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Inconsistent Momentum

I’d like to say that this was a profitable weekend, and… in many ways it was. I accomplished almost nothing on my goals list however. If I’d had any kind of deadline set…

Well, I’m clearly not doing well on deadlines.

That said, I did reach some of my goals. For example:

  • I kept the ROW80/ROCs blog setup and pressed for the upcoming week.
  • I rocked the creative side with some drawing and photography (the picture to the left is from the B&B I was staying at for the weekend; the image below is my attempt to sketch the pocket doors between the dining room and Tina’s office).
  • I did some hiking (in the frigid wind of Frear Park and Westerlo Hilltowns) and reminded my legs that had become … “flumpy” after a few years of flat southern NJ terrain that hills and uneven terrain does exist.
  • And I found lovely waterfalls….
  • Read a lot of fiction
  • I finished one of my online classes

What I did not do was:

  • Write any new story (or journal entries even!)
  • Photoshop lessons
  • Prepare a post and join a writing bloghop

I’d say “win some, lose some”, and if I look at things in an overview of a week (and a week that I had a long trip and travel plans and visits planned for at that), I actually hit everything in my goal except posting to a bloghop (I did read posts and start looking for a snippet) and Photoshop lessons (and again, I did look through photos for prospects to work on and took my new photos with a plan for editing them)…. Basically I had a pretty good week.

So inconsistent momentum, but still movement. After all, it is about the journey more than the destination in so many ways.

A Short Post Before Chocolate

It’s Wednesday, and the first Check-in of the ROW80 ROCs… and I need chocolate. (Really! I told a friend I would bring some when I went north this weekend. Though, yes, I will be getting myself some too.:-) )

Some of the lovely chocolate I will be getting (more of!)
Mendiants from Mecha… Delightful!

I will be going here: Mecha Chocolate in Haddonfield Haddonfield… which is to me one of the truly evil delights of being in NJ. A little bit tourist and yet cozy… and a lot of very fun shops. (It is also home to two of my favorite tea shops.) If it weren’t for Haddonfield I would regret our move to NJ a lot more than I already do.

So… now that my priorities are clear, now for a Check-in

If interested, my goals are here: Plans

I haven’t been quite as productive as I had intended these past few days. Some goal reassessment is in order since I never even touched the drawing goal or the Photoshop lessons at all. I did finish week one of a class on Futurelearn that I’d started before Christmas however, so that some forward movement.

Exercising went well, I added in a very nice couple of walks and added a lot of sunshine (even if just winter sun) to my days. And I made progress on the writing goal. I didn’t quite reach the page count I hoped for, but I wrote and I figured out some things that had been bugging me when I thought about some of my characters’ talents. So, in general a good half-week so far.

I also did a lot of reading, both for class and not. And started plotting the next England trip with Pam (Elizabeth Anne Mitchell and I had been plotting a girls’ trip for years and had planned this spring as our date, but… well, some of this trip will be a bit of a memorial and a way to “spend time” with Elizabeth in my thoughts). It’s been a busy couple of days actually, so while I wish I had done a bit of drawing just for practice’s sake, I don’t feel I slacked off much at all.

Some days just won’t go to plan. And that’s okay. I moved forward and got a lot done personally and in general.

About the links… unless noted, I receive no financial incentives for posting links to any business or website. And all opinions, again unless stated in quotes, are mine alone as well. I just like to share things I enjoy in case others may be interested

Not Bad!

Okay, so I’m a little proud of myself…

Not the same words, but the same idea

Different words, same idea

I’ve been taking a class via FutureLearn on the Archaeology of Portus (a major (man-made!) port on the west coast of Italy during the 1st-6th centuries AD).  Yesterday, one of the lessons suggested we try to translate a Roman inscription from the Trajanic Period of the port.

[ ]
NE[ ]
TRA[ ]
DAC[ ]
I[ ]
[ ]VA INVN[ ]
[ ]DSIDVE V[ ]
[ ] PERFN[ ]

Most experts fill in the blanks this way:

[Imp(erator) Caes(ar) divi]
NE[rvae f(ilius) Nerva]
TRA[ianus Aug(ustus) Germ(anicus)]
DAC[icus trib(unicia) pot(estate)]
I[mp(erator) co(n)s(ul) p(ater) p(atriae)]
FOSSAM [fecit/restitui iussit]
[q]VA INVN[dationes Tiberis]
[ad]SIDVE V[rbem vexantes]
[rivo p]EREN[ni instituto arcerentur]
— from the lecture

or like this:

[Imp(erator) Caes(ar) divi] / Ne[rvae f(ilius) Nerva] / Tra[ianus Aug(ustus) Germ(anicus)] / Dac[icus trib(unicia) pot(estate)] / i[mp(erator) — co(n)s(ul) — p(ater) p(atriae)] / fossam [restitui iussit] / [q]ua inun[dationes Tiberis] / [a]dsidue u[rbem vexantes] / [in] per<e>n[ne arcerentur] — from here

This was my translation:

The Divine Emperor Ceasar,
sinew of Nerva (adopted Trajan)
“Trajan’s full name” (lazy; didn’t write it out)
tribune of Dacic (Dacia?)
Consul General, Father of his Country
Made the river/canal to be restored
when the inundation (flooding?) of the Tiber
constantly denied the city its regular flow of trade

This was our teacher’s translation.  Not exactly the same…  but I think I was getting the idea through:

Imperator Caesar Nerva Traianus Augustus, son of the deified Nerva, Conquer of Germany and Dacia, Tribune, Consul, Father of the Nation made a canal by which the floods of the Tiber which continually troubled the City were kept away

Not bad, if I do say so myself.  😀

Of course, the rest of my personal progress is a bit less inspiring.  Of my ROW80 goals, I’ve done very little.  I’m even falling behind again on my critique group work.  As much as I love FutureLearn, I’ve found I cannot take one of their classes without exploring the topics deeply, spending several more hours a week on each class than the anticipated timeframe.

I did get a small bit of writing done in the UnNamed Story.  This means I have something to post for  WIPpet Wednesday!

Following right on the heels of last week’s piece, here are eight sentences for the 8th of February

Ytramli shook his head, just barely avoiding, it seemed, to snarl at the implication that a priestess was somehow of a lesser calling than a priest, though among most Acarians it was the standard view. He shook his head. “It will hurt her—actually it will destroy her among our own people. To offer herself in this manner for Val’s defense is tantamount to offering herself as chattel. Slaves have been, and are sometimes, still used by some of the temples for ritual supplications when the priestess is too old for the physical acts or—.” The man stopped short and shrugged. “It doesn’t matter why they are used. The point is that doing this will destroy her among the Clans.”

Amused? Bemused? Want more? Head over to the WIPpet linky and visit some our other awesome members. Merci, merci, Emily Witt, for graciously hosting the WIPpet.

Thank you to the ROW80 community for just being there. 🙂