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Declaration and a Tuesday Snippet (on Tuesday even!)

Many of you have likely heard of Jeff Goins and his book You Are a Writer. If you haven’t, he’s a stand up guy who Tweets about writing, blogs about writing and generally encourages other people who love writing.   And … Continue reading

A Mini-Mash and a Tuesday Snippet

Since tomorrow is officially the next ROW80 check-in, I’m not sure I should bother with a check-in now.  I have plenty of time to complain tomorrow…..  😉 One thing I should do, especially given the large number of nifty pages … Continue reading

A Little Something and a Tuesday Snippet

I missed my Tuesday Snippet last week.  I must have been in another world of some kind.  By Wednesday, I completely had forgotten I had missed it. I thought Life had been pretty easy on me. Well, here I am, … Continue reading