So Many in the Dark

Welcome back to yet another Wednesday and another WIPpet.  As usual, I have a small ROW80 check-in to share with you as well.


Though I’d chosen to pare down my goals last week to help prepare for the move we have to make next Spring, this week I managed to add a flurry of new creativity growing exercises, from drawing and poetry (not fit for human consumption yet, trust me).  And my word counts are doing well.  Most of the writing at the moment is zero draft level.  When I type things in, then the stuff gets real.

Packing and cleaning is going “OK”.  Not feeling inspired by this move.  It needs to be done, but it’s change, and that never sets well for me, but there’s definitely a degree of mourning involved here as well.  I’ve been feeling (and denying) it as best I could by staying “busy busy” since we decided his course.  As the deadline encroaches on everything these days….  I’m just not there.

However, I am here, and it’s Wednesday.  So here is your…


Throughout December, I will be sharing sections of Singer of the Swan Song, book 1A of the Swan Song Series. Last week, I shared a small opener to the story.  This entry follows directly on that last one, with a small bit to lead in

So, please enjoy these three new paragraphs (1+2+1+2=6; 1+8=9; 9-6=3), and if you’d like to join in our friendly bloghop, check below for how:

“Quiet, girl,” Mama scolded. She extended a hand.

‘Tara reached out, happy that Mama had brought back the light. Then, from deep in the darkness behind the woman, came a loud bang. A rough, breathy whuff, like the monsters made followed, echoed and repeated from all directions beyond the archway. The last was nearer, almost to where Mama stood. Her fingertips barely touching Mama’s soft ones, ‘Tara drew back her hand hard. She couldn’t face several horned monsters in the dark, just her and Mama.

‘Listii had nearly died trying to protect her from just one of them. How could Mama and she survive so many in the dark?

Something poked her shoulder. She squeaked and jerked aside, her legs unable to move fast enough for her to get away from the grabbing claws that came at her in the dark. She felt herself start to fall and reached out again. “Mama!”

That’s it.  Being a WIPpeteer is pretty easy.  First, you have to write something (that’s the hardest bit) and then you have to post it to your blog on Wednesday, using what we call “WIPpet Maths”…  which really means, fudge around with the numbers on the date until you come up with something that fits what you’d like to share.

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11 responses to “So Many in the Dark

  1. Well, that’s definitely a creepy situation. Interesting snippet.


  2. WHY does her mother think dragging her into that barn is a good idea? She must know how frightened she is.. Not the best approach – and animals can smell fear, not to mention outright terror!

    This opening has me on its hooks, for sure!

    As for the move… I’m sorry it’s emotionally difficult. Is there anything I can do in the next few months to make it less so, other than suggest that some time in Sylvia’s kitchen might help a great deal?


    • Everyone’s needs and fears here are in conflict… that’s all I’ll say. ‘Tara doesn’t know how afraid her mama is to NOT go in that barn. Glad the opening has some power to it. A certain rather reclusive character has started sharing some of her experiences with me. shivers I’m almost sorry I asked…

      And the move… is. At this point not much can be changed. Dan idly mentions it here and there, but I know he’s not serious at this point. He likes his job and he’s really hopeful about the Boodle finding a community and school he can connect with. My feelings are more… mixed. Mostly, I am starting to seriously feel the distance I will be from everyone I know and enjoy.

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  3. Ooh, this is definitely creepy. I find the anticipation of something horrible to be far more frightening than the actual attack. This is so nicely set up. I’m afraid to find out what’s happened to them.


    • That’s good. Even if ‘Tara’s perspective is a bit colored (I mean, Mama clearly isn’t as scared as Atara is), it’s good Atara’s fear is coming through well.

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  4. Emily Wrayburn

    Ooh, what are the monsters? Are they as terrible as ‘Tara thinks? And will Mama be there for her when she falls? Questions, questions!


    • Even the gentlest of creatures can be quite frightening to a child in the dark… as well as the fiercest. Sorry, don’t want to answer those questions too soon. 😉