Principles and Decency


Welcome back to another ROW80/WIPpet Wednesday post where I share the progress I’ve made towards my goals in the Round of Words in 80 Days challenge and snippet of my most recent Work In Progress with some other fellow writers for the fun of it.


Small gains would be how I’d describe my progress since Sunday.  I’m in a bit of a tizzy in some ways.  I adjusted my goals somewhat since they were making me feel pressured to do too much at once, and yet…  what do I do once I know I have a lighter load?  I relax more and accomplish even less.

Maybe I need the pressure of having too much on my plate to get moving?  Maybe I needed the recuperation time?  Dunno…  a few days won’t make or change things in fulfilling my One Goal to Rule Them All.  And maybe I’ll learn something about myself on the way.

It is rather frustrating though that I haven’t started a drawing since last year 😉 and beyond looking at my assorted directories full of photos to upload two older drawings to my Deviant Art profile, I’ve not touched the non-writing creativity bits.

At least exercise and eating are improving.  And my average daily wordcount has rounded at 900 words…  though not all of it has been worthy of even story consideration.


Today’s WIPpet follows on Wrong, my post from last week.  Right now I’m trying to figure out what direction I want this piece to take (I’m totally pantsing this Jayce & the Wheeled Warrior fanfic).  For a few days I went on a huge “why does this have to be a fanfic at all” binge and wrote pages of character motivations and history to see if I could justify making it one (or not).  The fanfiction elements won out…  but we’re not touching it yet.  We’re still with ‘Listii in the middle of the night…

I offer you 10 sentences for today,  for January (1) and the day (9th).  And I gave you an extra paragraph of last week’s entry for context.

Before he dwelt to long on his lover’s actions, he set his feet on the floor. How? he wonder as he curled his toes. Two centimeters of wool pile and it still felt like he was stepping on ice.

Mincing his steps, he felt around for where Brü had hidden his clothes this time. Woman never could leave well enough alone. Didn’t even have the decency to apologize for making him late for classes. More than once she’d done that, and twice on an alarm… And ‘Listii refused to wear her husband’s old robes, even for a quick walk from her apartment to his.

There were some principles he hadn’t given up on yet.

After some searching and shuffling in the brisk air, he left Brüan’s room, expecting to make a mad dash to the bath. Instead, he paused, letting the subtle warmth of the hallway envelop him and melt into his chilled bones. He only moved when he heard a rustle from three doors away where Kainan looked to still awake, maybe reading or studying.

‘Listii didn’t feel like explaining to Brüan’s son yet again why he was coming out of her room naked.

I hope you enjoyed this sample of my writing.  If you’d like to see some more snippets from other authors  head on over to the WIPpet linky. WIPpet Wednesdays are hosted by Emily Wrayburn at Letting the Voices Out.

17 responses to “Principles and Decency

  1. Yeah, I suppose that could be awkward. 🙂
    And small gains are still good(I really should say that to myself more often).

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  2. rayoffingsunshine

    If I don’t have enough pressure, I don’t have enough motivation to get stuff done. I end up reading or netflix binge watching instead of writing. AO3 is a serious guilty pleasure; I can get lost in fanfic for a hours at a stretch.

    The other side of that for me is if there is too much pressure, I often escape into reading or sleeping far too much. In a true emergency, I hold steady and crumble later but nothing about writing has that level of adrenaline rush to it.

    I have to find that sweet spot that’s just enough pressure to function well. It’s like Goldilocks. Maybe you still need to find that perfect amount of pressure?


    • Balancing on a bit of a tightrope… I get it. I guess I’m still looking for that “just right” amount of pressure.

      Then again… who knows, it could change like the tides too. :-/ I’ll have to keep plugging as best I can and get where somewhere…. Better than standing still.


  3. I agree, it’s always tough to find the right kind of pressure where it’s good to make daily progress, but not stress out. Keep trying, it’s all a work in progress!

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  4. I need the times of rest and not-creating. After, there is always the surge, so I’ve learned to trust them.

    You did NaNo – you may need time and space to replenish your creative mind. Maybe there’s just enough energy for writing, and none left over for the drawing just now.

    Maybe you’re gathering for a surge of artistic expression. Both of my kids go through stretches of not-creating, then surges of creation…

    And, might I say, “Oh, ‘Listii…..” and shake my head again? =)


    • Ebbs and flows… I follow them to a degree. Thing is… the creativity and the ideas are there. But there’s something else…. an almost bone-weary, can’t think, can’t function, can’t make those ideas and visions into a “thing”. That’s what’s bothering me. I know a lot of it is this waiting period before the move and my own inner resistance to the change it’ll bring. Maybe most of it is that…

      As for ‘Listii… What? widens eyes innocently


  5. Trying to find a good balance is hard. I do work better under pressure but quality sometimes suffer.

    Every little counts. It takes time to get into a routine, don’t be too hard with yourself.

    And that scene, only keeps getting better. 🙂


    • I think it’s harder to go for the really deep, introspective work when I’m scattered and I have too many goals. Or, as you say… the quality suffers. But yeah, when trying new routines it helps to be gentle.

      Glad you’re enjoying the WIPpet. You should jump in this week.

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  6. Oh, my word, I feel you! I have that same kind of a problem with setting goals too high or too low. I THINK it depends a lot on what the rest of my schedule looks like whether I’m going to be overwhelming or disappointing myself. I’ll let you know if I ever figure it out.

    I do not blame ‘Listii for not wanting to explain his naked nocturnal wanderings, and I sympathize with pausing to let a warmer room ease the chill of the previous room.


    • Same here, ReGi! This is a place where some shared observations might help all involved (so I’ll definitely post something about how it works out).

      ‘Listii has been in both places too many times to not be uncomfortable but still unwilling to rush past a moment of comfort with it’s available,


  7. Small gains are better than no gains! And we definitely all need to recover every now and then, whether it’s from illness, or just from the craziness of life. It can be tricky too, to come up with goals that are big enough to challenge, but not so big as to overwhelm. Good going on the diet and exercise, and here’s hoping your recuperating helps with the writing!


    • Thanks, Jennette. You’re right about that balancing act. With myself, I’m always leery about not pushing myself that little bit harder. It’s too easy to be kind to myself, then weeks and days fly past without a hint of progress. But who knows…. maybe that’s something to consider too. 🙂


  8. Emily Wrayburn

    “Yet again”?! LOL!

    I don’t know much about Bru, but she sounds rather cheeky! I like her.


    • That she is… I’m still not sure myself how I feel about Bruan, but she’s definitely not been shy in making herself known to me. For someone who was going to be a minor (at most, secondary) character, she has some of the most developed backstory I’ve written.