Who am I

It’s a good question, one that I’ve been asking for at least 35 years now.  I probably was asking it sooner than that, but I don’t remember much of my own thought process from when I was that young.

Who I am isn’t what I do.  It isn’t my name; though that is Eden.  And “what I do” is write and think up stories and worlds and characters.  I’m also a mother, a housewife, a former ISP helpdesk worker and jack of no trades.

I’m curious about almost everything.  Everything, really, if presented well.  Poor presentation, such as a hostile attitude or really poor grammar/spelling can turn me off very fast.  Though even those things can be done right.  Emergence is an example of the later.  Much of George Carlin’s comedy could be considered the former (may he rest in peace).

Still, those things are a place to start if you are as interested in the journey I am taking to understand myself through my writing and my stories.  Here is where the “not so finished” products will grow and evolve, taking on lives of their own as so many of my stories have.  And as most living creatures, there is death.  Most of the pieces I post here are dead ones, ones that I remember fondly or, like Nature itself, I am breaking down into usable fragments to boost the fertility of new works.

And THAT might be the best description of myself that I have to offer.  I am, in one of the mythos I developed for my stories,  Kymele des a Lo’ra – she who is given by the world and has brought it forth through herself.  It fits.  And if you have access to Facebook, you can read more on why here.

Feel free to contact me at any time:

  • email at mousefir (at) gmail (dot) com
  • Kymele on Facebook
  • Kymele on Twitter

10 responses to “Who am I

  1. Hi Eden,

    For me its the same. The act of trying to understand myself, my life and everything mixed up in between, all through my writing. It helps. I think 🙂

    I really look forward to reading your work.


    • Hi!, thanks for stopping in, Natasha.

      Writing …well, something about it gives us the power to do so much. It’s communication, not just with others, but with ourselves in a similar method that dance is. While we may think we are just using words, our body has a level of control that it may not in speech. The classic “There’s someone in my head, but it’s not me” quote from Pink Floyd comes to mind (mostly because of this incredible video my husband suggested I watch “Will We Ever Understand the Brain”).

      I’m off to read your NYC post right now on “The Life of Riley”.


  2. Great ‘About’ page. Very thought-provoking.


    • Well, thank you. And thanks for making me check it (so I could fix the link for the video about the brain I’d posted) so I could reply to you. Too often we set up these pages and never go back to them. Thanks for helping me make sure I didn’t do that.


  3. Hello there! Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving such a thoughtful comment. Good Luck with this ROW80!


    • And thank you in return for the same. The ROW can be challenging when we aren’t working together. It’s challenging enough as it is, but part of what makes it work is we are here for each other. Besides, you (re-)introduced me to an online magazine that made me smile. Thank you! 😀


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