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A Short Post Before Chocolate

It’s Wednesday, and the first Check-in of the ROW80 ROCs… and I need chocolate. (Really! I told a friend I would bring some when I went north this weekend. Though, yes, I will be getting myself some too.:-) )

Some of the lovely chocolate I will be getting (more of!)
Mendiants from Mecha… Delightful!

I will be going here: Mecha Chocolate in Haddonfield Haddonfield… which is to me one of the truly evil delights of being in NJ. A little bit tourist and yet cozy… and a lot of very fun shops. (It is also home to two of my favorite tea shops.) If it weren’t for Haddonfield I would regret our move to NJ a lot more than I already do.

So… now that my priorities are clear, now for a Check-in

If interested, my goals are here: Plans

I haven’t been quite as productive as I had intended these past few days. Some goal reassessment is in order since I never even touched the drawing goal or the Photoshop lessons at all. I did finish week one of a class on Futurelearn that I’d started before Christmas however, so that some forward movement.

Exercising went well, I added in a very nice couple of walks and added a lot of sunshine (even if just winter sun) to my days. And I made progress on the writing goal. I didn’t quite reach the page count I hoped for, but I wrote and I figured out some things that had been bugging me when I thought about some of my characters’ talents. So, in general a good half-week so far.

I also did a lot of reading, both for class and not. And started plotting the next England trip with Pam (Elizabeth Anne Mitchell and I had been plotting a girls’ trip for years and had planned this spring as our date, but… well, some of this trip will be a bit of a memorial and a way to “spend time” with Elizabeth in my thoughts). It’s been a busy couple of days actually, so while I wish I had done a bit of drawing just for practice’s sake, I don’t feel I slacked off much at all.

Some days just won’t go to plan. And that’s okay. I moved forward and got a lot done personally and in general.

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