Though it’s Thursday again, I have a WIPpet for you all.  First a check-in for the Round of Words in 80 Days writing challenge.  My goals are here at my name blog.

Yesterday, I posted a comment check-in to the FB group. This is a cut/paste of what I wrote plus…

Not a lot of progress. Had family over yesterday, spent time cleaning house. Did some blog updates and all my ROW80 visits. Explored some research of neurogenesis and how brain injury affects behavior, plotted out how this might relate to the talents and witchcraft among many of my characters,.. started writing up how one of my MCs deals with brain surgery after his wife’s death (yes, these things are related).

No fresh art except to study some drawing books and get an idea for how to draw hands better.

I also arranged a schedule with my accountability partner, Jennette Marie Powell. And I figured out one of the flaws I had in my goals for this round of words. Adjustments to come.

Baby steps….


Today WIPpet, as promised in Even Louder (my last post from Singer of the Swan Song for a while) is of a more fun bent, being from a JatWW fanfic I write when I need to decompress.  Today’s piece comes from what may be a new section opening for the Was Variation.  Fifteen sentences for 01/03/19…

15 = 01+03 – 1+9 – an extra 1 for being late so many times.

‘Listii caught himself just before he backhanded Brüan. For a moment he lay still, his arm shadowed in the glow of the streetlights.

Taking care to relax his tense limbs, he tried curling up against his pillows, bunching them close, tight, a buffer against…

Wrong. Everything felt wrong, awkward, out-of-place. Even before he tried punching the lumping stuffing into submission, he knew it wouldn’t help.

It didn’t. Might have even become worse.

Accepting the inevitable, he scooched over to his side of the bed and dangled his feet over the side. Next to him, Brüan rustle in a dream and clutched at his blanket. She already had the other two tangle about her. ‘Listii unwrapped himself and patted it toward her side of the bed, giving a wry glance at the woman as she gathered the discarded flannel to her chest and buried her face in it.

He swore she sighed his name before settling.

Before he dwelt to long on his lover’s actions, he set his feet on the floor. How? he wondered as he curled his toes. Two centimeters of wool pile and it still felt like he was stepping on ice.

I hope you enjoyed this snippet.  If you’d like to read more, head over to the WIPpet linky and visit some our other awesome members. WIPpet Wednesdays are hosted by Emily Wrayburn at Letting the Voices Out.  And if you’d like to join in, just do it.  The rules are simple.  Post a sample of your present work in progress to your blog that relates in some vague way to the date.  As you can see, you use some pretty crazy maths.  The real point is to have some fun with words and share the writing experience with others.

11 responses to “Wrong

  1. It’s bad form to puch your lover, ‘Listii… but very good form to let her have your blankets if you’re not going to use them.

    This is very evocative and well-written. It raises questions and leaves me wanting more (yeah, I know, you’re shocked!).

    And hooray for the realization for the need of a slight goal readjustment, too.


    • Ah, yes, but which made you want more, because it was “evocative and well-written” or because it involved ‘Listii. 😉

      And don’t blame the poor man for almost punching Brü… he was in the middle of dreaming when he woke up and caught himself.

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      • While I love ‘Listii and probably always will, it was definitely the “evocative and well-written” that made me long to know what this snippet was about.

        Otherwise, it would have been more like, “Oh, cool! A ‘Listii snippet.” And then I would have gotten on with my life. =)


  2. Very interesting, and those names…so cool.


  3. Fascinating snippet, Eden. I didn’t know at first that Brüan was a girl, so that ‘he’ in the second sentence had me a little confused. But I really liked that half-awake, half-asleep, middle of the night setting. Left me wondering why the floor was so cold. Plot twists ahead! May your ROW80 partnership — and the writing — go well!


    • Thanks, Beth. I’m sorry the second “he” was confusing… I’ll definitely look it over. That said, I’m glad that you enjoyed the piece. I was wondering if it really helped the story, but I guess that’s something to figure out when the piece is all done.


  4. As there are more ROWers this round, just checking on everyone must keep you pretty busy, so thanks for that!
    And good luck with your other goals. ^^

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    • It is keeping me busy for the moment. This happens every year though. If it continues, we may bring back the sponsor system with the linky… Otherwise… well, a lot of people start ROWing the way they make New Year’s Resolutions. It’s sad, but… maybe they just weren’t ready to start when they did.


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