Daily Archives: January 16, 2023

Inconsistent Momentum

I’d like to say that this was a profitable weekend, and… in many ways it was. I accomplished almost nothing on my goals list however. If I’d had any kind of deadline set…

Well, I’m clearly not doing well on deadlines.

That said, I did reach some of my goals. For example:

  • I kept the ROW80/ROCs blog setup and pressed for the upcoming week.
  • I rocked the creative side with some drawing and photography (the picture to the left is from the B&B I was staying at for the weekend; the image below is my attempt to sketch the pocket doors between the dining room and Tina’s office).
  • I did some hiking (in the frigid wind of Frear Park and Westerlo Hilltowns) and reminded my legs that had become … “flumpy” after a few years of flat southern NJ terrain that hills and uneven terrain does exist.
  • And I found lovely waterfalls….
  • Read a lot of fiction
  • I finished one of my online classes

What I did not do was:

  • Write any new story (or journal entries even!)
  • Photoshop lessons
  • Prepare a post and join a writing bloghop

I’d say “win some, lose some”, and if I look at things in an overview of a week (and a week that I had a long trip and travel plans and visits planned for at that), I actually hit everything in my goal except posting to a bloghop (I did read posts and start looking for a snippet) and Photoshop lessons (and again, I did look through photos for prospects to work on and took my new photos with a plan for editing them)…. Basically I had a pretty good week.

So inconsistent momentum, but still movement. After all, it is about the journey more than the destination in so many ways.