Daily Archives: January 8, 2023

Plans? I’m Supposed To Have Plans?

Well, I guess I should since I’m working on the ROW80 challenge once again. (Yes, this is my goal post.)

I confess, I’m not quite feeling the energy I thought I might have this ROWnd the way I did when I agreed to help reboot the challenge again. What a difference a month can make….

Then again the whole time around the holidays has pretty much always been emotionally off for me. Possibly from having a seasonal birthday… possibly the general lack of daylight and already being a bit of a bookworm. I don’t know. I only know that it has become harder as I get older and I have lost certain precious people in my life. Friends who were as close as family, family…

Still, life goes on. And any one of those beloved people I miss so would close to box my ears (likely more than close) if I didn’t find joy and new experiences to look forward to. And one of the things that never hesitates to bring joy to my world is to write and create art.

In comes… goals

To be honest, with so many things a bit cockeyed right now, I’m setting some less than creative goals right now. Goals that should help me with my creative endeavors however:

  • Spend a half hour every 2 days working on my Photoshop lessons so I can better edit the mass of photos I’ve taken over time
  • Rejoin a writing bloghop (likely WeWriWa since I really like the community already)
  • Setup and schedule ROW80 website posts at least a week ahead of time (done!)
  • Take out pencil and paper and draw something every day for at least a half hour. Post an image once a week
  • Write… of course. The ROW80 has always been a writing challenge first of all. So I will be spend an hour (not necessarily at once) minimum each day at my writing, devoting at least 1 page to journaling/freewriting and at minimum my Five Sentences.
  • and lastly, make a point to get up and move at regular intervals (every 20 to 30 minutes) with a walk of at least 15 minutes every day

There… I think those are all achievable and fit the definition of S.M.A.R.T. goals but they are also useful for my personal growth (as noted in Round 4 Goals Post in 2017). There are of course a lot of other things I want to get done (there is another trip to England to plan, a full redesign of my main blog/website to get done, books to finish, etc.), but many of those are not as easy to measure.