Trying to Reset

A day late again, but March….ing on.

I don’t remember a single March in the past 15 years that hasn’t been chaotic. This one is looking to be no exception. After all… November came in like a lion, but until Dad’s Celebration of Life service on Palm Sunday weekend, the lambs are too busy rollicking in my head to settle down and rest.

That isn’t to say I’m not finding moments to settle and rejuvenate. As I mentioned in my last post, I am learning to see my limits better. In fact, I made a MOO (Me Only Outing ) to Winterthur last Thursday for some reset time. It helped… it helped a lot.

Capturing Moments in the Café

Friday was probably the most productive day I’ve had in a long, long time. Several little things that had been waiting in the wings got done. (Though, Thursday evening I spaced and missed the monthly business and process meeting with the SJWA.)

Saturday was even good, and officially that had been a planned “date day” with the Leader of the Opposition Party (actually, he and I disagree very little, but the term always makes me grin to use it). We managed a bunch of errands and figured out plans for the back yard that have been languishing since we arrived here.

Sunday… not so good. I forgot to get a WeWriWa post up on my name blog, but I did get a few things done and checked out another group in the area (this one dedicated to traveling, since I’m such a … homebody).

I’ve been waking up a lot earlier lately, and I think this sleep reset is doing something with the way I am able to function as well. I used to be a night person, but now… 4:40am waking times seem to be my regular. No alarms, just the body says “Hey, brain time.”

Thing is, I’m not set up for that at the moment. I guess that needs to be the next step: a way to make those hours in the morning more useful. Though, I haven’t quite figured out what that is without compromising some of the things that make my journey on this blue-green ball of rock worth living for….


For now, focus needs to be on just check off boxes on my todo list. And… editing. I’m with Alberta on this… March is, even if there is no website saying it anymore, NaNoEdMo. For me, that’s also a first run of tying in pages. Double damage.

Though, TBH, I’d really rather be back at The Grotto watching these beauties:

I like the trees reflecting over the water

4 responses to “Trying to Reset

  1. Julie Rui Chan

    Oh, you also wake up around 4.30 AM for no reason? I used to hate that but I’ve decided to put that time to good use by just starting the day (and making sure I had time for a nap later on ^^; ).
    It often happens to me in February and March, but then when we switch to Daylight Saving Time, it’s not so bad. ^^;
    I hope you can find your pace around this new body clock of yours too!

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    • That’s what we’ve started doing… Getting up and starting our day , that is.

      I hope so too. Changes are often good things in the end. Though in the short term, they can be disruptive.


  2. I have never thought of you as a night person… but that might be my owl DNA talking! I do go to bed earlier in general now (but almost never before Enterprise finishes airing at 1am, and often not for a couple hours after).

    My huge bearded chick often doesn’t return to the nest until after 3am, and, so long as he still lives here, I’m never completely at ease until I know he’s home safely.

    I hope you find lovely things to do with your morning hours. I enjoy watching the dawn and feeling the rest of the world come alive (even if I’m often bed-bound then!).


    • I was a late night girl way, way back in high school. That was probably because of Dad’s schedule…. and probably helped when I first took 3rd shift jobs.