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Oh So Very Distracted

With many apologies

With many apologies

In the grand scheme of things, a few days of “I can’t get it together” will be nothing to worry about…. really, nothing to worry about. I should get on with my day-to-day business, my writing and all will resolve itself.

Only problem is… distraction.  Oh, how many distractions are out there!  I wish I had Ted Geisel’s whimsical artistry on hand–I would have a new book out within the week.  For the moment, I’m indulging in a bit of Photoshop.

What I’ve Done and am Doing

ROW80LogocopyIt’s Monday, so officially it’s a day late for my ROW80 check-in.  Except…  like posting Wursday WIPpet last week, this lateness is intentional.  But instead of explaining this every week, from now on, my ROW80 check-ins will be on Mondays and Thursdays.  This is to open Sundays for other projects stewing in my brain, as well as to set my WIPpet Wednesday posts on their own instead of blocking them together with the ROW80 and so many other things.  Yeah, more posts…  but I can plan my posts ahead of time easier.

Over this week I will be adjusting my sidebar to reflect the changes in scheduling.  I’m still tossing the idea of bringing back the Friday Photo about.  Not sure how I feel about that.  It was good in some senses…  I spent a lot more time doing post-processing on the pictures I took.  It also ate up a lot of headspace when I wanted to get writing done.  And now, Fridays are insanely Real Life Busy…  That should change as the school year winds down.

In the non-blogging world, I have done more plotting and planning my next WriMo jump (JuNoWriMo followed by the July CampNaNoWriMo).  I still have a small bit to finish before I “win” the April camp, and having hit something of a block between last Wednesday and now, I’ve decided to use the rest of my ~3K  to get some outlining done.  The nice thing about the camps is that writing is writing.  If all goes according to plan, I’ll have a decent amount of the legwork done for this June… I’m really looking forward to that being the case this year.

Beyond that, I’m holding to my goals… mostly.  I’m at that point in the writing goal, when I need to stop just freewriting and start pulling pieces together into something cohesive and readable.

For example:

  • Last night for our local NaNoWriMo gathering, I found myself unable to focus on the task of story writing.  I probably pulled about 600 words or so from the session.
  • Saturday, all I did on my stories was to create notecards in Scrivener for new scenes I wanted to write in my Was Long Variation and part of Swan Song.
  • Friday…  I wrote, but I had such a vicious headache for most of the early day that I didn’t get much done.
  • Thursday (evening) was my glory day.  Besides posting a WIPpet and check-in here, I also added another 2k in story for the Swan Song series.

I’m mostly on track with my other goals.  I wasn’t as active as I probably should have been, and I haven’t even tried a push-up since Wednesday (sorry, muscles), but I made a point to avoid sitting to long, get out and get fresh air, even on Friday.  Of course, I’ve gotten plenty of character/story time in otherwise….  enough so that I was given something of an epiphany last night when, while looking over some notes for possible character development that I hadn’t been using, Valistii and Vissellii both started clamoring in my mind with “This!  See…  THIS is how you should write it, not the nicey-nice way you have been.”  Then Vissellii called her brother a rude, selfish baby, and he called her a brat, and then she threatened to tell their mother on him and pushed him, and he grabbed her wrist and twisted it behind her back, and….

Again, with apologies...

Again, with apologies…

Triplets….  at least I got them to settle down before they drew their knives on each other.  Though I’m not sure that redirecting that energy toward their step-father was necessarily the best idea.

Anyway…  this is where I am.  How about you?

Going Back

…to an older story, an older format.

ROW80 Check-In

ROW80LogocopyNo big checklist this week.  Before Sunday, I should have the pages off my banner updated so that my goals will be posted there instead.  They take up a lot of eyespace on the page.

I didn’t do a check-in this past Sunday.  Migraines…  It would have been a generally upbeat post had I felt good enough to make it with news of walks in the woods and lots of pictures taken before Saturday hit.  Monday was something of a “recover myself day”, and Tuesday was visits and house cleaning.  And somewhere in there, I got writing done and video games played and TV watched as well as savoring  family time.

It’s progress.  I’m happy with it.  I just need to write my sponsor post, just not now.

For now, it’s….

WIPpet Wednesday where we post a piece of our Work In Progress at this linky and offer support and constructive observations to our fellow WIPpeteers.  Jump on in and join us.  We’re a friendly group.  Thanks to Kathi at My Random Muse for hosting.


Since I’ve had so much trouble trying to get my head into Swan Song lately, it seemed time to surrender to the inevitable and just do something, anything, that got me back into writing regularly.  That something has ended up being a story that I’d been posting weekly to this blog over a year ago that I called the Unnamed Story (the actual working name has always been Phuque Ewe, but this is supposed to be polite company, sooo….).

To start this story as a WIPpet, I’m posting the last five paragraphs (five for the 5th month) I posted way back in April of 2013.  The whole story, to this point, is listed by installments in the above “Stories From My Worlds” link in my banner if you’d like to read the nine pieces that get us here.  Next week, I’ll continue from this point:

“Atyr…what are you doing?”

A small snort of mirth answered him. “I’m not sure.” She released him and helped push him back to sitting. “It was just something to do, I guess.”

He looked at her wryly, taking in the impish gleam in her eyes and her bright expression. There was something else lingering there too. He didn’t want to think about what it might mean.

Valistii ended up not having a chance to think about it beyond that thought. In seconds, Atyr was on her knees next to him. Then she was straddling his lap. Her hands cupped his chin upward toward her lowered face.

A reverse play of what he’d done to her in the kitchen followed.

There we go… short update. Short WIPpet. I hope you enjoy while I get back to writing. 😀

What She Deserves — a WIPpet post


For today’s WIPpet, I’m drifting over to Singer of the Swan Song to introduce you to Atyr, one of the “big three” players in the series as well as Ytramli, who is actually one of my favorite characters in the series, despite his “minor” role (and we all know how these minor characters tend to take on worlds of their own–Ytramli was taking over stories long before ‘Listii and Vissellii were).

Included here for my WIPpet math are 26 sentences from what is the 3rd section of the draft.  Why the 3rd, you ask?  Well it’s the 6th month; the numbers in the year 2013 add up to 6; 12 was just too much, imho, and 6 didn’t take both parts into account, but dividing one out did…  thus 3 or the 3rd section.

Now how is that for some convoluted math?

Her aches, she realized, were not from a beating. Surely it was well past the time for her to have received one. She remembered too well her poor behavior of earlier.

Another person spoke, this time with the voice of her servant Shenta: “I understand, Ytramli but it is not our place to correct the Sieress. Or the Temple Mothers. Now put those away. The Singer has assured me that the girl won’t suffer worse than she deserves–“

“Deserves, Mother?”  The voice was very different from any that Atyriia had ever heard before, a depth to it that did not fade even in the heightened pitch of the speaker’s clear distress. “Deserves? She deserves to be beaten for speaking? For touching the door to her room? You know what Father says about the Singers and what they do to girls, Mother. He calls their behavior an affront to the Bright Star.”

Free Angelic Sad Arcadia Child Under Veil Crea...

Atyriia didn’t dare open her eyes. She had already done so much wrong–to look into the face of a stranger, to acknowledge someone new without the guidance of the fortress Singer… No more punishment than she would deserve was a very generous thought, but she knew what she deserved. Death would be the best thing to stop the willful shell she held for the High Mother since it clearly could not be trained to the expectations of the Bright and Her Faithful. Better death than further disgrace.

“That will be quite enough, Ytramli. What your father and his heathen fellows believe means nothing here to her or anyone else in the fortress. The Temple Mother ruled that Atyriia should not have contact with things that have not been given a special ritual cleansing or preparation blessing. It’s not your place or mine to correct the Temple Edicts.” There was a movement, a leisurely swish of fabric that suggested the movement of the woman as Shenta walked, though Atyriia still did not dare look to see if the distant edge to the woman’s voice meant that the two were leaving. “Now begone with your foolishness, child. I have work that must be done, and this chatter of yours is not letting me any peace to do it in.

Maintained and promoted by K.L. Schwengel at My Random Muse, #WIPpet writers post pieces of a draft (Work In Progress) that somehow relate with the date for commentary and consideration.  Feel free to comment and visit other #WIPpeteers.   We love the company.

Not a ROW80 Check-In

We’re on break between Round(s) of  Words in 80 Days, so there is no check-in today.  I do have a change of plans to announce, however.  Inspired by reading I did yesterday and my own heart’s tug (so to speak), I will be moving this blog to something along the lines of a “Slow Blog” format.   I need to write my manifesto (a project for this summer), and I still need to see how my changes work  in the ROW80 format of two check-ins per week.

ROW80LogocopyYou see, if it wasn’t for the ROW80, I’d be posting only once or twice a month.  I’ve always felt that way, but I tried to adjust my inner nature to suit the format of a project that in many, many other ways I find incredibly helpful and inspiring.  However…  this one part just doesn’t work for me.  Most non-fiction writing stresses me out (including post lik this one).  They slow my fiction writing down to a stagger and crawl until I need the force of a challenge like a NaNoWriMo to force me to spew words onto a page.

Thing is, I don’t know many–if any–, people who can maintain a Writing Month pace month after month, day after day, are rare beasts.  Life has a habit of interfering; editing needs to be done (and sometimes isn’t thoroughly enough)….

So, I’m reducing my blogging schedule to better suit my needs and nature.

  • I enjoy the Friday Photo blogs, but after this excursion to England is over, I will be shifting that to a “First Friday Photo” piece, making it a once a month feature.
  • Wednesdays will pretty much stay the same.  I love participating in the WIPpet posts, and as many WIPpeteers seem to be ROW80 members, it makes sense to keep my posts combined for the two projects.   (I think…  feel free to offer other opinions in the comments; I would appreciate some input.)
  • Sunday posts will be going away.  I will, instead, make a check-in via Facebook/Twitter (I have them linked, though that is starting to seem like a problem).  Just a few words…

So that will be it…. one post a week every week, and one extra photoblog post each month.  I want to get these stories into a format for publication, and I want to give more time and energy to enjoying other people’s blogs instead of feeling I need to race off to post my own.  The racing isn’t me.  The posting isn’t me.

This format is closer to me.  With it, I intend to honor both the intention of the ROW80 and my own needs better.   Because life is compromise and negotiation…  and finding what works.

Stay tuned for changes and updates.  😀

Photography credit

  • Free Angelic Sad Arcadia Child Under Veil Creative Commons (Photo credit: © 2006-2013 Pink Sherbet Photography)