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One Line and a Whine

MjAxNC04ZjBlYTU5ZmNiZjdiZjY4Actually, it’s Thursday, and really, I’m only posting this now because it’s better than throwing things at my computer (the computer didn’t do anything wrong, WordPress did, but I can’t actually hurt WordPress from my desk, I can my keyboard).

There…  whining out of the way.  Now to the WIPpet.

Just a short one today.  One small paragraph (WIP maths: 7/7=1) in the same Unnamed Story in the same scene as the last two of my WIPpet Wednesday posts.

At least that had an easy answer. “It was Val’s idea, Alanii. They are Hastor.”

If that intrigues you feel free to check other posts I’ve made in the Unnamed Story.  And for more of this sort of fun… head on over to the WIPpet linky and visit some our other awesome members. Muchas Gracias to Emily Witt for hosting the bloghop in the middle of all the cray-cray life seems to be throwing lately.

Fireworks from Saturday at the Waterford Steamboat Festival

Fireworks from Saturday at the Waterford Steamboat Festival

A Bit of Back-Tracking

Wednesday does this “thing” to me… it shows up every week, same time, same way… when I am least prepared for it.

I realized (actually, I was reminded) that I kind of dumped you all into this story a bit out of the blue last week. For anyone who wants the main opening chapters, of this Unnamed Story (my personal title is actually Phuque U, but only because I give most of my stories doofy names), there are eight rather long installments here. This section jumps several days into the future when ‘Listii and Atyr have finally admitted how they feel about each other. And the realization that it changes nothing in their chaotic lives with their responsibilities to others weighing over them…

This WIPpet happens maybe an hour at most before last week’s Not the Other Way. Just a glimpse into Atyr’s space as this is happening too. Five paragraphs for June 1st: 6-1

Her wandering footsteps found her at the door to the room she’d been given. She did hesitate to enter for a moment, then seeing nothing better to do she went in boldly. There was a ray of sun highlighting the waterfall now, and she stood at the archway, staring out at the crystalline rain for long enough to wish she didn’t ever have to leave it. But a cloud drifted across the sky, shading things, and she turned around to see if she might find herself some rest.

The room itself now glowed with the diffuse light of some battery-powered lamps. Fresh linens and a feather-bed had been brought up but had not yet been fitted to the straw slab.

Temporary…. not decided.

Her bags had been emptied into the drawer and the wardrobe–an invasion, even if it did seem to be the only suggestion of permanence in the room. Her brush and combs, all her personal effects, had been neatly arranged next to a basin and ewer of rose-scented water. She picked up the brush and passed the boar bristles through her hair a few times, watching her reflection in the silvered glass of the dressing table.

But she didn’t see herself.

If you enjoyed this, why not head over to the WIPpet linky and visit other WIPpetteers. A “Hi“, a cheer and lots of appreciation to Emily Witt for hosting the WIPpet bloghop these days. It takes a lot to corral our silliness.  If you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, the rules are simple: post a sample of your most recent Work In Progress (WIPpet) that somehow (can very loosely) relates to the date and then add your post to our Linky List so we can come visit you too.

Insert creepy monotone voice here

Insert creepy monotone voice here

Not the Other Way

MjAxNC04ZjBlYTU5ZmNiZjdiZjY4 Hi! It’s been (or seems like it’s been) AGES since I posted a WIPpet last. Almost a year… I’ve tried to get myself back into regular writing and regular posting (thank you, ROW80, for that boost), and now I’m trying to branch back out to some of the other blogging bits I loved.

Since the WIPpet was first of my writing bloghop loves, it makes sense I’d post here first.

Now, a year later and I’m getting so old and decrepit, I’m not sure I’m up to a solid run of WIPpet maths. So I’m going the lazy route. Thirty sentences from a section I’ve JUST written (so yeah, a bit rough) of the that Unnamed Story I used to post here. Five for the month of June and 25 for the day.

I confess, I wasn’t super careful about counting, because I’m never quite sure how to count those one word sentences. The number should be close.

The Dean sighed. “You looked like you needed a distraction.” This time the man did reach for the lighter.

Though he’d have preferred to let the air clear itself, he tipped the table lightly with his boot so the cylinder slid down to the man’s hand. “Remind me the next time I’m doing admissions to put you in a class with the diplomatic pool.”

Lan grunted before he lit his cigar. “We each have our specialties.”

‘Listii resettled himself with a nod to the other man. “True. Thanks.”

They spent a small moment or two discussion the recent training class and Vant’s present performance. But it was a dangerous topic at the present, as least as far as he was concerned. And though Lan was clearly trying to avoid saying it, the man was the one to give up the woman’s name.

“Atyr noticed it–” Lan stopped himself short, then tipped his head apologetically. “Sorry. I know this has been difficult. At least according to Alanii she’s taken a T2. She won’t sense the varia if you don’t let her.”

‘Listii chewed his lip, knowing the gesture would stave Lan from anything more. When he’d finally gathered himself enough to speak, he didn’t waste words. Until last night Lan had been one of only three people to know the truth about his feelings for Atyr. The man hadn’t been more than gently accepting of the sacrifices he’d made for the woman in all the time he’d known.

And ‘Listii thought he preferred it that way.

“She knows about it. We ended up talking last night.”

Well that had to be a first, he thought to himself as the older man started to gasp then choke on the mouthful of smoke he’d taken. “She—is that why you came racing down here this morning like a first year trainee with one of us after his hide?”

‘Listii didn’t wince at the analogy as accurate as it was, only because he’d spent as long as he had training for his profession. The fact that he needed to call on his training though also spoke volumes. And the fact that Lan had seen fit to ask spoke another ten or so volumes.

At least, Lan’s misapprehensions were easy to settle. “I left her, Lan, not the other way around.”

So that’s it for me. Why don’t you head over to the WIPpet linky and visit some our other awesome members? Thanks and memorial chocolate to KLSchwengel for her inspiring me to this party a few years ago and to the delightful Emily Witt who is holding the crew together with all our silliness. 😀