Daily Archives: December 5, 2018

The Hidden Hurting Things

Just a quick update for my ROW80 peeps. Been keeping up with my words with the lowest count for a day being 902 (today) and an average of 1300 a day. Wish I could say these were all story words, but I’ve started a lot of entries lately with “I don’t know what to write” until the brain gets sick of that and starts throwing me stuff. Sometimes I even trick my brain with silly bits where I’ll intentionally throw one of my characters into a fix they’d never get into on their own. The brain rebels and starts saying “NO, this is what would happen.”

It seems to be the only way to kickstart the brain these days. So many other things have demanded the mind.

With my husband’s work schedule shifting this month to facilitate a work-trip to Tennessee, we’re trying to figure out how to fit in house shopping time. The deadline for us to have a house down near Philly is March, which doesn’t leave a lot of time for inspections and closing. And of course, being winter, my head is desperately trying to go into hibernation state, not moving.

They say Thursday’s Child has far to go…

And onto the WIPpet… As I mentioned last week, I’ll be offering pieces from rewritten work in Singer of the Swan Song. Trying to make sense of the story and building up the sections of this piece of the Swan Song Series had been my main NaNoWriMo focus last month. Along with trying to fill in pieces of the rest of the series… If all goes well, I’ll be able to release the series within a short period, and hopefully will have managed to avoid too many continuity errors in doing so.

Well… we’ll see.

Today’s WIPpet starts right at the new opening I’ve been working on. That said, I’m not quite sure I’m on the right track here. So, I offer this piece, and those for the rest of this month, as a bit of an experiment. Hope y’all don’t mind being guinea pigs for a bit… (Feel free to point out anything that bothers or confuses you; I’d rather know now that when I hit send to an agent or publisher)

Five sentences for the 5th of December… sort of. There’s some fragments here, and I chose to add them together.

“But Mama!” ‘Tara hesitated before the dark maw of the stable entrance, unable to force her trembling legs to follow her mother into that bad place. She knew what hid in there, lying in wait in the dark. The screams, the hurts, the blood and tears…

Fire… the pain and fire burned throughout her head and body even now.

Out of the shadows, the small yellow glow of a rushlight hurried toward her, reflecting off her mother’s mantle and casting the woman’s shadow deeper into the darkness. “Quiet, girl,” her mother whispered, extending a hand.

I hope you found yourself intrigued by this opening. Let me know what did (or did not) appeal to you. And when you’re done, why not hop over to the WIPpet linky where you can discover some other wonderful writers. A happy shout out to Emily Wrayburn for hosting our friendly group.