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A New Thing: #SoCS (Stream of Consciousness Saturday)

Today I’m trying something new because two of my favorite writing people (Shan and Fallon) have participated in this bloghop for a while and caught my curiosity with their creative posts.  So…  here I go, trying something new.

Following the rules (found here), this piece is raw.  Not even WIPpet raw, where I’m usually posting a piece that I’ve sketched out and done some minor edits on.  Typos will be fixed, but that’s pretty much it.

The prompt for today is “contrast“.  Either I must use the word or the post itself must involve contrasts in some way.

Vartanian walked toward the ruin, the dark stone round and worn in the twilight shadows.  Behind him, he heard the rest of the men murmuring softly to their mounts, settling their packs, the relaxed bustle of a hundred other evenings.  A camp like any others, three walls and a ceiling tumbled to the sky…

But it wasn’t like the others, not really.  Vartanian supposed he should have expected it.  After all, he’d heard the rumors too.  But after all these years seeing the lad grow up, knowing how gentle he was—he’d sworn his life to the service of this young man, so sure he had been of Alanii Vestimiir’s noble heart!—, now Vartanian held his wounded arm tight against his side, staunching the bleeding, knowing as second in command he had to take charge of the men and hold them back.  Knowing, and dreading, that he had to protect Alanii now, despite the creature that had filled the man only moments ago.

Creatures that he’d helped hunt down only ten years ago.

Just ahead of him, he heard a snap, then saw a small flame build and take, chasing away the oncoming night.  Light against dark, hope against despair…  life against death.  He knew where his loyalties lay.

Hope you enjoyed this piece.  The characters are from the world of my Swan Song Series books (this scene came to me because I was editing photos from our England trip this past Spring).



I missed my Wednesday post. Head was… not in this sphere I guess. (I actually wrote most of it as a draft, but then messed up the publish).

There’ll be a WIPpet for next Wednesday, and… if I think I can pull it off, I’m going to try a new thing called a Stream of Consciousness Saturday tomorrow. We’ll see.  Consistency is a process too. Thank you all for bearing with me while I develop more.

Trying Something New

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to start back up with both my blogs this year, and after some thought, I’d seriously considered shutting this one down to focus on The Garden of Delights (my “name” blog).   With so much going on lately though, I realized I need an outlet that’s me, but not me.

So, I’m back again with some small “what I’d been plotting for Wednesday” offerings (at least things I’d been plotting before the internet and searching things to do in England just sucked me in for two days straight).  It’s been over ten years since I was there last, and so much has changed, both there and in my life.  This trip, instead of with my husband, will be the Boodle and I, for three weeks of touring and experiencing.  It’s a bit daunting, but magnificent as well.

And speaking of magnificent…  my husband forwarded me THIS in my Twitter feed the other day:

Our Sun in decreasing wavelengths from left to right.

Our Sun in decreasing wavelengths from left to right.

That image definitely got me thinking about how we see our world.  I write fantasy world stories and some science fiction.  What if someone’ eyes didn’t see things in the visible spectrum we as human so often do?  How would the world look to them?  They certainly wouldn’t perceive color the way we did.  They might not, given that more of their senses were probably different enough from ours, feel things the way that we do.

This sort of world where such a small difference—the change between red light or blue light (both part of our visible spectrum)—can reveal layers we could have only imagined.  Look at the last quarter of that image, on the far right, and consider those wave-like features (ultraviolet radiation, if what I’ve read is correct).  Now imagine that sort of energy related to communication in an alien species?

Oh, the possibilities!

And, of course, there are plenty more views to consider.  Here is a link to another picture of a similar type of thing on NASA’s website, with an explanation of why this sort of research is done.

Next thing I’d like to share with you since this was intended to be a Wednesday post (dang you, Internet, for being so delightfully distracting 😉 ) is a WIPpet Wednesday snip of fiction.

We have what-would-have-been Wednesday the 25th of January…  so seven paragraphs (2+5)  minus one for the month.  Six short paragraphs…

I’m dragging this piece my Unnamed Story, which is pretty much always a Work In Progress (WIP).  I keep the notebook next to me for whenever I am having too much trouble thinking of what comes next in my main WIP (a restructuring of Courting the Swan Song).

Valmara reached over and started filling another round of drinks. There was a set to the younger man’s face. His dark gaze rounded their group. Alanii wondered if he might also be thinking about Valistii’s continued absence. Then the man downed his newly poured glass sharply and fell back into his chair.

“She’s going to sleep with all of you—” The man grimaced. “Or is that all of us?” The edge of his voice spoke horror as well as disbelief and awe.

Unsure of how he should answer the young man, he hesitated. While he considered his words, Ytramli and Lan glanced from Valmara to him then to each other.

Well, it's not

His cousin’s expression changed to a dreading knowing. The man’s mouth twitched, opening twice and closing in silence. Finally he reached for the lighter and took several abrupt puffs. At last the man groaned out something that resembled words.

Alanii just nodded. Since it had sounded to him like the man had said “she’s mad” he had to agree.

Lan hadn’t been far behind Ytramli in realizing what they were trying to not discuss. The older man mouthed the cigar he held still unlit. His expression seemed thoughtful. At last he shrugged. “Technically she should, but perhaps your priest will excuse you and she from that rite. Though I question your priest’s wisdom in selecting her.”

As always, if you enjoy what you see, or if you’d like to participate, head over to the WIPpet linky and visit some our other awesome members. Emily Witt, thank you for continuing to be our gracious host. 😀