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Mom’s Day, Not Mine

Who knew the ideal Mother’s Day would be spent in bed doped up on antihistamines and fighting the edge of migraine?

Yeah…  so not really ideal.  But that was my day today.

“Goodly ” Sir John

So I really don’t have too much to say for myself.  My son as had far more Daddy time these past few days than Mommy time (while Mommy attended the monthly meeting of the local RWA  chapter, Daddy and the Boodle went to see  new Avenger’s movie; then we had dinner at the Cracker Barrel… lots of toy time and some yummy food).

Tomorrow though is just the Boodle and I—we’re off to spend the day in Rhinebeck for a showing of  Midsummer Night’s Dream (the Boodle’s favorite Shakespeare).  Though he did get sad when he heard we’d missed a showing of Merry Wives in Nyack yesterday… complete with pantomimes of Sir John’s “portly belly” somehow I doubt he would have made the trade of Captain America vs. Iron Man for it.

Sometimes I wonder how live theatre competes but in some places even thrives against the sensory impact of the screen.  But then I don’t actually like going to movies.  Too much sensory input…  :-/

So, it’s Sunday, and it’s time to assess the week and see how I did on my ROW80 goals.

ROW80LogocopyThis week is a bit off, but then it was meant to be.  I put in a temporary goal shift on Wednesday to get some work I’d been putting off one, the sorting of my Swan Song Series into their individual Scrivener projects.  This may seem like a minor project, but I have files and notes all over.  Handwritten notes, One Note notes, notes in the StoryWorld Bible and the mass Scrivener project that I’d been building for the last three years….

I’m mostly done.  I just want to make one more run through to make sure I didn’t make an export error.  I’ve done that too many times to not to do it.

I’ve also managed a page of typed work in a day, some incredible research sessions and some great work on Singer of the Swan Song and March/Promenade (I still haven’t picked between these names; I suspect that I will be using both, since the story is huge already and I haven’t brought in any part of Ayr’s and Ytramli’s thread into the book yet).  A whole section just became clear after years of not know why the Wandering people would have a matriarchal society in this particular world…  now I know.  I also know a lot more about their religion than I did before.

So, yes!  Worldbuilding!

Running (cred. Dan Mabee)

Running (cred. Dan Mabee)

The rest of my goals, having been mostly on hold, are in limbo for the next few days too.  The next few days are just chaos.  A good chaos in the case of tomorrow…  but chaos none the less.  I mean, I may have some time to pursue things tomorrow if the Boodle decides that he wants some alone time.  And if we spend time at a playground…  you can bet the notebook will come out for those precious five sentences.

So…  we’ll see what happens on Wednesday.

Got Time For a Quickie?

ROW80LogocopyShort one today, all y’all.  The hubby and I have a lunch date with friends, insurance paperwork…yadda yadda. There’s all the time in the world it seems…

just after everything else is done first.

So here’s it all in a nutshell.

This has been an incredibly crazy, yet oddly productive week.  I’m on track with everything except my new “creativity goal”, but since the Boodle is home from school this week and there’s been a shift of focus there, I’m not too bothered.

IMG_4137_1What is bothering me is that nagging surety I’ve lost a friend.  Mr. Kitty, the last of our feral cats turned to cuddle-bum and window serenader,  hasn’t come home since Sunday.  Worse yet, since I’d been desperate to sleep in on Sunday for some huggy-dozing time with the Leader of the Opposition Party, it was the Boodle that fed Mr. Kitty, not me—I’m actually not sure he was here on Sunday at all.

All I can do is hope that if he was caught by someone (some group has taken up catching ferals nearby because we had had the male version of the feared cat lady down the road for years, and he finally lost his home and the cats have run rampant).  I really hope Mr. Kitty was trapped by such a group and not taken by coyotes (so far the nearby roads shows no sign of a kitty-corpse).  He’s lovable, affectionate, wants to have a forever home (which is something I could have never given him because of… things).

But this, and so much of this past year when I wasn’t blogging because life was cray-cray, is why I picked the title I did today.  Maybe it wouldn’t have helped if I had gotten up on Sunday—maybe he was gone already—but I wouldn’t have this regret that I ‘wasn’t there’ when I could have been.

IMG_3179It was the same when my grandfather died in December…  we hadn’t gone to see him because we’d been fighting cold and sickness after cold and sickness, and he had a very compromised immune system.

One of my best friends died in December…  we’d set plans for a lunch date in January ‘after the holiday crazy was done’.  It was a freak thing, but…  now I eat sushi and cry a little (kind of happy tears, because they are great memories, but still).

And my grandmother died a few weeks later.  I got to spend some time around Christmas with her, but then Rod’s death and disasters at the Boodle’s school…

It seemed like so much to take a day trip to Syracuse just for an hour or two of visiting.  Maybe next weekend I’d have ‘more time’…

No.  There was no more time.  There is no more time.

So, yesterday…  when I invited Elizabeth Anne Mitchell to sprint with me and she couldn’t because she had a meeting in ten minutes at work, I decided I was making a change for myself at the very least.  I texted her back “Quick, write two sentences!”

I mean, there’s always time for a Quickie….

Checking In

It’s another Wednesday.  It’s time for another ROW80 check-in (below for those who are in a hurry)

Wednesdays always seem to be the hardest days of the week for me.  I know people who love them and look forward to them with eagerness reserved for chocolate and steamy sex-scenes.

Maybe it’s because I don’t work the stereotypical 9-5 workday, but from my forays into that world, I don’t remember looking forward to weekends with any undue zeal then.  When I did, it was more because my then-boyfriend and I finally had time together.  When we started sharing an apartment, even that fascination shifted.

There were, of course, the uniquely weekend related activities such as hikes and festivals, and I do still look forward to those when we partake.  Lately, life has been unkind to our family free-time.  It seems like the only time life seems to make sense, the only time when I feel productive and able to think, these days is during the “business week”.

Awkward transitions

Awkward transitions

Weekends are full of changes, full of unpredictability.  I crave the pattern of weekdays…  even when I dread it and dream of something more exciting.

I love adventure.  I really do.  But it’s the shift in focus that trips me up.  Give me weeks without structure and I will find balance between productivity and fun.  Likewise, confine me in a rigid format of expectations, I will do the same.

Two days off just doesn’t work for me.

And…  neither, it seems, does it work for my son.  Which is why this Wednesday is extra hard.  We’re having a lot of school issues these days.  He wants to be in school, craves the contact with other kids…  but he’s not able to function in their limits.  And with him no longer with us daily as he was when I was homeschooling him or when I was teaching or volunteering at his school, time together on weekends takes on that precious “can’t wait for it to arrive” flavor…

Even though none of us here seem to handle the shift well.

And in the tradition of a crappy transition…  here is my:

ROW80LogocopyROW80 Check-in

Since Sunday, things have stayed pretty much the same. Probably don’t need to reiterate my goals in every post. Here’s a breakdown:

  • I found time the last two days to do some work on story structure (though not from Bell’s book).
  • No submissions or critique done yet; penciled in for tomorrow
  • I’m a half-page short of my 2 page goal a day goal
  • But so, so many new words… Those 5 sentences a day have totaled another 5K since Sunday just in story (and mini-scenes)
  • I also finished my sponsor post and sent it out this morning.

I can’t complain (who’d believe me if I did?  This is great progress!)

I’ve also finished another book in my book pile, now replaced by The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi and Screenplay by Syd Field.  And still plugging away at my Duolingo.  Stubbornness if nothing else keeps me doing that.  Still it’s something.

So…  that’s pretty much it for me.  If you want to checkout other ROWers, you can find them here.