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#SoCS: “Eco”

It’s a bit late to be thinking about posting for the Stream of Consciousness Saturday, but…  it technically is still Saturday (an hour before midnight counts, right?)

Seems good enough for me.  So here goes…

This meme/blog hop hosted by Linda Hill happens every week.  (I guess there is also something else going on called “Just Jot it January” as well.  This isn’t one of those posts, though, barring a small bit of typo-fixing and spelling correction, this is scarily raw stuff).

For a bit of background, Parvenu the name of the first set of books I started writing, a trilogy of Release, Soulclaimed and Moon-called.  The main character’s name is Kieri. 

The first thing that came to mind as I read the prompt was Parvenu, or at least the first book of the series. Not sure why… Maybe because the initial fanfiction stories that lead into the development of Kieri Vestimorn’s character evolved from a cartoon involving a massive ecological disaster on a galactic scale. There were other reasons, of course. I’d noted in the story itself how Daryl was so happy and proud to call Kieri his son when the birthrate on Acaria had suffered so much after the pollution and deforestation the planet had suffered during its industrial age and as its budding space-faring economy developed. How so many girls seemed to be born as opposed to boys and the survival of those few sons was a challenge, even with advanced genetics researchers on the planet and medical facilities that drew patients from all over the galaxy because of their skill and success rates

Acaria could cure the ills of universe, but seemed helpless to save the lives of their own children….

I did have a reason for this built into the storyline as well. it also explained why genetics research was such an obsession in Acarian society and why crossbreeding of different species worked.  I think I developed some even on the economic reasons for this situation (too many of which revolve around the patriarchal underpinnings of Acarian society and the fact that Acarian women… at least until recent times, outnumbered Acarian men by a 1:3 ratio [technically, I guess that is supposed to be 3:1 not the other way around ]; with numbers like that, then the decreased birthrate, boys just were valuable—no other way to say it).

So yeah, I guess I can see why Release (and all the books in the Parvenu trilogy I was laying out would fit into an “eco” themed post. Even the later two books, when Kieri tries to deny his father’s place in his life and Andy finds his place in society and as Kieri’s equal… The same ecological disaster had harmed the world these two boys ended up growing up on. The same economic forces pushed them there, away from their families or anyone who might have been able to protect them from the abuse they suffered.

That’s all I have for you tonight.  If you’d like to read more about the fan fiction that inspired the series, here’s a good start.

Let Them Pass

WIPpet Wednesday again? It seems like it was just last week that I–Oh, yeah, it was just last week, wasn’t it?  *blushes*

Anyway, I do have something to share with you all.  Once again, I have drawn from the Was Long Variation, probably the last piece of that I’ll be posting for a while if all goes according to plan (or unless people stage protests).  Eight, mostly small paragraphs…  Five for May minus thirteen for the day (5-13=8).  Our POV character here is Alanii; he’s talking with his physician about whether he should (or rather shouldn’t have) done something:

“He’d recover sooner.  Before you start berating yourself, don’t.  Captain Mirniia won’t be fit for duty in less time than it’ll take for us to leave this room.  If you hadn’t taken a second capsule, we’d have all three of you in bed.

Even empty, it speaks of pain and suffering

And if Fate agreed with the man, the door burst open with several Center staff rolling in another bed. On it, Valistii thrashed back and forth under the restraining straps that held him to the bed. The man’s convulsive motions more than once threatened to tip the platform over on its side. But if Valistii had any sense of the danger he posed to himself and the men and women helping him, Alanii could see no sign. The man’s eyes were open, focused on nothing, shot with blood and tears. The man’s face with twisted in terror and pain.

Alanii glanced at Koru. The man was already at his patient’s side placing a cautious hand over the Hastor’s temple and pulse points. After a few seconds, the physician waved to one of his assistants. “Get me 1 cc ADAS and prepare him for a drip.” The man’s expression turned grim. He went back and checked something on Kieri.

The younger man was equally straining now, despite his weakened state.

Alanii watched unable to even feel the horror he knew lay behind what he was seeing. Without announcing himself, he left the room. Why didn’t he feel lucky?

He started to head up to the isolab where they’d hooked up the cryotube from Audric’s ship. Behind him, the door opened quickly. “Sire, don’t leave. The Senior says he needs your help.”

He turned to look at the nurse with a baleful eyes. Koru needed his help… He could imagine for what. Even under the effect of the capsules, the Call existed. Or at least his remnants of it.

“Tell the Senior to let them pass in peace. I won’t condone torture, even for their lives.”

And there you go… Don’t know about you all, but I have a bad feeling about what happens next. Question is… do you want more of this story, or will you be happy to get back into Courting the Swan Song (I really, really need to get working on that)?

Either way, let’s all cheer our WIPpet Wrangler, KLSchwengel over at My Random Muse.  And if you would, take some time to visit the other WIPpeteers over at our linky.  Enjoy stories and fun…  Wednesday-style.

Chicanery — a WIPpet post

It’s Wednesday.



It’s Wednesday and a major holiday for most people, so it probably seems odd to post today.  I mean, how many people will post blogs today?  Especially WIPpets.

I’m posting.  I must.  I must post because I have a terrible tendency to forget to post if I miss a week.  Then I feel guilty, then I don’t want to post anything.  Then I…

Long story short, I need some consistency.  So, while I’m looking across our livingroom scattered as it is with the dregs of Christmas morning, decorated tree and Nutcracker on the video PC, let me give you something of a Christmas present.

Fantasia has always been on my short-list of beloved movies.  Clair de Lune has likewise been one of m favorite pieces of music.  When Disney first released Fantasia, several songs were dropped from production.  Some were even cut after filming.  Here is one of those pieces:

also…  please enjoy this amazing piece to make a White Christmas seem more real, even in areas like ours where the snow left two days ago:


I dropped into Chapter 22 of Release for this WIPpet since I didn’t have a Chapter 44.  “Forty-four?” you say.  “What does 44 have to do with the 25th of December?”

Nothing really, save I turned 44 today.  Yep.  That’s me.  Double doubles…

I did give you 25 sentences to make up for the other weirdness.

“Fine thing to tell me now,” I growled, taking Chaz’s cigarettes off of the desk and snitching one. I fumbled a moment with my dead lighter before Chaz sighed and reached into his pocket for his. “Thanks.” I held it back out to him but didn’t release it when he reached out his hand. “Tell me something, Chaz.”

His brow rose. “Yes?”

I let go of the lighter and moved away to grab a seat by the ashtray. “Is everyone here involved in this chicanery?”

A chuckle formed at his lips and was held back barely. “Chicanery. Where’d you learn a big word like that?”

Chaz had developed evasion into an artform. I was more certain of that than I’d ever been before. Still, I winced, regretting what I’d said. Given all that had happened since our arrival, it was mad to think Chaz would have just let those things happen. He had lost as much as I had, even more than I had. Two of his own children and one of his lovers were dead. Ellen and he had lost their sister. I managed an apologetic smile. “I saw it used on the vid.”

He just nodded. “And to think some people say the thing has no redeeming value whatsoever. Go, get those errands done. I want you taking a rest around Nooning.”

Well, that’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed the ‘pet and had a lovely holiday if you celebrate.  Blessings of goodwill and the season go with you all.

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