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Hey Hi!, Not even going to make a separate section for my ROW80 check-in today.  Not a lot to report there, just same old, same old, steady progress.  Taking the kid to Dave & Buster’s in an hour.  Maybe the chaos of the place will wash over me and I’ll find my brain transported back to the cozy of my story worlds where words just wash over me.

I’ll also bring my art supplies, since I started a new drawing and would like to refine that some.

That’s about it.  Onto the….


Sorry for the long entry today.  You know how you sometimes get to that point where things just “feel right” before you need to transition to the next part of the scene?  I was one paragraph away from that here, until I realized I could just add that paragraph and get the date as my maths.

So, here you go, 16 sentences for the 16th of January from my Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors fanfic Beyond Ice Queen.

‘Listii didn’t feel like explaining to Brüan’s son yet again why he was coming out of her room naked.

Taking slow, cautious step by slow, cautious step. Touch in with toes, lean in, settling on the ball of the foot, ‘Listii never fully placed his weight on one foot for long. A hint of a rustle in the carpeting might have marked his passing. The doors to the bath and the hall closets may have made some noise as he opened them though he held the latches an knobs from clicking back into place. He couldn’t hear himself though and figured he was safe.

He resisted surrendering to the frustration that threatened to break free of his training as he slipped from room to cabinet to box and corner nook and only managed to find a towel to wrap around himself beyond Qorith’s robes. Beyond running a finger over the cloth a few extra stokes, ‘Listii left them as his friend had the day he’d died.

Sparing a glance down the hall he’d just left at Kainan’s room, he noticed the glow of the boy’s reading light flicker as the youth walked past his door. ‘Listii slid to his left and grabbed the handle of the apartment door. The knob clicked under his hand. Down the hall, Kairun opened his own door. Careful to not let in too much light from the barrack’s hall, ‘Listii eased himself out, quickly wedging a ball of the towel corner into the latch plat before closing the door behind him.

He waited the count of twenty then nudged the door, cracking it enough to hear the sounds of water running from Brüan’s bathroom. In the line of light from the hall, he finally saw the few folds of black cloth and gold braid laid out like a tease on the back corner of the sofa. ‘Listii weighed his chances, then darted in and grabbed up the pile. After not doing more than step into his breeches, he snuck back out with the rest of the pile under his arm.

Hope you’re enjoying these snippets.  If you’re interested in more (or would like to add your own work to our little bloghop) head over to the WIPpet linky.  And don’t forget to visit some our other awesome members.

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Principles and Decency


Welcome back to another ROW80/WIPpet Wednesday post where I share the progress I’ve made towards my goals in the Round of Words in 80 Days challenge and snippet of my most recent Work In Progress with some other fellow writers for the fun of it.


Small gains would be how I’d describe my progress since Sunday.  I’m in a bit of a tizzy in some ways.  I adjusted my goals somewhat since they were making me feel pressured to do too much at once, and yet…  what do I do once I know I have a lighter load?  I relax more and accomplish even less.

Maybe I need the pressure of having too much on my plate to get moving?  Maybe I needed the recuperation time?  Dunno…  a few days won’t make or change things in fulfilling my One Goal to Rule Them All.  And maybe I’ll learn something about myself on the way.

It is rather frustrating though that I haven’t started a drawing since last year 😉 and beyond looking at my assorted directories full of photos to upload two older drawings to my Deviant Art profile, I’ve not touched the non-writing creativity bits.

At least exercise and eating are improving.  And my average daily wordcount has rounded at 900 words…  though not all of it has been worthy of even story consideration.


Today’s WIPpet follows on Wrong, my post from last week.  Right now I’m trying to figure out what direction I want this piece to take (I’m totally pantsing this Jayce & the Wheeled Warrior fanfic).  For a few days I went on a huge “why does this have to be a fanfic at all” binge and wrote pages of character motivations and history to see if I could justify making it one (or not).  The fanfiction elements won out…  but we’re not touching it yet.  We’re still with ‘Listii in the middle of the night…

I offer you 10 sentences for today,  for January (1) and the day (9th).  And I gave you an extra paragraph of last week’s entry for context.

Before he dwelt to long on his lover’s actions, he set his feet on the floor. How? he wonder as he curled his toes. Two centimeters of wool pile and it still felt like he was stepping on ice.

Mincing his steps, he felt around for where Brü had hidden his clothes this time. Woman never could leave well enough alone. Didn’t even have the decency to apologize for making him late for classes. More than once she’d done that, and twice on an alarm… And ‘Listii refused to wear her husband’s old robes, even for a quick walk from her apartment to his.

There were some principles he hadn’t given up on yet.

After some searching and shuffling in the brisk air, he left Brüan’s room, expecting to make a mad dash to the bath. Instead, he paused, letting the subtle warmth of the hallway envelop him and melt into his chilled bones. He only moved when he heard a rustle from three doors away where Kainan looked to still awake, maybe reading or studying.

‘Listii didn’t feel like explaining to Brüan’s son yet again why he was coming out of her room naked.

I hope you enjoyed this sample of my writing.  If you’d like to see some more snippets from other authors  head on over to the WIPpet linky. WIPpet Wednesdays are hosted by Emily Wrayburn at Letting the Voices Out.

Even Louder


Technically this is a break between ROW80 rounds, so I don’t really have a check-in. Not that there’s much to say anyway… I’ve written, mostly, but I took a break from everything for the holiday and family gatherings. Still have a few more of those to get to yet, as well as writing up my Round 1 Goals for the Round of Words.

For now… I have a WIPpet for you from Singer of the Swan Song. This will be the last of that story for a while. The brain has demanded a different focus… or perhaps a lack of focus. I’ve been drawn back toward the roots of my stories and how the universe developed in the first place.

That means Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors fanfiction all January… 😀

As before, this snippet follows directly after last week’s excerpt, Brave. Many, many thanks to Shan and Beth for their thoughtful crit-comments on that piece. I definitely got some ideas to work with there.

For today’s WIPpet maths, I added the 1+2 from 12 to make three, then added a holiday extra.  And it finished this section just right, I think.

But what if… ‘Tara didn’t know if she could be more scared than she was already, but she had cried a lot the day ‘Listii’d gotten hurt. Was Mama sending her away now too?

Swallowing hiccups and tears as best she could, Atara pushed herself to her feet, even making a show of using her hurt arm so Mama could see how strong she was being. “I’m okay, Mama,” she said when she slipped again. This time she caught herself from getting a mouthful of the icky muck, but her legs splayed so wide in her efforts to control her fall that all the hurts of this week, the unhealed pain from the horned beast’s attack and what her cousin had done after…

She cried again. It still hurt. Not just the tearing pain in her body, but her head burned so bad.

‘Tara didn’t hear her mother step over; she barely noticed the woman’s enormous shadow fall over her until the woman grabbed up her arm and tugged her to her feet. “Really, Atara! You look like you’ve been wrestling with those ruffians, not behaving like a young lady. Now hush! You’ll wake up the whole house.”

Instead of being able to stifle her tears, Atara cried even louder.


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