to alleviate the night chill. Then only did he creep out of his bed and its warm siren call to shuffle-toe the few steps over to the window of their room.

He shivered whenever more than his toes connected with the icy wooden slats. Alanii feared the chill had nothing to do with the temperature. Knowing how his father would react to his plans would be enough to make any man’s nerve fail.

“Here,” he heard Val whisper as the man passed him his boots. “Hang them about your shoulders.”

I hope you enjoyed this piece. If you’d like more of this sort of thing, head on over to the WIPpet linky and visit some our other awesome members. Thank yous and hugs to Emily Wrayburn, our gracious host.

10 responses to “#WIPpet Thursday?!

  1. Oh, I know that kind of ‘do not want to get out of this bed’ feeling. It’s even worse when it’s cold, though I sense Alanii is a bit more lacking in sleep than I’ve ever been.


  2. Smart move, tucking the clothes under his “pillow” so they wouldn’t be as cold. Nothing worse than a cold morning with cold clothes, IMO. Horrid way to start the day.


  3. Nicely written, Eden 🙂 You get a real sense of the cold and the frustration he feels after a restless sleep.



  4. Wouldn’t we all just rather stay in bed when it’s that cold? I feel for the poor guy who slept at the foot of Alan’s bed as well. Maybe Val tossed and turned because it was so darn cold, yet he’s still hanging in there, helping Alanii out with suggestions. Interesting snippet that suggests coming conflict with more than the weather!


    • *laughs* Well, Val gives as good as he gets from Alanii, Beth. True, he didn’t have the best sleeping arrangement this time, but… there were other reasons for all the moving he did.


  5. Emily Wrayburn

    Ooh, this is intriguing. I’ve been away for so long so I might possibly have missed things that would give me an idea what Alanii and Val are up to, but the suggestion of his father’s likely poor reaction is enough to give anyone a sense of foreboding.