On A Jetplane

Ever feel like things were spinning out of control

This is… was going to be my ROW80 goal post.  Thing is…  I don’t really have any goals in mind special for Round 4.  There are, of course, the usual suspects: finish the Swan Song series, maintain the Row80 blog (though not for a few weeks…  Denise Young has kindly offered to help there while I’m in Europe with my son), and prepare to move to New Jersey.

All those are over-arching goals though…  grand plans as it were and not very definable.  The multitude of steps each requires can be daunting… has been daunting in some cases.  If nothing else, this trip overseas has allowed me to step back and NOT feel obliged to do things, which has oddly made me more productive than I’ve been in a while.


I even indulged my photography passion some.  The stairs image I snapped as we used the Tube at Earl’s Court station.  I took some window pics of our departure (Newark Airport) and landing (Reykjavik).  Since my seat was just over the wing and I had to hold the camera sideways, I’m really happy with the way these pictures came out.


I did some editing.

I actually posted to Facebook (a lot…  especially for me).  In fact, during the wait at the airports, I probably spent more time on Facebook than I had all year before this.  It would have been nice if I’d been able to edit or write, but the brain just would not accept being made to focus.  I even tried starting this post then…  It didn’t work.

But all of this leave me still wondering what my goals are for Round 4.  I’d say just getting through it without tearing my hair out would be a good start for me, but that’s really just a cop-out.  I need to think more about the steps involved in achieving those grand goals.

Maybe that should be my goal for this Round of Words… As well as maintaining thw ROW80 blog and writing new words.  Even throwaway words encourage new ideas…  Yeah.  Those are my goals.


4 responses to “On A Jetplane

  1. Another reason to love travel — that distance from the NOW that sometimes creates so many challenges that our real priorities get a little bogged down. Especially helpful? Your insight that identifying those steps will make those overarching goals more achievable. Enjoy every moment of your trip!

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  2. Sounds like a great plan! My only Selftending goals this round are to finally learn how to use the entire 12 Week Year system to set goals – because I need a framework, especially this year!

    You never said if you bought a house yet… maybe you could pencil in a Girls’ Day (just us, letting a couple of decades slip away for a few hours), if there’s a mutually agreeable space for it. So much to catch up on that doesn’t seem to happen with kids, Denny’s, or whatever….

    Anyway, love your goals, and you, Sys! =)


    • Ooh, a Girl’s Day… no house yet. Still working on building a downpayment. But we do know when we can make an offer finally.

      As for a Girl’s Day out… Just got the recent mailing from Ventfort Hall. Should I bring it up with the flooring next Tuesday? 🙂

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