Just kicking back

It’s been a long time since I wrote anything here.  Sometimes it feels like it’s been a long time since I wrote.  It’s not true…  I’ve managed some writing regularly.  Not as much as I feel I should be doing, and definitely not enough to feel the release writing used to bring to me when life was a bit less crazy.

Things have been a little off-kilter these days.  We’re in the midst of a move, preparing for a trip to the UK (was already half in the works well before all this location change stuff happened), the home repairs and renovations we’d intended on finishing through “Weekend Warrior-ing” are now being done at whirlwind speeds….

I haven’t had a lot of mental energy left for posting to my blogs.  Or rather to this blog.  I have managed pretty well at keeping the ROW80 blog on track.  Mostly…  I dropped the ball this week,  twice.

So, to get myself back into a bit of a schedule, I’m resuming my ROW80 journey.  Simple goals…

  • RWA challenge, write 200o words and edit 100 pages of CTSS each month.
  •  Keep up the ROW80 blog and prep things for the England trip
  • Keep sane goals…  sort through closets and dressers for more donations; sort through houses we’ve visited by neighborhood, access to trains, etc.

It’s enough.  The Boodle has camp for the next two weeks, so I’ll be driving a lot.  Audiobooks!  I think I may want to download an audiobook or two.

Yeah…  that’s how it is.  😉

9 responses to “Topsy-Turvy

  1. Love the picture. Hope you remember to stop, breathe, have a bit of tea, and jot a few lines here and there.


    • Thank you. I fully plan to have some serious relaxation time one of these days. (Then, you’re in a pretty similar busy-busy boat from everything I’ve heard too. Maybe we should relax together someday. 🙂 )

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      • I LOVE this idea! But the conference is Thurs-Monday, then Miah’s birthday that Sunday, then Tuesday and Wednesday, I’m going to the city…

        When do you guys leave?


        • Sept 16th we get on the plane. The week before we’re here, but for Miah’s B-day week we’re in Jersey. Maybe something this Tuesday? It’s just the Boodle and I here this week. Dan has to go to California for work. :-/


          • Not this week. Lots of stuff to do pre-conference. Too much, maybe. Monday is clothes shopping/bsic provisioning/laundry.

            Tuesday is slated for at-home stuff/rest.

            Maybe the between-week, we could meet somewhere relaxing and just be, just the two of us?