A Tale of Two Tickles

This is finger play story I threw together one morning (Sep 20, 2009) when Marcus wanted to cuddle on his bedroom floor and asked for a story. The room was dark and neither of us wanted to get up for the light (nor did I want to head to my room for my glasses) so we made up what we could. Finger play actions are vague, but hopefully you get the idea, and if you’d like, feel free to add your own (let me know what you did).

Once upon a time there was a tickle (two fingers held up close). He was lonely and wanted a friend. So he started looking. He ran around and around and around and around … looking for a friend. (run fingers around the belly)
There was also a little boy named Marcus, who loved tickles. He saw the lonely tickle (or the tickle saw him, we no longer know for sure (have two index fingers act out “meeting”)), and they got together and said “hi” (tickles squeak in case you were wondering).
The tickle asked Marcus if they could be friends. Marcus said “Yes”. And they hugged.

Now just so you know, tickles get VERY excited when they are hugged (hugs are warm and feel SO good). So this little tickle got so excited when Marcus hugged him that he ran around and around with Marcus or rather “on” Marcus. And they giggled happily ever after! (Lots of tickles!)

If you enjoyed what you found here, let me know. I'd love to hear from you

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