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One of my regular protagonists and “love interests” for Atyriia. He’s a gallant, handsome man who knows what he wants from life, and he’s not afraid to sacrifice to get it, even if that sacrifice is his own happiness.

Your Collar

MjAxNC04ZjBlYTU5ZmNiZjdiZjY4Instead of playing Pokémon Go (much…  he just caught four in the yard, including another Eevee–we seem to have a lot of them here), the Boodle and I are having a bit of a home day.  Perfect for bringing you a WIPpet while I ponder revisions for my ROW80 sponsor post.

Once again I bring you another Unnamed Story snippet…  though I am moving forward again in the story finally.  This scene follows right on the heels of the last few.  Alanii and Atyr have parted company as Alanii has this awful thing called a job he has to do.  😉  He catches Valistii just as his friend enters the conference room…

Since this is the 13th of July (Happy Birthday, Grandpa, if you can still hear me), I am giving you 11 sentences.  7+1+3

“Atyriia is spending the rest of the day with Vantosa*, Captain.”

Valistii shrugged, giving the man only a brief sidelong glance in acknowledgment. Bastard hadn’t even bothered to fix his hair or change shirts. “I’d heard. There’s lipstick on your collar…my lord.”

Alanii checked quickly. Frowning, he rubbed at the stain before electing to hide it by pulling a hank of hair over his shoulder. “Thank you for telling me.”

The man really did look unkempt. True, he’d never been one for the made up appearances of the élite, but it wasn’t Alanii’s way to go in public with hair down and face unpainted. If only watching the man’s embarrassment was worth what it had cost him.

Happens to powerful men occasionally…

*her son

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Thank you, Emily Witt for maintaining the bloghop these days when I know you are busy, busy, busy!

Her Weathered Body — 3rd #WeWriWa


It’s a bloghop!

Good morning, and welcome to my third Weekend Writing Warriors installment.

The rules are simple enough:

  • Add your name and genre(s) to the most recent post on the WeWriWa site
  • Post a link to the WeWriWa site on your blog/Sunday post
  • Keep your excerpt 10 sentences or less (8-10, no more!)
  • Visit other WeWriWa authors and experience their work

(There’s a complete set on the WeWriWa page for anyone interested in joining, as well as links to pages of all the authors involved.  Check it out.)

Knife Training (Getty Images)

Knife Training (Getty Images)

Today, I give you nine sentences from Courting the Swan Song, my main WIP for the next month.

Alanii blinked. “You spar for your Nooning devotions? But the raising of blades—”

“That’s Isana for you,” Val grunted. “We eat our Nooning feasts with our knives alone. Knives serve the Hearth Maid after all, and She wields them in the service of her faithful.” Then Val smiled wryly. “Or so the old wives try to tell us when we’re little enough to not know better. Only a soldier would pray to a goddess with chimney soot and blade scars along Her weathered body.”

Nothing like two friends debating religion, is there?  🙂

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this piece.   Coming up for WIPpet Wednesday, we will return to the Was Long Variation, so I may outline changes and scenes I need to work on during JuNoWriMo for CTSS.

I Did Push You Harder

MjAxNC04ZjBlYTU5ZmNiZjdiZjY4Hello!  Time again for another WIPpet Wednesday post.  I am taking you back to Courting the Swan Song for this excerpt as I’m trying to focus my energy on that and its subsequent books for the rest of the summer.  I love the characters, love the story…  but I’d really like to be able to write “The End” one of these days.

Not that endings are really the end of things….

So anyway, here we are with Alanii trying to break from under his father’s thumb.  I give you twenty sentences for you for the 20th of May.  No fancy maths today…  just twenty for 20.

Alanii didn’t know what to say to that, and at last he just nodded. “Even so, you treated me worse than a scoundrel, accusing me of testing your mettle—accusing me of exactly the thing it seems you were doing to me.”

There was no apology in the guardsman’s expression as he nodded. “You’re right, my lord. I did test you. From the moment you entered that line you were being tested, by me, by my men—did you know that one of those “recruits” out there happens to be one of my own men, watching and listening to everyone who came here?” Just before Alanii could saying anything about how the man could have just asked Valichii to point him out, the commander shook his head. “We don’t do it for your benefit, at least not directly. It’s something we do every recruitment season to help weed out potential problems when they aren’t standing in front of this table performing for my benefit.

“And if you must know more, once you presented yourself, I did push you a bit harder than I had intended at first. Someday, if I live that long, you’ll be the Holder of my Oath, my lord. I had the chance to see for myself the nature of the man I would be serving before it happened by the cruelty of Fate, and I had to also see how serious you were. It would be pointless of me to approach your father on your behalf if you were simply acting out of childish rebellion or out of simply stir-craziness.”

Alanii began to open his mouth, to insist that he was quite serious about his desire to do as he said. He shut it again quickly. Then as the Guard commander nodded as of in response to his unasked question he closed his eyes again and let out a heavy breath. “Why?” he whispered.

“When a young man in your position spends a year almost to the day, struggling with himself over a decision like this one, he isn’t just going to let it lie until he at least has tried something. I knew you would be coming to see me one day; I just wasn’t sure of when.”

That’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed the excerpt. Now, hopefully you’ll head over to the WIPpet linky and visit some our other awesome members.  And thank you, KLSchwengel for hosting the sprint and putting up with all our silliness.  😀